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Falling For My Stepfather
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Chapter 1 The First Time We Met
1798    |    07/06/2022

I was sitting in a chair in a fine dining restaurant, staring at the falling snow outside the window. It's the first week of December.

My mom told me to come here to have dinner with her and her boyfriend. Her name is Eva bloom, and she's 42. She is very strict and a perfectionist. My dad passed away two years ago. My family owns a famous mall in New York City. My mom runs the business.

I sighed as I looked around. I wonder why my mom hasn't come yet. I couldn't move my gaze when I saw a tall man walk into the room, struck by his handsome face, his blue eyes dark. His body shape looks perfect in his black suit.

He stopped his steps and spoke to the waiter who was standing near the entrance. They walked towards me and stood by me."Sir, this is your table," the waiter said, pointing to my table. "Thank you," he said before the waiter left us.

I quickly stood up from my chair. "You must be Evelyn," he said with a gentle smile on his face. He stretched out his hand. "I am Valentino Gray. I'm your mom's boyfriend. Nice to meet you."

He surprised me by saying that. I never thought that he was my mom's boyfriend. My mom had told me she had a boyfriend, but she had never asked me to meet him before. All I know about her boyfriend is that he's a famous lawyer, and he's 32. They are getting married next month.

"Nice to meet you too," I said as I shook his hand.

My heart beats fast as I feel his big, warm hand hug my cold one. His eyes gripped mine and there was something there I couldn't completely comprehend. But I could tell he was enjoying seeing my nervousness.

I took my hand from his as I tried to calm my rapid heartbeat. He smiled at me with his eyes fixed on my blue eyes and my long, blonde hair. He then sat on the chair facing me and I sat in my chair.

His cell phone suddenly vibrated. He took it from his jacket pocket and answered the call. "Eva, where are you?" he asked and listened to the phone. "Seriously?" he asked, as he couldn't believe what he just heard."Do you really have to attend the meeting?"

He then sighed and said, "Alright. See you tomorrow."

"What is it?" I asked after he hung up his phone and put it back in his jacket pocket. "Your mom can't have dinner with us. She suddenly has a very important meeting," he replied into my eyes. I sighed as I avoided his eyes. My mom was always like this. The only thing on her mind was money.

My heart suddenly beat fast again as I looked at Valentino, who was staring at me with his gentle gaze. "It's just the two of us now," he said in a soft voice.

I tried to smile at him and looked at the skirt of my white short dress, trying to hide my nervousness from him. I could feel his eyes still on me, and that made me even more nervous.

A waiter then walked over to our table and stood by us. "Good evening," he greeted us politely. "Can I take your order?"

Valentino took the menu on the table and read it, and so did I. "What would you like for an appetizer?" Valentino asked into my eyes.

"Can we just eat the main course?" I asked. I felt so nervous with him so I wanted to finish this dinner soon and go home.

He smiled gently at me before he turned his head to the waiter. "Bring us your best main course," he said. "Yes, sir," the waiter said with a polite bow, and walked into the kitchen.

"Tell me a little about yourself, Evelyn," Valentino asked, with his eyes fixed on mine. "My life is boring," I replied honestly.

He chuckled. "Then you need to have fun, otherwise you'll die from boredom," he teased me. I respond with just a smile. We were both silent, and this silence was killing me. "How did you meet my mom?" I asked to break the silence.

"I met her by accident five months ago. My car hit her car. Since then we've seen each other often and I ended up being her boyfriend," he said and smiled.

"Oh, I see," I said as I nodded my head a little. "My mom told me you are a lawyer."

He responded with a nod. "Being a lawyer is my dream since childhood. I want to fight for justice and punish those who are guilty," he said. Somehow, I could see the anger and hatred in his eyes. His eyes turned soft again as he smiled at me. "Tell me, what is your dream?" he asked me.

Sadness suddenly took over my mind upon hearing his question. "I ... I wanted to be a pianist, but my mom forbade me to do that. She wanted me to be like her. She wants me to run our family business," I said and looked down, trying to hide my sadness from him.

It startled me when he touched and held my hand, making me look back into his eyes. "Evelyn," he said my name

softly. “Never give up on your dreams. You have to fight for your dreams, no matter what.”

I paused, staring at him. It was the first time someone said those words to me and it really touched my heart. I suddenly felt comfortable talking to him.

Valentino took his hand from mine when the waiter came to bring us food. The waiter took the steaks from the trolley and served them to us. "Please enjoy your dinner," he said politely before he left us.

"Let's eat," Valentino said as he smiled at me. I nodded as I smiled back at him. He then tucked the napkin into his collar while I put it on my lap and we started eating.

"To be honest, I don't like eating in places like this," Valentino said to me in a low voice. "I can't enjoy eating with so much manners."

I held back my smile, looking at him. I never thought that he felt what I felt. "Me too," I said.

He smiled at me. "Let's quickly finish this steak. I'll take you somewhere," he said. "Where will you take me?" I asked, curious. He answered me with just a smile and continued eating. I then did the same.

We got into Valentino's car after we walked out of the fine dining and left the place. The car stopped when we arrived at a nightclub parking lot and parked there.

"Let's go in," Valentino said to me in an excited tone.

"I-I’m not used to such places," I said.

He held my hand with his eyes kept fixed on mine. "Trust me. You will have fun in there," he said, trying to reassure me.

I paused for a moment in doubt before I gave him a nod. I told myself that I need to have fun, otherwise I'll die from boredom like he told me. He smiled at me. "Let's go now," he said and got out of the car and so did I. He took my hand and led me into the club.

I tightly held his hand as we walked inside the club. I've never been to a place like this before. I covered my ear hearing the music that sounded so loud. I was shocked and embarrassed to see the women and men who were dancing with erotic movements.

Valentino took me to the bar, and we sat there. "Give me the usual and a margarita for her," he said to the bartender. The bartender nodded his head with a smile. They both seemed to have known each other. He then prepared the drinks and gave them to us.

"Cheers," Valentino said as he touched his glass to mine and took a sip. I then did the same. "Do you like it?" he asked me. I nodded at him with a smile. He smiled back at me and took a sip of his drink before he placed it on the table.

I drank my drink while looking around me. I then realized that the women near us were staring at Valentino without blinking. I could see the admiration and lust in their eyes.

Two beautiful women in sexy dresses then walked over and stood next to Valentino. "Hi, handsome. Can we join you?" one girl asked with her flirtatious look.

Valentino smiled gently at them. "I'm sorry. I'm with my girlfriend right now," he said casually.

He surprised me by saying that while the girls looked at me with their jealous gazes. They both then walked away from us.

"Why do you say I'm your girlfriend?" I asked into his eyes.

He drew closer to me. "To make them leave. Your mom will kill me if she finds out I'm with them," he whispers in my ear. I couldn't help but laugh at what he said. We then looked each other in the eye with a smile.

Loud song in the room, then turned into a soft song. "Let's dance," he said as he took my hand and led me to the dance floor before I could open my mouth to speak.

We stood facing each other. His hands spread out on my lower back, pulling me closer to him. His gaze on my face turned my skin to fire. I am suffused with red as I blushed. I could hear my rapid heartbeat in my ears.

I shivered inside as his hand stroked my back waist and rubbed it heavily. I felt the bulge under his trousers against my belly. I could feel my body react to him deep in my core.

He brought his lips closer to mine. It's almost as if he's inviting me to move closer. I quickly pulled back from him as I struggled to calm my rapid heartbeat.

I don't understand what happened to me. I don't usually behave this way. He has made me unable to think clearly. 'He belongs to my mom, not mine,' I told myself.

"Can we go back now? I-I have to study. I have a test tomorrow," I lied to him. He smiled casually, as if nothing had happened while I was still trying to clear my head.

"Why didn't you tell me you had a test tomorrow?" he asked. "I-I forgot to tell you," I replied, avoiding his eyes. "Then let's go back now," he said. He took my hand gently and led me out of this place.

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