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Concealed Affections
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Chapter 1 The Birthday:
3089    |    25/05/2021

Meera Rao :

It's my 21st birthday and my family thrown a small party for me, of limited people!

Also my close friends and some family friends are invited

All are happy in celebrating my birthday, made me cut cake, presented some valuable gifts, cheered for me, danced a little and made the day special

It's dinner time..

All started to scatter towards the food

And here is the me, trying to make myself get comfortable in the present situation...Yeah! I am happy today, but part of me is still uncomfortable..

My feet slowly started to move towards the balcony

My mind found the solace in sensing the cool draft of air that touched my soul

Eventually, my mind got composed by my everyday and never ending thoughts that are not going to leave me anytime

Those thoughts which are haunting me from years, Which make me restless,

Which are making me burn inside,

Which are the reason for my depressed behaviour. When am I going to surpass them..

All these thoughts and questions got filled my mind Suddenly, I heard someone's voice calling my name It is of my best friend, Shresta..

"Meer! What are you doing's your birthday, and you are standing here alone with a glint of sadness on your face..What's wrong Meer?" My best Friend questioned

"Nothing regarding like that Shre! I am here just to feel the pleasant air!" I replied giving a short smile

That made her to frown

"You are such a stubborn Introvert..God..Inspite of being your best friend, I sometimes feel that you are hiding so

mething from me..Every time I ask you about that, you just make excuses and settles it

out..What's happening Meer?" She literally Pleaded me to answer!

Her questions are killing me inside, urging me to share my feelings but I


As usually I started to give some irrelevant excuses

"That's nothing actually Shre...Why do you always bother about that..Leave it Shre!" I smiled, touching her arm

Ughhhh..Finally escaped!

"You are never going to change..Now come with me and have the dinner!" She said curtly

"Yes..Ofcourse..Come on!" I started to follow her

She is one of my best friends since college, I feel myself lucky to get her in my life as she cares me like her own sister, she always supports and stay beside me in every situation..But..You know there will be things which We can't even share with our friends..So I never attempted to express my hidden thoughts with her..There may be a proper time and situation when I can reveal my thoughts to her..

Waiting for that day..

And We completed the food, played some silly games, discussed some unneeded matters, thus had some fun with the buddies.

And all of them initiated their bye-byes and stepped outside the house

And I went back to my room, got freshen up and put on my night suite and clung on to my bed, ppened all of My gifts and a smile ruled my Lips

All of a sudden, Shre's words echoed in my ears and my smile turned to disappear

After all, who knows about my every Day thoughts and imaginations which consists of only Him..

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