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A Twist Of Fate: Love Awakens Him

A Twist Of Fate: Love Awakens Him

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Corinne was set up to marry Julian, who had been reduced to a vegetative state following a tragic car accident. Yet, on their wedding day, fate intervened in a most unexpected manner. Julian suddenly stirred from his slumber, demanding an annulment. Corinne, though taken aback, wasted no time in seizing the opportunity. "Sure, Julian, but not without a hefty sum - fifty million, to be exact!" Julian acquiesced without hesitation. "Deal!" Initially, Julian harbored a disdainful view of Corinne, deeming her a mercenary soul who had bartered her integrity for wealth. But as time passed, his perception began to shift. When Corinne found herself disillusioned with him, Julian embarked on a quest to win back her affections. "Honey, I messed up big time. I'm truly sorry," he confessed, his voice laced with remorse.

Chapter 1 Being Sold

"No... Please, let me go," Corinne Gibson whispered, her voice shaking in the dim light of the presidential suite.

The man's oppressive presence enveloped her, sending shivers of fear through her body as tears filled her eyes.

In the shadowy room, his figure towered over her, his large hands clenching her wrists firmly. His deep, rough voice assured her, saying, "Don't worry. I'll marry you."


A sharp pain overwhelmed Corinne, tears cascading down her cheeks.

She had just returned from overseas when her father's business suddenly ran into severe trouble. Her father became gravely ill and was rushed to the ICU, pushing their family business to the edge of collapse.

To protect her father and the business he had built over many years, she frequently went to social events, hoping to secure loans from influential people.

This evening, she learned that a prominent business leader was hosting a function, and she attended with the hope of getting support.

However, after accepting a glass of wine from someone, she became disoriented, ended up in a stranger's room, and was pulled onto a bed.

As the initial pain subsided, a strange numbness turned into pleasure, drawing Corinne's mind back. She strained to open her eyes to see the man whom she lost her virginity to.

But the room was too dark.

She could not see clearly, only hearing his deep, resonant voice.

"Wait for me to return and marry you."

When Corinne woke up again, the room was empty except for herself.

Her clothes lay in disarray on the floor.

With a wince, Corinne struggled to sit up and swung her legs out of bed, only to unexpectedly step on something hard.

She lifted it and discovered a necklace engraved with the letters "JS."

It belonged to that man.

Tears welled up in Corinne's eyes as anger surged within her. She wanted to hurl the necklace out of the window, but instead, she gripped it tightly and put it around her neck.

A month later

"Miss Gibson, please review this contract. The three hundred million will be transferred in batches. The first fifty million has already been sent to your uncle's account. The remaining amount will be transferred once you marry my son and have a child," said a calm voice.

Corinne looked with surprise at the poised, sophisticated woman before her.

Today, her uncle handed her an address, instructing her to go there and ask for a loan.

To marry this woman's son? To have his child?

And fifty million dollars?

What was happening?

It soon became clear to her.

Obviously, her uncle had sold her for a hefty sum of three hundred million dollars.

A chilling realization dawned on her, and she asked, "Excuse me, who is your son?"

Zoey lowered her gaze slightly before answering, "Julian Scott."

At the mention of that name, Corinne felt a wave of dizziness, and her breath caught.

Just two weeks earlier, news broke that Julian Scott, the heir to the prestigious Scott family, was in a coma following a car accident.

Lately, there had been rumors that the Scott family was looking for a suitable bride for him. But who would agree to marry a man on his deathbed?

Corinne quickly rose, bowing slightly. "I'm sorry, there seems to be a misunderstanding. I came here for a loan, not for marriage."

Zoey regarded her with sadness, then offered a gentle smile. "That's alright. Our family does not coerce anyone. However, I assure you, marrying into our family means being looked after for life."

Corinne looked at Zoey appreciatively.

Zoey turned to the butler and said, "Please show Miss Gibson out."

"Yes, ma'am."

Corinne expressed her gratitude to Zoey, and the butler, a middle-aged man, escorted her outside.

As they exited, Corinne spotted a familiar figure in a corner of the garden.

It was her boyfriend, Mathew Scott.

Overwhelmed with happiness, Corinne hurried towards him.

Right then, Mathew was on the phone, wearing a satisfied grin. "Robert, Zoey's really satisfied with Corinne. You'll see the cash in your account real soon. Congratulations!"

After catching what the guy on the phone said, Mathew couldn't help but burst into laughter. "Yes, that's right! We're all like family. I'll make sure to look after Rosalie in the future."

Then, his tone became more grave. "Be sure to keep a tight hold on Corinne's father. He cannot wake up. If he does, it could destroy everything. We need the shareholders' meeting to be perfect."

Corinne hadn't seen Mathew in several days and didn't want to disturb his phone call, but as she approached, she overheard the most dreadful words she had ever heard.

Hearing these words herself, Corinne felt a constriction in her throat, and her vision darkened.

Wait, so her uncle and Mathew planned this whole thing?

Were they behind the company's financial issues and even her father's illness?

Had her boyfriend, whom she thought loved her, conspired against her with her cousin?

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