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Secretly Married to Billionaire

Secretly Married to Billionaire

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Real love stories are not as beautiful as fairy tales. But that doesn't mean it will go wrong. It all depends on how people choose to live with it. Like Anna, an ordinary woman living an everyday life amidst the glittering life of Los Angeles was forced to bury her fairy tale wedding dream as the marriage order came. Moreover, she married the most desirable, handsome, young CEO, the successor to the Byrne business empire, David Byrne. A small mistake that totally changed their life. Could they live with that? Especially when one problem after another shook their loveless marriage.

Chapter 1 Broken Heart

Was this really what it felt to be a broken heart?

She felt endless sadness, and the will to live a day was nothing. Not to mention her tears like rain, unable to stop falling from her eyes. However, it was nothing compared to the reality that forced her to continue meeting the source of her pain. It felt like she wanted to disappear right away.

If she could, she would definitely do it. Unfortunately, she couldn't just do it. Giving up only for a guy seemed not right. In fact, she could have been enduring it all this time. This gonna be merely another part of her broken heart phase.

But was that true? Why did this hurt so much?

"You're not eating?"

A faint voice entered her ears. She heard it, or she thought she heard it. It was kinda confusing because her brain and body were out of sync. She wasn't even sure she really heard it. The surrounding voices sounded the same. Not clear.


If the first one was a male voice, the second was a female voice. The two people sitting next to each other stared at her in confusion. Anna had not changed her activities. The knife in her right hand and the fork in the left prepared to cut the steak but ended up nothing.

"Anna," the woman called again by slightly raising her voice. She had to do that to get the attention of her interlocutor back.

And it worked. Finally, Anna's long daydream about her broken heart was broken. She was forced to come back to reality. The harsh fact that she was with a happy couple required her to act happily throughout their meeting.

"Oh, Bec." She automatically called Rebecca's name out. "What did you say?" she asked after having thought about why Rebecca had called her and couldn't find the reason. Of course. She would become superhuman if she could focus on two things simultaneously.

"I didn't ask. It was Matt. He asked why you aren't eating." Rebecca sounded exasperated as she repeated the missed scene. How could Anna daydream in the middle of their dinner? Also, this was a crowded restaurant.

Anna's breath stopped when Rebecca said Matt's name. But, her follow-up sentence made Anna realize that this was not the right time to react that way. She had to stop her own stupidity. "Right, I'm having dinner." She muttered, which only could be heard by her. Yes, she was that careless, so she let her mind wander elsewhere after understanding the risks of agreeing to their dinner invitation.

"Why? Is something bothering you?" This time, it was Matt who asked her. He looked at Anna with worry etched on his face. Their old friendship was enough to tell Anna's habits. She was not usually like this. The Anna he knew was a talkative person.

"Just my job. They transferred me to take care of a new celebrity." Out of nowhere, a lie smoothly escaped Anna's lips. But that was not entirely a lie. It was a fact that she got a new job. The only lie was she didn't really think about that earlier.

"Who?" Rebecca immediately joined their new discussion. It seemed her annoyance had dissipated.

"Two new celebrities are entering the agency. But, I still don't know who will be assigned to me." Anna said as she continued eating. She put a piece of steak into her mouth.

"Who are they?" Apparently, Rebecca was still interested in the topic. It was understandable. Her job as an office worker barely allowed her to meet celebrities, unlike Anna. Anna was used to meeting them because she worked at an entertainment agency as a manager for celebrities.

"Kate Burton and Adam Green."

"Adam Green?" Rebecca repeated a name that her best friend had mentioned. "Is Adam Green at Lives On?" Cautiously she asked with enthusiasm hidden.

"Yeah. Being his manager will be so busy because he becomes popular after-"Suddenly, Anna's words came to a halt as consciousness hit her. "Ah, I forgot you're his fan." She remembered their conversation two weeks ago when she had accompanied her best friend to watch the series all night. No. Supposedly, she was forced to do it because how could she sleep when the television was still on in her room? This was what it was like to live in a simple apartment. There was no barrier between one area and another, which made her have to be patient to accept Rebecca's presence invading her precious rest time.

"So, is it really him?" Rebecca looked like she would jump out of her chair if she didn't remember it was a public place.

Anna nodded confidently. She saw Adam several times at her agency. And with the news of him joining there, his visit must be related to contract discussions.

Having managed to control herself, Rebecca changed the way she spoke. "May I stop by at your office?" She asked hopefully. If her job didn't allow her to meet her idol, she would take all the opportunities. And coincidentally, it came from her best friend.

"She's there to work, Bec. Not to take you on tour." Matt replied quickly. He was confused about women. Was it those much in idolizing actors?

"Relax, I won't bother her. I'll just come to see from afar."

"Still, you can't be there. It's an office."

"I said I won't interfere with her work. If you don't believe me, come with me."

A small chuckle escaped Anna's lips at their argument. Rebecca was like that. She would look for opportunities to see her idol up close, and Matt would always react the same way. A man who was tired of hearing his girlfriend's enthusiasm for celebrities.

Perhaps, that desire had not wholly disappeared. It was about joining in the glittering of the entertainment world. Oh, Rebecca used to be on several movie projects. With a well-proportioned body and a familiar face of a Latina woman—her mother is from Brazil—she got there even though she couldn't get the primary roles. She only got small scenes. But it didn't take long for her best friend to quit after realizing the fierce competition in that world.

"Okay, okay." In the end, Anna would mediate between them. She was amazed at how they had maintained their relationship for the past six years when they were still arguing over trivial matters. Moreover, they were getting married in two days. "I still don't know who I work for. But if it's Adam, I'll make ways for you to meet him." She ended it with a prudent decision.

"Oh, Anna." Rebecca put on an overly moved expression. Obviously, it was acting. "Thanks a lot. You're the best." However, her words were sincere.

Anna smiled at her behavior, which was, actually, not much different from hers. As Matt had often said, women were sometimes overly enthusiastic about their favorite idols. Likewise, with her. Years of getting into the entertainment world apparently did not make her immune to that. The proof was when she and Rebecca were crazy about an actor, Matt couldn't stand it and chose to be silent.

"You're too nice."

And his last comment slowly erased her broad smile. Presumably, Matt was right again. Anna was so kind that she could smile even when she should have cried. Her idol, the man she had loved for years, would marry Rebecca. It was definitely good news and also a source of her sadness. She had to end all her feelings for him, or else she would sink into her broken heart.

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