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"The 'Billionaire's Perfect Mate' is a captivating narrative about two people who have experienced tremendous heartbreak in love and unexpectedly find peace in each other's arms. Ellie Edwards, an orphan working as a stripper at Cheetahs, a strip club in the heart of Los Angeles, is trying to make ends meet. Meanwhile, Edward Lion, a wealthy millionaire, was forced by his parents to marry someone he did not love. Despite this, he eventually fell for his wife, only to be devastated by her betrayal. Seeking distraction, he goes to Cheetahs, where he is intrigued by Ellie. Their instant connection is palpable, resulting in an unexpected and passionate meeting. 'Will you be my bedmate tonight?' Edwards asked, hugging Ellie close to him and preparing to devour her. 'With pleasure,' Ellie murmured, smirking and locking her lips with Edwards. As their romance progresses, they embark on a romantic journey. However, Ellie's intriguing past threatens to derail their budding romance.

Chapter 1 The Betrayal and the Beginning: Deception’s Web

‘I am pregnant’, Sophia said with a smile on her face and her voice filled with mix of excitement and apprehension.

‘What? Is it for him?’, Richard asked with a sharp voice, his voice narrowing in suspicion.

‘No, it’s for you. It has been two months since he touched me. You are the only man who had sex with me of recent and I am just two weeks gone’, Sophia said with her words hanging in the air expecting Richard to say something.

‘This is not the right time for you to be pregnant for me. If it is for him, that’s fine, as it would hasten up our plans but not for me’, Richard said with a dissatisfying look on his face.

‘What the hell are you trying to insinuate now? Are you trying to tell me to get rid of my baby?’, Sophia asked with her confusion turning into anger and trying to decipher what was going on in Richard’s head.

‘You will have to do that if there is need for us to do so. Edward can’t know about our relationship now. We are just a few steps away from achieving our aims and we can’t let all these get ruined by this pregnancy. Once we find a way to make all he and his family have become ours, then we can make our relationship open and have as many kids as we want. Try to understand me, Sophia’, Richard said in a pleading and strained voice.

‘I do understand your point, Richard but we can’t just kill our child because of the goals we are trying to achieve. We can have Edward under our thumbs without us killing our baby. I can make him believe the baby is his and he will be so happy to hear the news. He has really changed towards me in the past two months. He has been showering me with all the love he had never shown me before since we got married. He took me out on a date last week and he even discussed with me about having a kid together. He will be so happy if I tell him about the pregnancy. He will raise the kid thinking it is his and eventually will all his property to him. Him doing that is also a way of us achieving our aims as soon as possible. I think that’s a better way to go about it that killing our child’, Sophia said in a pleading voice trying to convince Richard.

‘It is a good idea but are you sure Beatrice will agree to this? She is hell-bent on us carrying out our plans as soon as possible’, Richard asked with his eyes searching Sophia’s face.

‘I am sure she will agree to this. She is your mother but why do you find it difficult to talk to her? She will agree to this as I am carrying her grandchild, and she won’t be in support of me aborting the pregnancy’, said Sophia moving close to Richard with a lustful look on her face and dragging him close to her.

‘Are you not happy with the fact I am carrying your child or is it that you do not love me anymore?’, Sophia asked Richard caressing Richard all over his body.

‘You know I love you and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you for being in my life and thank you for fighting my cause by getting married and sleeping with the man you do not love. As for our baby, I promise to love you both always and I can’t wait to live in with you both as a family’, Richard said smiling at Sophia with Sophia returning the favor.

In no time, their lips met kissing passionately and making out.

Edward witnessed and heard all their conversations and there he stood still on the not knowing the decision to take; whether to turn back and leave or enter Richard’s room so the duo would be aware of his presence. He could not believe all what he had heard and the fact that both his best friend of 5 years and his wife of 6 months had just betrayed him. He never expected such from them and he felt his heart breaking into pieces upon the scene he had just witnessed.

As he turned around to leave, his legs were heavy for him to carry but he forced himself to carry them, walking away with a heavy mind and a heart that just begun to fall in love and has just been shattered. His hopes of having a happy life with Sophia so she wouldn’t end of like his mother, Sophia just got shattered. He got into his car and as he drove off, he began to reminisce about his past. He remembered his life as a child, which wasn’t a pleasant one for him and his mother.

His late mother, Catherine, got married to Daniel (Edward’s father) at a very young age in the city of Los Angeles. Catherine, Daniel, Liam and Molie grew up together as childhood friends, and Catherine had since childhood been in love with Daniel, but Daniel was never in love with Catherine as he was so much in love with someone else. Both Daniel, Liam and Catherine came from a well-to-do family, but Molie didn't. Liam is actually Daniel’s younger sibling whom Daniel believed their father favored more than him. As they grew, Catherine confessed her feelings to Daniel who turned her down as he didn’t have any feelings for her. Catherine couldn't give up on her feelings for Daniel and so, she kept on trying so hard to get Daniel’s attention but none of her tricks worked as she kept on getting rejected each time. On the other hand, Liam was madly in love with Catherine and when he made his feelings known to her, he was turned down. Not minding the hurt that came from Daniel turning her down every time, she kept on loving him and hoped that he would be HERS someday and magically, the day came, and she walked down the aisle with Daniel not being able to contain her joy.

Daniel's father’s company was on the edge of going bankrupt and the only saving grace for the Lion’s company to be saved was to merge with the Clinton’s family company. Jackson Lion (Daniel’s father) sought for help from his friend, John Clinton (Catherine’s father) to save his company from going bankrupt. The Clintons agreed to merge with the Lions if their children would get married to each other. This condition was proposed by Catherine to her father as she thought that was her only opportunity and avenue to make Daniel hers.

The Lions had no other option than to accept and force their first son, Daniel who never loved Catherine and loved someone else whose identity Daniel didn’t disclose, to get married to Catherine. Catherine was all over the moon on her wedding day as her wish finally came true and she was walking down the aisle with her dream man. As they exchanged vows, Catherine put on a satisfying smile knowing she had finally gotten hold of her dream man but Daniel on the other hand was devastated and seeing the woman he loved watching as he exchanged marital vows with another woman really hurt.

Life with Daniel after their wedding was not what Catherine had anticipated. She never got Daniel’s attention as he barely came home. He was most of the times at his secret lover’s place whose identity was unknown. Daniel ignored her totally making her devasted but she found solace in their friend, Molie who kept on encouraging her that Daniel would change and finally fall in love with her one day. Two years went by and still yet, Catherine hadn’t gotten Daniel to fall in love with her and his attitude kept on getting worse. Catherine thought if she births Daniel’s child, maybe he would change his attitude towards her and then, she decided to get pregnant. The question now is – How is she going to conceive when Daniel hadn’t touched her since they got married? She thought over and over again on what to do to make him make love with her and then, she devised a plan which actually worked out for her.

She had set up a meeting with Daniel, Daniel’s parents and her own parents with one motive in mind.

‘I want a divorce’, Catherine said at the gathering when everyone was seated. Shock was on everyone’s face expect from that of Catherine. Daniel too was shocked as he didn’t know where that statement was coming from and he was curious to know as to why she had said that. But from another perspective, he was actually glad and happy as this would enable him to become free and be with his lover but he never knew the trick Catherine was trying to pull.

‘What? What do you mean by that? Is there anything we need to know?’, Daniel’s dad asked.

‘I am tired of Daniel avoiding me. Since we got married two years ago, I have been suffering in that house and dying silently. He has never touched me and he barely comes home. I am tired and can’t take this anymore. I am filling for divorce soon and I just wanted to carry you along’, Catherine had said.

‘Daniel, is there anything you want to say about this?’, Catherine’s dad asked.

‘If divorce is what she wants, I will gladly give her’, Daniel said without hesitance which actually hurt Catherine’s feelings.

‘Since both parties have agreed on getting divorce, then we should go on with that. But I will like to bring to your notice that, this divorce will bring an end to our partnership with your company’, Catherine’s dad said making a move to leave.

‘That won’t be happening as no divorce is going to happen’, Jackson said making John halt in his steps.

‘Daniel, I am giving you two months to make up with Catherine and get her pregnant. Failure to do that, I will be removing you from my will and transferring the management of the company to your brother, Liam’, Jackson said knowing Daniel would do what he had said and he wouldn’t dare defy his orders.

Jackson had Daniel wrapped under his arms and so, Daniel wouldn’t dare defy his orders. Daniel and his brother, Liam had always been in a power tussle. Daniel hated losing and so, he couldn’t stand the fact of him losing to his brother and be left with nothing/ The only thing he could do to retain the management of the company was to grant his father’s and which he did.

He made love to Catherine and she got pregnant with Daniel’s child. She believed the child would change everything but she was actually wrong. Despite the fact that Catherine was carrying his child, Daniel still never felt anything for Catherine and he only played along so he wouldn’t lose the company to his brother. Catherine cherished her pregnancy period and couldn’t wait for her to see her child being held in her arms.

Eventually, Catherine gave birth to Edward and the first time she held Edward in her arms, she felt a kind of connection between them. As she cradled Edward against her chest, she felt a deep sense of peace and contentment, a moment of pure joy amidst the challenges she was having with Daniel. With Edward in her arms, she thought everything was over all the love and attention had been craving to get from Daniel would finally be hers but she never knew that was the beginning of her doom.

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