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Loving Mr. Arrogant

Loving Mr. Arrogant

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Viola Linn, the heiress to the Linn's Empire, returned to her hometown of San Francisco after studying fashion in Italy for eight years. On her first night back, she met a mysterious man at a club who gave her a fabricated identity. After a night of drinking, he escorted her to his home where they engaged in a passionate one-night stand. Little did Viola know that her grandmother had arranged a marriage proposal between her and a prominent family, which would significantly increase the Linn family's standing in society. However, Viola soon discovers that she is pregnant. What will she do when she realizes the father of her unborn child is the man she is arranged to marry?

Chapter 1 Meeting A Perfect Stranger

As Viola got off the plane, she inhaled the alluring San Francisco's air, a city she had left many years ago. Her parents had longed for her to attend a school in California, but she is a free spirit. She relishes her independence.

Before her departure at the age of 18, she dwelt with her grandmother at the Linn Mansion. Her grandmother was her childhood companion, as her parents' fun for life consumed their time. After eight years of being apart, she has returned, and it seems she is here to stay.

"O. M. G! Viola, you have grown so tall, and your beauty! Gosh!" Jojo exclaimed at the top of her lungs, capturing the attention of bystanders. Viola spent her young years with Jojo, one of her closest friends, who resides near the Linn Mansion.

When she left eight years ago, she knew Jojo was saddened. Despite her departure, they maintained their friendship through consistent communication. And now, as they reunited, she simply rolled her eyes. "Jojo, we Facetimed yesterday. I informed you to come pick me up." Jojo drew her in for a tight embrace.

"My friend, I have deeply missed you." After letting go, she took Viola’s luggage. "Are you here for the long haul?" Jojo pondered.

Viola sighed. "It appears my adventures have concluded. I am prepared to take over the Linn business." As she exited the airport, she held her head high. In all honesty, Viola was not yet prepared to bid farewell to her escapades. For years, attending a fashion institution in Italy has been exhilarating, allowing her the freedom to do as she pleases. And during that time, she even fell in love with Dusty. They are now two in their relationship, and he has vowed to visit her and meet her parents.

"Come on and hop in," urged Jojo as she unlocked the doors. With a grateful nod, Viola slid into the passenger seat. "Where shall I take you?" Jojo asked.

Viola settled back into the chair, facing Jojo. "Home. Take me home." She said, closing her eyes as she felt the cool evening breeze through the open window. She couldn't wait to surprise her family, especially her unsuspecting grandmother, Avery Linn

However, Jojo had different plans. "No, I'm not taking you to the Linns' mansion," she stated firmly.

Viola's eyes flew open, and she turned to look at her, confused. "Why not?"

Jojo chuckled, her foot pressing down on the accelerator. "Because, my dear, I am taking you hostage."

Viola's heart immediately began to race as she clung to her seatbelt. Was she serious? Was she really abducting her?

Jojo chuckled. "Viola, you can't go home. Not yet," she continued, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "You've only just returned to San Francisco. Enjoy your freedom while you can, because once you take over the family business, it won't be so easy."

She was right, Viola pondered. Her grandmother was strict, to say the least. She doesn’t even allow alcohol in the mansion.

Viola let out a sigh, her thoughts drifting to her family. But she quickly pushed them aside. Tonight was supposed to be about fun and relaxation, not stress and family drama. "Fine, where are you taking us?" she asked, resigned.

Jojo's lips curled into a mischievous smile. "There's a club nearby that's supposed to have a huge crowd tonight."

"A club? Are you insane?" Viola exclaimed.

"What? Maybe you'll find a hot date there," Jojo teased.

Viola crossed her arms and pouted. "I already have a boyfriend, Jojo, and we're planning a wedding soon." she gestured to her outfit, clearly not appropriate for a club. "I'm not dressed for it, so I think I'll pass."

"Trust me, Viola, you're all set to go," Jojo assured, taking control of the wheels with one hand while the other skillfully adjusted Viola’s hair. In addition to her flat sandals, she was clad in a flowing, backless printed gown and a denim jacket. "No one will suspect you as the Linn heiress. People are eagerly anticipating your return. By the way, I heard from your mother."

Viola rolled her eyes. "Please tell me you didn't inform her of my arrival today."

Jojo replied, "I did not. Even if I do, she isn’t around and hasn't been for years.”

“Yeah. Her and dad are preferably somewhere making out on an island.” Viola rolled her eyes. “Aren’t they just too old for that?” Jojo chuckled as she smoothly brought the car to a stop. Viola peeked outside for a brief moment, leaning against the window. "Are we there?"

Jojo opened the door and stepped out, emerging from the car to assist her. "Here we are, at the Tropic Thunder," she announced, her eyes scanning Viola’s attire with a critical gaze.

"What is it?" Viola inquired.

"We must rid you of that jacket," Jojo declared.

Viola immediately crossed her arms in defense, stating, "Absolutely not. You are not touching my jacket," preventing Jojo from attempting to take it from her.

"Come on, Viola Linn. We want you to enjoy your return. Luckily, no one knows the heiress's appearance." Viola sighed, realizing Jojo was right. She needed to fully commit to this charade and finish the evening swiftly. Goodness, she cannot wait for this night to be over.

After Jojo retrieved Viola's jacket and placed it in the car, they made their way inside the bustling club. As she had predicted, there were countless individuals present.

"Follow me," Jojo ordered, seizing Viola's hand as she pulled her towards the bar. "Two shots of your strongest liquor, please," she requested from the bartender.

Viola interjected instantly, "No, thank you. I will stick to rum."

"Disregard her. Two drinks, please," Jojo persisted, not taking no for an answer.

Viola took a seat on the lengthy bar stool, eyeing her surroundings as she watched people dance to the music. There was simply no way she would be able to last the entire night. Jojo would have to stay put while she makes a dash for it.

"Relax, Viola," Jojo said. She looked at Jojo as she was handed her drink. "It won't hurt, I promise. He's rumored to make the best shots."

Viola eagerly took the alcohol and downed it in one gulp. "That's my girl!" Jojo exclaimed loudly, making her burst into laughter.

She then gave the bartender a knowing look. "Make me two more, please."

"I told you you'd enjoy it," Jojo grinned.

The music changed to a familiar tune. "Finally," Viola exclaimed, jumping out of her seat and pulling Jojo onto the dance floor.

Jojo leaned in and whispered, "I think you're getting high!"

"You mean wasted?" Viola shouted, laughing uncontrollably. Her body moved in sync with the music, or perhaps it was the alcohol taking effect. She and Jojo danced on and on, uninhibited. Tomorrow she will begin her life as an heiress, but for now, she wants to make the most of the evening.

"I'll be right back; I need more drinks!" Viola announced.

"Alright, Viola. Just be quick.”

Viola went up to the bartender and took her seat. She grabbed the drink he placed in front of her, her flushed cheeks growing hotter by the second. She couldn't control herself, so she downed it all in one go before reaching out for another. "Please, more," she pleaded with the bartender, who continued to oblige.

Suddenly, the drink was snatched from her. "Just because she asked for it, doesn't mean you should keep giving her so much alcohol," an unfamiliar voice scolded.

Viola scowled as she turned to face the man who had taken her drink. He was wearing a gray sweatsuit that matched, his face blurred but still recognizable. She was beginning to get drunk. He had ocean blue eyes that made her cheeks flush even more. "I want my drinks back," she managed to say without yelling at the stranger, gratefully recalling the composure she learned from her grandmother.

She supposed he noticed how enraged she sounded. "Very well, I shall provide you with your drink. However, do not devour it all at once. Your well-being may suffer if you do so.”

Slightly taken aback, Viola took a deep breath. What in the world was he saying? All she wanted was her drink. “Sure. Can I have my drinks back now?”

He handed them to her without hesitation, his eyes briefly glancing towards the bartender. “I will take the rum, Ant.”

Viola couldn't help but admire his graciousness. As his face turned to the side, she noticed his sharp features. It was clear that God had taken his time in creating such a handsome man.

Clearing her throat, she mustered up the courage to speak. “I apologize,” she said, catching his attention.

He gave her a quizzical look. “For what?”

“For my rude reaction earlier. You were only trying to help. I'm not usually like this.”

“Like what?”

Viola quickly averted her gaze and focused on the shots in front of her. “Rude. That's not me. Anyways, thank you.” He nodded, and she couldn't help but give a small smile. “Oh, I'm Jojo. Jojo Smith.” she extended her hand to him.

He returned the smile. “Brandon,” he said, taking her hand. Viola couldn't help but hold back a laugh. "You don't strike me as a Brandon."

He chuckled. “And what is a Brandon supposed to be like?”

He was so charming. "Your blue eyes are stunning." She couldn't help but feel lost in his gaze.


Her cheeks instantly flushed as she realized she was flirting. She awkwardly withdrew her hand. “I-I mean, you seem more like a Henry to me.”

"Interesting." He continued to stare at her with a smile on his face. Viola could tell he was trying to flirt with her too. “It's a pleasure to meet you, Jojo Smith,” he said with a calm demeanor that sent shivers down her spine.

Jojo? She thought for a moment, relieved that she hadn't given him her real name. If he found out who she really was, her reputation would be ruined, and her grandmother would not be pleased. She forced a smile. “Likewise, Brandon.” She said as she held his gaze for as long as she could, but all she could think about was how she would be killed by Jojo if she found out she used her identity.

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