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Alpha's Fatal Mate

Alpha's Fatal Mate

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“Spread your legs for me,” Damon commanded. “I am not yours,” I hesitated. His eyes turned dangerously dark and in a snap of a moment, he lifted me, making me sit on the desk. His wild throbbing erection aggressively savaging the inner layers of my core. He tugged my hair, exposing my neckline for him to take in my scent and his hot breath ruffled onto my hot skin. “You are mine and mine only. All rights reserved. Anyone coming our way will have to die. I am a jealous type. End of the story.” ************************* Natasha is a newly married bride. Her husband’s job takes her from the live city of Chicago to the ancient, secluded town of Campo, Argentina. At Campo, She meets Damon -- a dashing, mysterious and cursed boss of her husband who claims to be her mate. Strange occurrences surround her until one fateful night, her husband disappears in the ruins of the ancient city of Artena. She has no one to go but Damon. “I need your help, please,” I pleaded. “Let me help you my mate but-” He chuckled. “Be my Luna,” he growled.

Chapter 1 Prologue

Damon's POV (1129 A. D)

I opened my eyes. After a few seconds, the darkness released its hold and my vision adjusted to the surroundings, which was nothing less than a nightmare. I was chained in shackles around my wrists, feet and neck, lying face down on a damp and sticky floor. The blood oozes out through the cut on my lips. Loud noise and the distinct scent of someone approaching seeped into my already numbed ears and nostrils.

I slowly peeked at the surroundings through the corner of my swollen eyes. A dark, windowless chamber, resembling a prison cell, lit by a few candles designed to induce horror, dread, and despair, projected my vision. It was a typical cell; that held a wooden bed in a far corner. The walls and ceilings were dark and damp, devoid of any feelings and bearing the desperate crimson claw markings of the previous unfortunate prisoners. The skeletal remains of the people were strewed across the floor, but my eyes didn't flutter a bit as I already possessed a sound mind and nerves of steel. I tried to move around the cobbled and mossy floor which was infested with tiny insects. I gave a forceful tug and pulled on the chains, rattling them with force, testing my limits. The chains rattled and rumbled as a loud thunderous roar, but not strong enough to break the bond. The cuffs and the collar of chains tied to me comprised silver metal, making me weak and preventing me from unleashing all of my powers. All my tries were in vain, making me weak. I had never felt so helpless and vulnerable.

I weakly lifted my legs. Wounds had already healed, and the pain was slowly subsiding because of my exceptional healing powers, and my attention mulled back to incoming sound and scent. I strained my eyes towards the incoming shadow, trying to normalize my breathing. I needed air to fuel my brain and muscles.

A woman covered in a black-veil approached the tortured chamber, bringing the aura of death. She was the black-veiled mage.

"Where is my wife Anna? What did you do to my people?" I growled with a broken voice. My blue eyes turned into a shade of angry black, but still streaming with tears.

"Your Anna is tortured and suffering in the Gates of Hell, and I have cursed you and your people with Ghost wolf curse," she spoke indifferently.

"Why?" I let out a weak cry.

"Bring me my doppelg?nger, and I will free your Anna from the Gates of Hell, and your people from the Ghost wolf curse," she grunted.

"How will I recognize your doppelg?nger? I cannot see your face!" I spoke.

"It would be easy, as she will be your mate. You will recognize her by her face and scent," she retorted with a voice dipped in evilness.

Her form started distorting, and her body disintegrated.

She was disappearing!!

"Wait!" I couldn't stop the scream that tore from my soul, but she was gone. My surroundings spun; the dirty, grey, blood-smeared walls morphed into the plethora of wilderness, whereas the ceilings turned into the night sky with the full moon and five billion stars laughing at my plight. I was in the deep, dark woods all alone, panting and crying. I was free from shackles, but the grief still confined my mind and body.

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