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Fatal Kiss Of The Vampire

Fatal Kiss Of The Vampire

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Chapter 1 : Her Sister’s Lie

Word Count: 1299    |    Released on: 09/11/2022


the coffee shop and noticed t

d beautiful despite her pale complexion. S

angry and wouldn’t come

ly began to speak. “Of course, I’m not angry with you. Ca

rprised and like sh

to be my boyfriend, he never talked about you. If I’d k

Khloe sure knew how to

ldly and laid her pho

The background of Kylie’s phone was a blown-up

e and sneered: “But you have

s all my fault! Hit me if it

grab Kylie’s arms

ands away and grinned at her.

on’t do it, I’ll do it myself...”

first time, she realized that they were quite simi

s poor and innocent, and Ky

r what she wanted, and Kylie knew that only she could pr

nd that woman felt so embarrassed afte

f. Please tell me what I ca

into the coffee shop and quick

ce, and she couldn’t pr

led her and drunkenly beg

sex in his room. And apparently, it had

hat woman’s intentions. But to her surprise and annoyance, Kh

w and rolled her eyes. “Aiden, don’t y

glanced at her coldly. “I

n away all the women trying to get close to Aiden, an

all her efforts would be in v

two bitches are perfect for each other.” T

down her pace, she

he stepped on the gas, and

er and was running towards her car as thou

turned the wheel without noticin


e car behind her hadn’t been moving to

still an armored off-r

t she didn’t have much money of her

t b

the door open and run towards Aiden and Khloe. That w

her hand, with red nail polish, into his coat p

make such a scene on the side of the street. He lo

ng fun of him. Of course, she wouldn’t have done

a black card. His new sweetheart had wrecke

redit card with the highest possible limit had

; her small body looked like a me

looked nervous and said: “You have a nice ca

erson sitting in the ba

shirt and a black pantsuit. He look

e car. She couldn’t stop rubbing her ha

and looked at her smoking

’s done

V. Then she opened the passenger door and got in. “

taxi...” the dr

e from the back: “Ell

in the backseat, her door was flung open,

o apologize

st fell to

e years. She had given up everything for him. He ha

en a mere

riend away from me, and you want me to

d out you were my girlfriend, she cried all night. She

should lock her in your home. Don’t fucki

ezed and pulled her arm with

e go! Khloe, your dog i

anted to slap her. But his

much taller man stood next to Aiden. His

But it was August, so when she looked up that high, the dazzling sun bli

voice made th




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Chapter 58 : Let’s Go To Somewhere Else
Chapter 59 : You Owe Me A Great Meal
Chapter 60 : Do You Still Have to Work
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Chapter 62 : Try It At Night
Chapter 63 : It's Nice To Meet You
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Chapter 65 : How Did You Meet My Uncle
Chapter 66 : Don’t Bite Me
Chapter 67 : Wonderful Dinner
Chapter 68 : Let’s Talk
Chapter 69 : Is He Star
Chapter 70 : An Important Figure
Chapter 71 : Humiliated In Public
Chapter 72 : Isn’t That Normal
Chapter 73 : She Was Not The Big Boss
Chapter 74 : She Still Had Hope
Chapter 75 : Your Husband Looks So Powerful
Chapter 76 : I Want Love
Chapter 77 : Apologize To Her
Chapter 78 : People Will See Us
Chapter 79 : You’re Still My Wife
Chapter 80 : I Will Protect My Girl
Chapter 81 : Don’t Try To Fool Us
Chapter 82 : He Is Smarter Than You
Chapter 83 : Are You Kidding Me
Chapter 84 : What Is She Doing
Chapter 85 : You’d Better Focus On Yourself
Chapter 86 : You Are Really Unreasonable
Chapter 87 : I Know Everything
Chapter 88 : Hire Support For Positive Comment
Chapter 89 : Why Are You Still Up
Chapter 90 : It’s Not True
Chapter 91 : Why Are You Not Home
Chapter 92 : Don’t Eat Them
Chapter 93 : I’m Married
Chapter 94 : I Want You To Fall In love With Me
Chapter 95 : Extreme Luxury Is The Target
Chapter 96 : The Cover Is Mine
Chapter 97 : Which One You Have Fulfilled
Chapter 98 : Kylie Found A Treasure
Chapter 99 : Let’s Boycott Her Play
Chapter 100 : You Are The Best
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