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Chapter 5 No.5
Words Count: 1370    |    Released on:03/01/2023

Brielle's POV

I ran out of the bathroom and grabbed Delilah for the fourth time.

" Delilah Newman, you march straight into that bathroom to brush your teeth right now. If you don't this afternoon I'll make sure to tell Madam Alexandrova that you will not be dancing. Do you want that? " She shook her head and sighed.

" No Bribri " She turn around and walked back into the bathroom. I sighed as I walked back into the bedroom to pack our dance bag. This afternoon we will be at the dance studio until 7. Delilah will be taking two different classes today. Ballet with Madam Alexandrova, the owner of the studio and pointe with me. She's a Russian lady who is just in love with Delilah.

She only has to be there for an hour and thirty minutes but I have 5 classes to teach today so we will be there for three hours and forty-five minutes. Mr. Burkley knows we have classes Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays so he lets me leave around 3. Sometimes he wants me to leave earlier so I could get some rest but that wouldn't be fair to him if I just left.

I finished packing our bag and I threw my hair in a pony. Delilah came out of the bathroom fully dressed and she handed me the hairbrush so I could do her hair. I also put it up in a ponytail but when we go to class we have to put it in a bun. I checked the time and squealed. It was 7:50 and my shift started at 8.

" Come on baby. It's time to go " She grabbed my backpack for me and I got our dance bag and lunch bag. We walked out of the apartment and I locked the door. We went out of the building and started walking to the library. I held Delilah's hand as we talked about her favorite things.

" Bribri? " She said softly.

" Yes Dede? "

" Do you like Killy? " My heart pumped at the question and my cheeks turned bright red.

" ...Yeah I guess so " She looked up at me and smiled.

" Do you like like Killy? " I broke eye contact and looked forward.

" I don't think it's your place to know "

" So you do like like him "

" I never said that " style="text-align:left;">" But you're implying that you do " I looked down a her in shock of her vocabulary.

" Do me a favor and stay three years old Delilah. K thanks "

" Alright " She said cheekily. We reached the library and I opened the door. I looked up at the clock and saw it was 8:05. Mr. Burkley walked out of his office and smiled as he walked over to us.

" Sorry I'm late Mr. Burkley.. Lost track of time. " He rolled his eyes as he grabbed our bags.

" You're five minutes late Brielle. I think I'll survive " He said sarcastically and Delilah jumped up and down.

" Mr. Burkley! Mr. Burkley! " She jumped up and down and he smiled at her.

" Hello little Delilah. How are you? "

" Good!! " She yelled and I shushed her.

" Baby don't forget this is a library " She giggled.

" Oops? " We walked through the library and Mr.Burkley set our things down next to my back table. I grabbed a cart and walked over to one of the aisles as I sent Delilah to the kids section. I was happy she loved to read otherwise I wouldn't be in the best situation. I filled the shelves and as I hummed softly.

It was now 2:00 and I was taking a break. I had already ate lunch with Delilah around twelve and I didn't have much to do as of right now. My computer was open as I looked through different jobs that were available and my newspapers were open around the table. I looked at my phone for a second and opened it. There was no text or call from Killian yet. He might just be busy... Not that I want him to call me right now.

The phone I had was an iPhone 5 that Mr.Burkley got me 3 years ago for Christmas, around when Delilah was just a few months old. I was so thankful I literally cried that Christmas. It was silver with minimum scratches because of the care I have for it. I continued to looked at my old computer screen and through the several newspapers. I heard someone clear their throat and I jumped when I saw Mr. Burkley standing behind me as he crossed his arms.

I closed my computer quickly and swiped all the newspapers of the table into the corner. I turned to him and laughed fakely as I rested my elbow on the table and rested my head on my hand.

" Hello Mr. Burkley! H-how are you? H-how have you been? You look great, no fantastic. How long have you been standing there exactly? " I said as the pitch of my voice started to go higher.

" I'm not dumb Brielle " I through my hands in the air.

" I never said you were. Did I tell you how smart you are? I'm pretty sure you're smarter than a fifth grader. You know some people aren't that smart- "

" Brielle " He looked down at me like a father would do as he scolded his daughter.

" Y-yes sir? " I said softly and he pulled a chair around. He opened my laptop and turned to me. Why didn't you tell me you needed a job or extra money? " I sighed.

" I didn't want you to give me a raise or treat me like a charity case. You've already done so much for us " He sighed and I think he understood where I was coming from.

" If I help you look for a job do you promise to still come see your old man? " I smiled softly.

" Of course I will " I rubbed the top of his head and he shooed my hand away.

" Hey hey! Don't touch. The doctor said if I leave it alone it won't look like a bald spot anymore. " I rolled my eyes.

" Sure. Ok Mr. Burkley " I looked at some of the job offers and I wrote a few down. Mr. Burkley grabbed my computer and clicked on one of the jobs I skipped.

" Why don't you become a personal assistant? "

" What? Why? " I asked as I looked over at the screen. KR Inc.?

" Says here the CEO is looking for an assistant to travel with him and assist him. It also pays very well " I looked at the salary and my eyes went out of my head. $1500? A WEEK?? That's almost what I make in a month!

" I don't know Mr. Burkley.. Even though it's a lot of money. What am I going to do with Delilah? I can't just leave her here if I do go on a business trip. " He rolled his eyes.

" You act like me and Madam apple slice aren't here at all "

" It's Madam Alexandrova " I smiled and he waved me away.

" Yeah if you say so. I really think you should apply for the job all jokes aside. "

" Why? "

" Apart from having a college degree, you're very smart, hard working, intellectual... Anyone who doesn't hire you is idiotic. With this job I also don't think you'll have to worry about leaving Delilah at home " He stood up and pushed the chair in.

" What if I don't even get the job? " I whined.

" Trust me sweetheart you'll get the job... Something tells me this job was made just for you " He walked away and my eyebrows furrowed. Even though he was being extremely helpful, I could tell he was hiding something from me.

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