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Comeback Of The Mysterious Master

Comeback Of The Mysterious Master

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The once formidable Brennen went into hiding in a bustling city. Despite his high status, he took up a job as a delivery man. He was enjoying life as just an ordinary guy. But one day, he got drunk and had a one-night stand with the daughter of an elite family, impregnating her in the process. People had the wrong notion about him at first; they thought he was just a poor nobody. Brennen didn't attempt to debunk the rumors. He continued to live a peaceful life. Everything changed when a great upheaval emerged. Brennen had no choice but to come out of hiding. His return shook the entire world! Would he be able to defeat the enemies that threatened his peace? Would love stand in his way?

Chapter 1 A Waiter

"Where are you now? I'm pregnant with your baby. We need to talk."

Upon hearing the serious tone of the woman on the phone, Brennen Roberts immediately ended the call.


Brennen dismissed it as a prank call. He lit up a Marlboro and returned to the break room where a group of his coworkers were absorbed in discussing the latest local news.

"What's got everyone so captivated?" Brennen asked.

Dominick Jones, Brennen's best friend, held up his phone to Brennen. "Haven't you heard? The heiress of the wealthy Lewis family is getting married to the son of Enceridge's wealthiest man."

"What does that have to do with someone who makes five thousand a month like you?"

Brennen shook his head, showing no interest in the rumor.

"Come on! Every man in Enceridge dreams of marrying Miss Lewis! And she's going to marry some fat rich guy! Such a waste!"

As Dominick spoke, he showed a secretly saved photo of the Lewis family heiress. With a sorrowful expression, he said, "A beauty like her is just beyond reach for ordinary people like us."

Brennen took a casual glance at the phone and froze when he recognized the woman. He seemed to recall this Miss Lewis!


He snatched Dominick's phone and zoomed in on the picture for a better look.

Dominick assumed Brennen was captivated by the photo and laughed, saying, "Brennen, you think it's a shame too, huh?"

"No. I've slept with this woman!"

After a quick confirmation, Brennen realized this Miss Lewis was indeed the first woman he'd slept with since coming back to the country.

Dominick reclaimed his phone and said with a scoff, "Okay, okay. Brennen, ease up on the envy and cut the tall tales. Just yesterday, you claimed to have slept with an international movie star, and now it's a wealthy heiress."

Their friend Jensen Clarke added with a sneer, "Brennen's always bragging about these stories. Last week over drinks, he even said he was a renowned international arms dealer."

Dominick smiled and said, "You know what, Brennen also boasts about being a big shot in Sotrith! He says all the top families there have to treat him with respect."

The two exchanged a mocking look and laughed. "Brennen, if you're such a big shot, why are you still here working as a waiter?"

Brennen just shrugged dismissively. "You guys just don't get it. The wise man keeps himself hidden among the crowds!"

Despite his retort, his thoughts drifted back two months ago.

The day Brennen returned from overseas, he ended up drinking heavily with friends. The next morning, he woke up to find an astonishingly beautiful woman next to him.

Unexpectedly, it was none other than Emilee Lewis, heiress of the Lewis family.

The memory was clear in Brennen's mind; Emilee truly was the woman of dreams.

But after that night, Emilee acted as if she didn't know him and never contacted him again.

Brennen wasn't upset about it. Having ruled the criminal underworld overseas for more than ten years, he was no stranger to brief encounters with various women.

As for why he was working as a waiter, there was a reason behind it.

With his reputation as the renowned Valor King from the underworld overseas, he was also a significant figure back home. Yet upon his return, his father, Clayton Roberts, scolded him for his overly assertive and aggressive demeanor, suggesting he learn humility among ordinary people.

So, Brennen took a job as a waiter at the hotel.

Dominick sighed. "Man, why do I have to look like the son of the wealthiest man? That lucky guy gets to marry such a beauty, and here I am, just serving tables."

"It's just your luck," Brennen teased.

Dominick looked at Brennen and retorted, "Really, Brennen, what's the difference between us? The pot calls the kettle black."

Jensen quickly joined in with a mock, "What are you on about, Dominick? Brennen here claims to have been with Miss Lewis. How do you match up to that?"

Dominick said with a smirk, "Anyone can make up stories. I even slept with a princess."

Brennen had enough of the boring conversation and headed for the restroom.

Just as he walked away, a Maserati rolled up to the hotel entrance.

Then, a graceful figure stepped out of the car.

She was dressed in a white lace top, accentuating her ample and firm breasts that pushed the shirt up, revealing her rounded and perky buttocks beneath the slim skirt. Her long legs were clad in black stockings, complemented by high heels.

Her skin glowed effortlessly, enhancing her allure. The addition of frameless glasses to her stunning face made her appear even more captivating.

"Damn!" Jensen couldn't help but swallow hard, his eyes fixed on the woman.

Dominick caught Jensen's stare and, upon a clearer view, he too gasped in surprise.

Yet, the more Dominick observed her, the more recognizable she became. "Isn't that my dream woman, Emilee Lewis? What's she doing here?"

Unfazed by their stares, Emilee walked in on her high heels.

Jensen quickly approached her and said politely, "Hello, can I help you?"

Emilee glanced at Jensen and said, "Is there someone named Brennen Roberts here?"

Both Jensen and Dominick were shocked, and they instinctively looked towards the restroom.

"Yes. May I ask what it's for?"

Emilee remained silent, merely staring in the direction of the restroom as Brennen appeared, adjusting his pants.

Seeing Brennen dressed as a waiter made Emilee frown slightly.

"You're Brennen Roberts?"

"Yes. Why are you looking for me?"

Emilee stared at the man she had shared a passionate night with, the memories causing her cheeks to turn a shade of red.

That evening, after discovering she was to be used as a pawn in a business marriage, she had gone out to drink alone. Too much alcohol led her mistakenly to the hotel room next door, resulting in their unexpected encounter.

Recently, her menstrual cycle had been late, and sensing something was off, she checked with a pregnancy test, which confirmed her suspicions that she was pregnant. In a state of panic yet trying to remain composed, she called the hotel's front desk for Brennen's contact details.

"Why did you hang up on me?" Emilee questioned.

When Jensen and Dominick overheard this, they were utterly astounded, looking at Brennen with a mix of envy, jealousy, and resentment.

Brennen thought back to the call he had abruptly ended earlier, where someone had mentioned a pregnancy.

Then Emilee confirmed his vague memory, saying coldly, "I'm pregnant."

Brennen tossed his cigarette into the trash can and said, "What does your pregnancy have to do with me?"

His dismissive response made Emilee sneer involuntarily. Men really could be cruel.

"It's your child."

With those few words, Brennen suddenly felt the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Jensen and Dominick stared at Brennen, their eyes wide with shock and newfound respect. It seemed Brennen hadn't been bragging after all.

But Brennen didn't think so. He wondered if Emilee was just trying to pin the baby on someone.

He had seen too many similar situations!

He wasn't about to be anyone's fall guy!

"Let's go to the hospital," Emilee insisted, stepping into a car and holding the door open for Brennen.

After a brief pause, Brennen got in. Needing further confirmation, he asked, "Is the child really mine?"

"Do you think I'd lie to a waiter?" Emilee asked coldly in return.

"If it turns out the baby is indeed mine, I will take care of both of you," Brennen said earnestly.

"And how exactly will you do that? By working as a waiter?"

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