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Irresistible To His Ugly Wife

Irresistible To His Ugly Wife

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After a passionate night, Verena left some money and wanted to leave, but was held by her companion. "Isn't it your turn to make me happy?" Verena, always disguising herself as ugly, slept with her fiance's uncle, Darren, in order to escape her engagement with her unfaithful fiance. Darren had respect and admiration. Word of his romantic escapades circulated, some saying they saw him kissing a lady against a wall and others calling it gossip. Who could ever tame Darren's heart? Then, shockingly, Darren was caught bending down to help Verena with her shoes, all to score a kiss from her!

Chapter 1 The Secret

The room was completely dark.

On the hotel bed, the man thrust himself into the woman, not bothering to think if it was her first experience with him or if she could handle his rough advances.

Overwhelmed, Verena Fowler passed out.

When she regained consciousness, her phone was ringing, but she ignored it. It was already ten in the morning.

Today was the day of her engagement party.

Her fiance had been sleeping with her best friend and had even called her the previous night to gloat about their escapades.

In her anger, she went to a club, got drunk, and spent the night with a strikingly handsome stranger.

As she tried to get out of bed, she winced in pain and took a deep breath.

She was so worn out from the night's events that she felt as if her bones were shattered.

Yet, she couldn't rest; she needed to rush to her engagement party, or the Fowler family would be unforgiving.

As Verena dressed and was about to leave, the man on the bed caught her wrist and opened his eyes.

"Leaving so soon?" His voice was deep and raspy.

His gaze was piercing like an eagle's, and his facial features were stunningly perfect. On closer inspection, his features looked similar to those of Verena's fiance. It was because of this resemblance that she had slept with him.

With a smile, Verena pulled out her wallet, took out all the cash, and laid it in front of the man.

"You were wonderful last night. Unfortunately, I have an engagement to rush to. I'll call you another time!"

Ignoring his look, Verena quickly left in her high heels.

She hailed a car on the street and gave the driver the name of the hotel.

When Verena reached the engagement venue, it was nearly eleven o'clock, and the banquet hall was already filled with guests.

As she entered the dressing room, she narrowly avoided a slap, catching her father's wrist just in time.

"I'm about to get engaged. Do you think I can apply makeup on a swollen face?" Verena regarded the man who had attempted to hit her with a cold gaze.

That man was her father, Richard Fowler.

Frustrated by his failed attempt to hit her, Richard cursed, "Why didn't you pick up my calls? How dare you! Today, Eric's uncle will be here. If today's engagement is ruined, you'll regret it!"

The Briggs family was the most powerful and affluent in Fledo, boasting vast wealth. Darren Briggs, living in Tacland, was a well-known figure in the world.

This was the reason Richard was so adamant about Verena's engagement to the Briggs family!

Verena faced Richard with an impassive expression and inquired, "Is Eric here?"

Taken aback, Richard realized that Verena's fiance, Eric Briggs, had yet to arrive.

Verena mocked, "Eric isn't here. Am I expected to enter into this engagement alone?"

Richard's expression darkened. "The Briggs family is looking for Eric. Now, go get dressed and do your makeup!"

The makeup artist tried to take Verena to get her ready. Aware she couldn't defy Richard's directive, Verena informed the artist, "I'll handle my own makeup."

Since her childhood, Verena's mother had cautioned her that being too attractive could be dangerous, so she had mastered the art of using makeup to change her appearance.

If the makeup artist did her makeup, her carefully hidden secrets might be exposed.

Suddenly, a commotion stirred at the door. "Quick, Darren has arrived!"

Hearing the name, Richard quickly pushed Verena forward, warning her, "Darren is here. Make sure you behave appropriately."

At the mention of Darren, a gleam of interest flashed in Verena's eyes.

Darren was the illegitimate child once cast out by the Briggs family.

Now, he had surpassed the Briggs family in Fledo in stature, becoming more powerful and influential.

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