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Chapter 3 No.3
Words Count: 1363    |    Released on:03/01/2023

Killian's POV

I checked the time as I fixed my suit and I walked out of my bedroom. Last night I didn't get much rest because of all the documents I needed to print and fax before this morning. I had a meeting at 8, a presentation at 10, another meeting at 5 and with all those activities I still needed to be able to complete a full 9 hours at the office.

I would stay longer but my schedule hasn't really been the clearest. Being the CEO of the equity trading in my enterprise, we get millions of dollars and hundreds of stockholders or shareholders everyday. I own stock enterprises all over the world for heaven's sake.

I walked into the living room and pulled my phone out. I called George and he answered on the first ring.

" Good morning sir "

" Good morning George. You can bring the car up front. I'll be down in a minute "

" Of course sir " I ended the call and walked towards the elevator of the penthouse. I pressed the button and waited for the doors to open.

" Busy day today sir? " I heard my butler, Benjamin, say. He was british and in his late 40's.

" You know it Benjamin " He walked over to me and tilted his head slightly. His arm was at a perfect 90 degree angle as he held his table napkin that was completely wrinkle free and folded.

" You seem.... distracted "

" By? " I questioned him and he just stared at me.

" I'm not quite sure but I know it's something "

" You don't know anything Ben " I said as the elevator opened.

" I know almost everything sir. If you've forgotten already I'm british "

" And what's that supposed to mean? " He didn't say anything. He just turned swiftly and walked back to the kitchen. I rolled my eyes as I stepped into the elevator and pressed the lobby button. It opened and I walked out. I saw George in the front through the glass doors and I strolled out of the building. He got out and opened the car door for me. I got in and he went back to the front.

" You know where to go George " He nodded his head and drove off. After about 10 minutes he pulled up to the front of my building and one of the security guards at the entrance came and opened the door for me. I stepped out and walked to the building. The other guard opened the door for me and I stepped in while nodding my head at him. As usual the lobby was extremely busy. I walked towards the back and to the private elevator. I put my fingerprint on the thumbpad and the doors opened. I walked in and pushed the top floor.

When it opened again I walked out and went straight to my office. My secretary, Anna, was sitting at her desk as she spoke into the phone. I went into my office and closed the door. I went over to my oversized window and looked down at the city. After a few minutes Anna spoke through the intercom.

" You're meeting starts in 5 minutes sir " I turned away from the window and walked outside my office. I went into the meeting room that was at the other end of the hallway. I opened the door and all eyes turned to me. I sat at the head chair and folded my hands on the table.

" So, let's get down to business, shall we? "

It was now noon and the meeting and presentation both went well. I had finished up the last of the files that need to be done this morning and I had about 30 minutes to spare before being bombarded with emails and documents once again. I had the sudden urge to go back to the Starbuck's from yesterday and I didn't know why. After battling with myself I called George and walked to the elevator.

" Yes sir? "

" Let's go for a drive George "

" Alright sir "

I walked out the lobby and he opened the car door for me as usual. He got back in the front and pulled off.

" Any place you want to drive by preferably? "

" Around the area you picked me up yesterday " It took us few minutes to get to the area but once we did I kept my eyes trained on the window. As we passed by the Starbuck's, oddly enough, there was Delilah walking down the sidewalk with the biggest smile on her face.

" Pull over " I said in a monotone and he instantly pulled over. I hopped out of the car without his assistance and I walked over to her.

" Delilah? " I said and she turned around and squealed.

" Killy!! " I smirked as I bent down to her level. Her hair was in a ponytail and she had on jeans, a yellow long sleeve and brown boots.

" How are you sweetheart? "

" Good "

" What are you doing out here by yourself? " My tone got a bit more serious.

" Getting Bribri coffee again "

" Did you ask Bribri if you could leave the library? " She looked down at the ground.

" N-no "

" Some I'm assuming you didn't ask her if you could take the money now did you? " She shook her head. I stood up and held my hand out for her. She took it and kept her head down as we walked.

" Delilah, you're not in trouble sweetie. You just need to stay with Brielle and not wander off so much " She nodded her head and I opened the library door. We both walked in and she led me to the back where Brielle was on the floor cutting open boxes that were filled with renewed books. I cleared my throat and she looked up from her box cutter. Delilah walked over to her and Brielle sighed.

" Did you leave the library again baby? " She said softly and Delilah reached into her pocket and handed her the money.

" I's sorry Bribri " She said and Brielle smiled and stroked her face.

" It's ok baby. Just try not to do it again ok? " Delilah nodded.

" Now why don't you go ask Mr. Burkley if he needs help in his office hmm? " She nodded quickly and ran off. Brielle stuck the money in her pocket and stood up. She made eye contact with me and bit her lip. My eye once again twitched slightly but I pushed it away.

" Killian.... Hi " She said walking over to me.

" Hello Brielle " I replied.

" Thank you for bringing her back again. I try to keep and eye open for her but she must've slipped away while I was bringing the boxes out "

" Oh it's not a problem at all " She smiled and brushed her hair out of her face. She had on basically the same thing as Delilah, only her shirt was white and her hair was down.

" So you're a businessman? "

" Why do you ask? " She shrugged.

" I've only seen you in a suit and you seem like a business guy " I chuckled lowly and smirked.

" Something like that " She nodded her head and went over to the boxes she was cutting. I went over to the table and pulled the chair out to take a seat. She sat with her legs crossed and pushed her hair out of her face again. A few seconds went by and I spoke.

" Tell me more about yourself " She looked up at me and I was again captivated by her blue orbs.

" W-why? "

" Because... " I tapped my fingers on the table.

" There's something about you that makes me feel... Intrigued "

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