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Tempted By My Boss
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Chapter 1 Him
307    |    07/10/2021

At the age of 19 I was done studying at Harvard as I had started school when I was very young. I never went our much.

My life hadn't been the greatest but this was going to change. I was very determined from an early age to have a better life and that was within my grasp. I just lacked the resources and the funds to make that happen.

Many guys pursued me but I was not interested. My main priority was books and my life revolved around them. I had never dated much because I was always fixated on my school work.

I always dreamed about making it big in life and this was going to be my break through hopefully and was very nervous and as today was going for a very big opportunity.

I got to the front desk and "Morning, I'm Hailey Hartfield."

"We have been expecting you" t

he girl with the blonde hair responded with a name tag that read Clara.

I was lead to an office and there they told me to wait for the boss. The office was really huge and it exuded an aurora of wealth. Which I would someday have.

Today was my first day as an assistant which I would work up to being CEO. Now I was waiting in a big office to meet my so-called boss.

I prayed that this would not be a competition among-st many of us on who would impress the boss. I wanted to make a good first impression, I sat up straight, wanting to look confident.

Suddenly I was drawn out of my thoughts as a guy who was wearing a black tailored tux. His hair was simply gorgeous and eyes like a lake or more like any blue, he looked like he was twenty-seven or eight at the latest.

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