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Sinners' Love
Larose Semsem
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Chapter 1 Prologue
2323    |    10/08/2021

And it's the way Fate comes in unannounced that can change everything.

Natasha had her life ahead of her, but already had it all planned out. It was the first time she was spending the night at her boyfriend's. They had been together for almost three months, and already she could barely stand the thought of being apart.

She opened the door, expecting Carl bringing back food, only to find a stranger. Said stranger was wearing dark jeans that hung low on his hips, a light blue shirt that stretched across his chest nicely, and a leather jacket that completed his bad boy look. He had messy dark brown hair that made him look like he had just gotten out of the bed, his lips were curved into a smirk that had her holding back a gasp, and his midnight blue eyes were taking her in appraisingly.

He was sin incarnated.

“Hey,” her voice sounded shaky even to her own ears. She shook her head inwardly, steeled herself and carried on, “Can I help you?”

“You can let me in for starters,” the guy's smirk widened and she had to grip the door for fear of falling. How could anyone be so devilishly sexy?

“I beg your pardon?” She bit out, forcing outrage onto h

er words, when all she wanted to do was do as she was told. Maybe she could get to sample this exotic beauty.

Bad Natasha! She chastised herself.

“Well, it's only fair,” he pushed the door open with his hand, ignoring her startled gasp, “I kind of own the house.”


“The name's Daniel by the way,” he walked in, dragging two large suitcases behind him, his laptop case dangling by his side, supported by his strong shoulder, “I'm Carl's older brother.”

She had heard all about him from Carl. He was a player par excellence, a troublemaker on his best days, a good-for-nothing who had no notion of responsibility, and many other things according to her boyfriend. He had, however, failed to mention he was such a hunk. The man was temptation on legs, and despite her feelings for Carl, it was all she could do not to fling herself at him.

Right then, all the plans she had previously made crumbled to ashes in front of her eyes.

It scared the hell out of her, but excited her to no end.

As her best friend often told her, she had always been a goody-two-shoes. Some part of her thought it might just be the perfect opportunity to change that.

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