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Unholy matrimony
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Chapter 1 one
1164    |    04/09/2021


"Look Gia, bring the remaining soup from the pot for me joor!".My stepmother yelled.

"Coming ma,".I said turning the meat and chicken stew she said I should watch.

"You can't hear me call you or you're as stupid as your mother nwata nwanyi nzuzu!".She spat at me knocking my head.

(Foolish girl)

I brought our yesterday soup as I handed to her as she took plate as she took some meat from it before signalling me to take it back.

"Ma, what're we using to eat the soup? Should I make eba? Amala? Or fufu?".I asked as she eat the meat greedily.

"Who's the we? Make Amala and make it soft because last week one was hard".

"It was hard and you licked the plate".I muttered to myself looking at the floor.

"What did you just say?".

"I said I'll make it soft for you".I said with a smile as she just hissed.

"Gia, where are my shoes?".My stepsister jasmine asked coming downstairs.

She was dressed in a white body in that just brought out her shapeless curves as she put on lipstick like she's not going anywhere but she dressed like those people in f1 bar.

"I don't know, maybe you should_".

I was interrupted as she slapped me, I held my cheeks looking at her over caked face as tears flowed from my eyes.

"I should go and check abi? I don't even know your use in this house".She said clapping her hands slowly as she looked at me.

"I'm sorry, what particular shoe do you want to wear Today?".I asked in a sarcastic tone.

"It's me you're speaking English for abi? I want the one that has that pointed mouth that makes me look taller".

I mentally rolled my eyes,that's why I pass her in English as I walked into her room.

"Is it this one?".I asked showing her the heels as she grinned nodding her head.

"Can I go or you want me to do something for you again?".

"Gia!".Someone shouted again as I walked into the living room.

It was my step brothers, Henry and Paul the womanizer and jobless imbeciles.

"Yes,".I asked standing infront of them as their eyes trailed on my body as they looked at my face.

"Help pick the remote joor!".Paul said pointing at the remote on the table that is five inches away.

"Bring chilled pure water for me with some tinko joor". Henry said pointing at a five hundred naira.

"Hm, you're still owing mummy joy two hundred for the snacks for your friends".I said starching my neck awarkardily.

"Why did you not pay it silly girl?"Paul asked throwing a slipper on me.

"Gia!".My step mother shouted again as I ran to her as she looked mad.

"Who do you expect to look after the stew huh? Why are you so lazy ?".she asked pulling my ears.

"Ouch, jasmine and the twins were calling me that's why, I'm sorry please ma".I begged trying escape her grip.

But she punched me right in the guts, I looked at her as she pushed me on the floor"Next time you leave the kitchen without finishing there will be no food for you".she said walking away.

I looked at the soup as it was ready, I went to take some yam powder from the pantry or like my stepmother says roomie for food.

The door bell was being pressed as I opened the door to see it wa

s my father as I knelt down.

"Where's everyone?".He asked as I took his bag putting it on the chair.

"I think they're upstairs".

"Okay, give me a glass of water".

I walked into the kitchen as I put the water for Amala down as I walked to the dispenser as I handed him a glass of water.

"Honey, how're you?".my step mother saud hugging my dad with a smile on her face.

She changed into some sweatpants with a top and her clothes were wet like she was doing something reasonable.

"Honey, why are you sweating like this?".My father asked as she looked at me.

"I was cooking since Gia left me to play with her brother and sister".She lied hugging him again.

"Why did you leave her in the kitchen alone huh?".He asked as he clenched his fist.

"Honey, it's fine. She wants to know her family more now what did you bring for me?".She asked putting her hand in midair.

My dad handed her a parcel as she kissed his cheeks as my supposed brother and sister came downstairs and hugged him, I walked to the kitchen and made the Amala.

"Gia, come and take o". Jasmine shouted as I dropped the broom

I walked to the living room as my father passed me some nylons and there was clothes in them as I smiled.

"Thank you dad!".I said looking at him as he nodded, I walked to my room putting my clothes in my wardrobe.

"Mom, dinner is ready and it's on the dinning table".I whispered in her ears.

"Food is ready, shall will go?"she said as she leads everyone to the dinning room.

I take my food to the kitchen floor since I was ban from eating in the dinning with humans According to what my father said as I ate my food.

"Gia!".My father shouted, I ran to the dinning room as my father looked at me.

"Jasmine said you sent her on an errands today is that true?".He asked me as I looked at her.

"No sir, I didn't not".

"So are you saying my daughter is lying?".He growled at me as I looked at the floor.

"No sir".

"C'mon, touch your toes!".He said as I did exactly what he said as I gulped I'm going to be punished again.

He removed his belt as he used it to whip me on the butt as I know better than to touch or change positions.

"Ouch! Please sir!".I yelled in pain as I cried glancing at him from my shoulder.

He hit me one more time as I fell on the ground holding my butt crying as Jasmine smirked sticking her tongue to me.

"Rubbish, look at the thing that is sending my daughter work mtcheww.".my step mother said hissing at me.

"Leave her. She's useless like her mother, anyways the food is very delicious so take this".My father said passing her ten thousand naira.

I walked back to the kitchen sitting on the floor holding my butt, as I cried in pain

"Mom, why did you leave me? It's not fair like you said you'll always be with me".

I looked again as I went to the dinning table and took the plates, I washed them as I arranged them back.

"Sir, I'm done with everything. May I go to bed?".I asked as my father and stepmother were cuddling.

"Go!".He growled.

I walked into my room, I laid on my bed drifting off to sleep after setting an alarm for school tomorrow

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