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Black Billionaire, I'm In Love!

Black Billionaire, I'm In Love!

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"You will come to my residence. And will become my woman. I want you!" 22 year-old Laura is tricked into becoming an auction item on the black market, plunging her deeper into the darkness and violence of the world. She is held captive by the black market owner, Mr. Aidan. Inevitably she complies with all the requests of Mr. Aidan, who is five years older than her, albeit reluctantly. She reaches her lowest point when her younger sister dies of an illness. Things escalate when Mr. Paul, the man who wants Laura, enlists Mr. Jack's help to destroy Aidan for taking Laura from his arms. Mr. Jack has a personal grudge against the Bowel Group–Aidan's family company. Unhappy Laura continues to rebel against Aidan's stubborn nature. His harsh and abusive nature scares Laura, but she can also see the soft side of Aidan's cruelty. Without realizing it, Laura and Aidan have the same feelings. Does Laura choose to continue hurting his heart? Or give all her love to Aidan? And also, how does Aidan deal with his enemies to take revenge on them?

Chapter 1 Black Market

Oh no! I'm late," Laura said as she put on her shoes and walked out of the house. Tonight her makeup looked different than usual.

Laura quickly ordered a taxi to go to the place they had promised.

"Is this the place?" asked Laura as she paid for the taxi. She walked a little nervously into a place she had never been to before.

The music was loud. The smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol wafted through the room. People were dancing and laughing, making Laura dizzy in the dark.

Laura swayed slightly and fell into someone's arms. "I caught you," the man said clearly in Laura's ear. Laura looked up at who it was.

"O-oh, I'm sorry," said Laura who immediately stood back up straight while lowering the very short and tight dress on her body.

"Are you Laura Anastasia?" the man asked looking at Laura sharply.

"Yes, I'm Laura," said Laura who looked at the man in front of her suspiciously. "Is he my first client?" wondered Laura who looked scared.

The aura of the man in front of her now radiated darkness, giving Laura goosebumps all over her body.

"The master is waiting. Follow me," said the well-built man as he walked out.

Laura remained silent where she stood. "What are you waiting for? Let's go! Should I break your smooth legs first?!" asked the man with a scary face.

Laura shook her head, "I-I think I should cancel this appointment, excuse me," said Laura who changed her mind, she wanted to go back home and sleep with her sister.

Laura's hand was restrained, "What you said is useless now!" said the man who then pulled Laura out of the nightclub.

"Let go of me! Let go!" said Laura with all her might. She even deliberately stomped her high heels on the feet of the man with the creepy face.

"Aargg! How inconvenient!" said the man who then lifted Laura's body onto his shoulders. He then threw her into the car.

"Aaaa! Let me go! I want to go home! I'm canceling this deal!" said Laura, who kept kicking.

The man was furious and hit Laura's face so hard that she collided with the car's body. Soon darkness overcame Laura's consciousness.

Laura woke up when she faintly heard the sound of many women crying.

Laura was about to get up when she felt her hands tied behind her back and her mouth tied with a cloth.

"Why am I tied up like this?" murmured Laura softly.

"God, do I have to let myself go tonight? With that scary man?" Laura said in her heart. She closed her eyes as if praying at this moment was useless.

Laura had no other way to make money, she needed money immediately for her sister's expensive hospital bills, and her sister was the only family she had at the moment after her parents died in a car accident a few years ago.

Laura frowned as she realized something. The sound of a woman crying not far from where she woke up. She immediately focused her gaze around where she saw several women lined up crying. "Oh my God, where am I?" Laura said to herself as she struggled to get out of the stopped car.

Laura kicked the car door open and hoped to escape from there when she felt something was wrong.

The man from before now approached Laura in the car.

"Get down!" the man said flatly, sending chills down Laura's spine.

Laura did not get down until she was dragged out of the car and fell to the asphalt because she could not keep up with his strength.

Now Laura furrowed her brow in surprise as she saw a dock, where a ship was docked and many men were standing guard around the ship dressed in black.

Laura was again forced to stand roughly. Bad feelings filled her mind. She rebelled with all her might despite her bound hands.


"AKH!!!" said the man who had kicked her most sensitive part.

Laura ran with all her might. "Hey! Where are you running to?" said another man who also chased Laura.

Tears were already streaming down her face, making her vision blurry. They easily caught Laura who was running in an indeterminate direction.

Laura received blow after blow until she could no longer walk properly because of it. "Mercy... Please let me go! Please mr!" said Laura with a weakened body and crying.

Without another word, the man lifted Laura on his shoulders and carried her to the boat.

She felt that all the men here were planning something evil for her but Laura didn't know what it was.

Laura continued to babble incoherently as her mouth was bound by a cloth. She rebelled trying to break free from the bonds with the last of her strength.

"Shut up, or you'll die right now!" said the man carrying Laura's body which sent chills down her spine.

Laura was dropped in a line with several other crying women in worse condition than herself. She was even more frightened when she saw another woman being beaten in front of her eyes for rebelling. This made Laura look down in fear.


Aidan Bowie is someone who always manages to make people around him afraid just by looking at his eyes. He is someone who is quiet but moves like an angel of death.

In the black market, the name Aidan Bowie is always feared by anyone who hears it. It was as if the man could move wherever he was talked about.

His tall body with a wide back and firm chest, handsome face with a firm jaw and nose, and small lips that are slightly thick in pink color add to the attractiveness of his good looks.

Now he was smoking with one of the tobacco rolls in his hand.

At this time, the dock conditions in the early hours of the morning were quiet. There was only Aidan and some of his men who were carrying ten women for him to sell to other cities or countries.

With a thick black jacket and a hat that covered half his face in the darkness of the night, he moved quickly to move the women he would sell onto the ship. No matter the origin of the women he brought, all that mattered was that he would get the fruits of his labor that night.

The sound of crying from all the young women he had captured could be heard softly. They held back their cries because they knew that Aidan didn't like the sound of crying, and they would be beaten afterward.

"Mr. Aiden, the client is waiting for his girls to arrive. The girls are now complete," said the man who brought Laura to the venue.

Aiden nodded his head. "Quickly put them all into the belly of the ship, leave them tied up," said Aidan who stood between the dock and the ship that was not too big so as not to be seen by the surrounding guards. With a cigarette in his hand he felt calmer and focused on the surroundings.

Several of his men stood guard around the dock to keep an eye on the security.

Aidan saw one by one the women who lined up to enter the ship with their hands tied behind their backs and their mouths with cloth tied to the back of their heads.

And the eighth woman stopped in front of Aidan who was also standing.

The woman looked sadly at Aidan. The beautiful eyes adorned with tears that welled up in the eyes slightly made Aiden seem hypnotized by it.

With his remaining strength, he struggled a little until the bonds on him were released.

The woman ran and knelt in front of Aidan with a cold look on her face. "Mr.I beg you to forgive me for whatever I did wrong, even though I don't know what it is! Please let me go mr, I have a little sister at home who is sick and needs care and there is no one else who can take care of her," said the woman with tears in her eyes which did not make Aidan care about the woman kneeling in front of him.

"Hey! What are you doing?! Get up and get inside the ship!" said one of Aidan's men who dragged Laura and threw her into the bowels of the ship.

"Damn it... You guys are really damn. Aaaa!" With her remaining strength, Laura stared at a glass bottle on the table. She had to figure out how to retrieve the bottle.

Seeing the movement of the big man, one of his hands was reaching for the rope hanging above. Laura didn't want to waste the opportunity. Her foot kicked the big man's possession, causing him severe pain. Meanwhile, Laura quickly grabbed the glass bottle and she threw it right in front of Aidan's face.

Everyone was silent as the glass bottle hit Aidan in the face.

Fresh blood flowed from Aiden's face. His eagle eyes were piercing to anyone who looked at them.

"Damn! You're wasting my time! Take him to my car!" Aidan commanded in his baritone voice that could thrill anyone who heard it.

Now, Laura was being dragged by the hand by one of the other big men. It was useless for Laura to resist. She couldn't, as the big man's strength was far greater than hers.

He pushed her into Aidan's expensive car.

Inside the car, there was now only Laura and Aidan. Just as Laura looked up, her neck was strangled, making it difficult for her to breathe.

"Mister... Aaaa... Let go!" One of Laura's hands tried to remove Aidan's hand from her neck. However, it was useless. They couldn't!

"This is the reward for a rebellious woman like you!" In fact, the fresh blood flowing down Aidan's face was now dripping onto her hand.

"You're so evil! You're a liar! I had no idea that you weren't a good person!" Laura said through her pain.

Before Laura went to the nightclub, she had exchanged messages with Aidan. The content of the message was very sweet. It was so sweet that it lulled Laura. That was the reason she decided to have a one night stand with Aidan. Because she saw how Aidan treated her when he was interacting with her through text messages.

But the reality was different. Laura's life was unlucky and miserable.

Laura cried, apologizing over and over again to her sister. If in the end, she couldn't be a protector for her sister.

Seeing Laura shed tears, somehow Aidan's heart that was as hard as a rock now softened. Slowly the grip on Laura's neck began to loosen.

"I will forgive you this time. Come out now, follow whatever they say and don't argue anymore! Before I change my mind and kill you!"

Quickly, Laura opened the car door. Just as she stepped out of the car, her hands were already firmly restrained by the two big men from before.

All of the women who had been targeted tonight had entered the ship.

In the car, Aidan was silent and stared at the departure of the ship which was getting farther and farther away.


"Fuck! Why do I feel sorry for that woman crying?" Aidan asked himself with an increasingly cold face and visible veins coming out around his forehead.

The handsome, highly respected man got out of the car. Just getting out of the car, Aidan had already punched his men in the stomach suddenly, causing his men to be in pain from such an impromptu attack.

"Mercy mr, we apologize. We also don't know if that woman dared to do something like that, forgive us mr," said Aidan's subordinate by lowering his head because he didn't dare to look his master in the eye.

Aidan, who was already annoyed, threw his cigarette on the road and stomped it to death.

He walked back to his car, leaving the men who were still lined up with their heads bowed deeply.

His steady footsteps when his emotions were running high made his aura even more frightening.

He went from the dock to the place where he worked and lived daily.

With a cigarette in his hand, his feet on the table and now he was reading the contract of the woman he sold from the previous delivery. Not forgetting the amount of money that had just been deposited into his bank account.

But damn it, the face of Laura kneeling and pleading with him a few hours ago kept ringing in his head. "Her eyes are beautiful," Aiden said unconsciously.

"Arg! Looks like I need some alcohol," muttered Aidan who asked for his dizzy forehead.

He swirled the glass in his hand, then downed the contents of the glass which made him no longer flinch like when he was not used to alcohol.

Aidan carried a bottle of red wine and a glass into his office. He was now not too focused on reading the contract because his eyesight was getting weaker.

Several times Aidan forced himself to read but to no avail, he was really in an unfocused state. In his memory, there was only the woman who knelt in front of him and then threw a bottle in his face, a few hours ago.

Aidan massaged his forehead again which began to feel dizzy. "Why does that mercenary woman's face always appear in my mind? Why can't I forget her?" asked Aidan in a hoarse voice.

Then, Aidan called one of the bodyguards. And he said, "Stop that ship. Bring back the woman who made a scene earlier!"

Did Aidan change his mind? So, what will Aidan do to Laura?

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