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A Night With The Mafia Boss

A Night With The Mafia Boss

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“How do you move your body like this,hmm?”, he whispered into my ears, making me shiver. I laughed “Don't tell me you can't handle it”. “I wouldn't say that if I were you”, he replied Follow me’, he said as he led me through the crowd. Amelia, a café worker, goes clubbing after being persuaded by her friend, she had an eventful night with a stranger she couldn’t even ask for his name, but couldn’t stop invading her thoughts. Their paths crossed at a wrong location and she found out she had fallen in love with the famous Italian mafia boss, which then triggers her hatred for him due to some past events. Will she be able to bring herself to hate him even though she hated who he was? Would she accept her new life after she learns the truth about her family after been lied to for years?

Chapter 1 Amelia


“Arghhh…I'm not wearing this”,I said as I shrugged my shoulder looking at how the cloth hugged my body.

“Amelia swan,what exactly do you want” Isabella screamed out frustrated.

“Look around and see the mess you've caused already”,she said

I looked round my room and saw how littered my clothes were, I had clothes literally all over my room.

It's been thirty minutes and I still haven't figured out what I wanted to wear.

“It's too tight”, I eventually said…looking at my bestfriend Isabella who was sitting on my bed looking at me,no doubt she was pissed already.

After sending me death glare from where she was…I decide to go with it “fine…I wear it” ,I said

“Amelia,trust me when I say this is it, this is exactly what you need to wear,it's a night club bitch,you have to look good so that you can get laid tonight” she said grabbing my makeup purse and making me sit down right in front of the mirror.

“Just a few touch here and there and we're good to go”, she said

“Get laid…Isa really, knowing fully well that Noah isn't coming and I'm never going to have sex with a stranger” I replied

“Noah…Noah..Noah…I forgot”,she said as she rolled her eyes

“Did you just….”

I couldn't complete the sentence as I got interrupted by my phone,it was a message from my mum.

**Amelia dear,how are you doing and how has work been, remember if you get tired of working there,you can always come home..I miss you Soo much…Love you**

I smiled as I replied her, **I'm good mum, thanks,love you too…**

I sighed dropping my phone….she hasn't been too comfortable with me coming alone to Los Angeles and she would always message me everytime telling me how I should come home,I'll see a better job and all.

It's been 3 years since I came to Los Angeles but my second year working as a waitress in a café and although the pay isn't so high…at least it helped me a little.i was able to get an apartment for myself and also send money to my mum monthly even though I felt the money was too small.

I was brought back from my thoughts when I heard someone munching on something…I looked back and saw my friend eating the Oreo cookie I bought the previous day,which I forgot to eat.

“Isa…I bought it for a reason,you can't just keep eating everything you see in my house” I muttered

“Last time,I lived alone and guess what girl,anything I see in this house is mine because it's yours”, she replied jumping to sit on the bed

“Now…little miss,how about we finish what we started,it's time to get the magic started” ,she said as she directed me to the chair I was sitting on before,the one right in front of the mirror,I settled in and she began prepping my face.

She cleansed and mosturized it and then picked my makeup bag, she deftly applied foundation,concealer and powder which matched my skin color,she added a touch of shimmering shadow,bold eyeliner and mascara to make my eyes pop.

A sweep of blush and a dub of highlighter making my face glow, she then picking the curling wand, creating soft,bouncey curls that cascaded down my back.

“Voilá, my love,you are ready to dazzle the night away”,she said moving away from my front, giving me access to look at the mirror.

I gasped as I looked at the mirror,it was a light makeup but it looked so good, I turned back to look at her, “yep…. that's why I still remain the perfect bestfriend”.she said smiling

“I wasn't going to say that but that's also correct”, I said

“Now,can we go”, she said rolling her eyes.


We entered the club and the air was alive with the thumping rthym of music and the excited chatter of partygoers.

With a gleam in our eyes,we made out way to the bar and ordered our first round of drink. The night was young and I was eager to have fun and escape the stresses of daily life.

“One more shot Lia”, Isa said as she held up her glass.

“How many have we had already”, I asked

“Like three”, she shrugged

“I don't want to get drunk Isa”, I said stressing her name.

“You laides having a good time?”, The bartender asked, wiping down the bar with a practiced hand.

“We're having the time of our lifes”, Isa said, slinging an arm round my shoulder, “But you know what, we've been friends for 3 years and I still don't know her deepest, darkest secret”

“Oh, please,stop being a bitch, like you've shared all your secrets with me,I bet you know more about me than I do about you”, I said rolling my eyes.

The bartender chuckled, pouring us another round of shots, “ Well, here's to friendship and secrets”, he said raising his own glass.

I chugged it down,as it burned my throat,I looked around as I felt the whole clubbing spinning round me,I looked beside me to talk to Isa and I noticed she wasn't there.

“Someone has finally gotten laid”,I muttered as I stood up to dance.

I dragged my woobly legs to the dance floor and with a carefree smile,I began to move to the rythm of the music.i twirled and swayed dancing to the song being played.

As the music pulsed veins,I closed my eyes, allowing myself to be lost in the euphoria of the moment.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my waist, the grip on my waist felt So tight and unbearable.

Even though the pain from his hands on my waist was unbearable,I loved it.

I kept dancing to the music, grinding against him,I could feel him hard but I didn't care.

With my hips moving onto his,I suddenly felt his hand slowly touch the inside of my thigh under my dress. Now my underwear was already a complete mess.

“How do you move your body like this,hmm?”, he whispered into my ears, making me shiver.

I laughed “Don't tell me you can't handle it”.

“I wouldn't say that if I were you”, he replied

Music was blasting through my ears with light flashing everywhere.He turned me around to face him and he lifted my neck a little more by my chin and slowly took my lips in his.

He bit my lower lip, making me gasp, giving him access to deepen the kiss,our lips moved in sync until the kiss grew more rough and demanding,his tongue dominantly brushing against mine.

Suddenly,he pulled away and grabbed my hand, “Follow me’, he said as he led me through the crowd.

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