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The Mafia Boss's Obsession

The Mafia Boss's Obsession

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A twenty-year-old, Zaina Amara Jones, has been kicked out of her thirtieth attended School due to a reason she sent more than ten bitches bullies to the hospital. She's untamed, unpredictable, heartless, dangerous and a type of lady you shouldn't wish to mess with. She's not afraid of anything, even death, because for her... She has nothing to lose. A twenty-seven-year-old, Vaughn Russo, found himself having an interest in a certain girl. From the first time he laid his eyes on her, he knew already he would do everything for him to make her his. He's cold, intimidating, ruthless, stoic and a type of man you shouldn't want to see or meet. He can kill you without any hesitation because, for him, killing is just normal. Two fearless people, one being tamed and untamed. What will happen when their paths cross? It's either there will be peace or war.

Chapter 1 Prologue+ Chapter 1: Badass girl


I moved my feet forward and met his icy, dark and serious stare. As I stepped once, everyone in the place pointed and aimed their guns at me.

A small smirk formed on my lips when I saw the man in front of me raise his hand to stop them from shooting me.

All of their guns were downed.

I was just merely some inches away from him. " You can kill me now if you want. I have nothing to lose." I coldly said while looking directly into his eyes.

His face remained cold and motionless while looking at me.

"But... I don't have any business with you, so get out!" I continued.

He went closer to me and smirked; he cupped my chin and moved his face forward. He whispered something in my ear that made me confused.

" You better watch out your words, young lady. I didn't go here for no reason. I want you to come with me." He said and leaned back to see my reaction.

I gave him a blank stare. Is he fucking kidding me?

" Why would I go with you?" I ask and raise my eyebrow.

"Because you're mine." He answered.

You're mine? You're mine, my ass!

"Leave!" Emotionlessly ordered to them.

His smirk widened.

"As you wish, but I'll be back to claim what's rightfully mine." After he said that, all of them left my house.

Claim me, huh? Who does he think he is? Yeah whatever

Chapter 1: Badass girl

I was taking a nap on my chair when someone called me and kicked my chair. I looked up to see who had ruined my sleep.

"Hey, Zaina Freak! Wake up your ass Bitch!" A useless bitch slut yelled at me.

I looked at her without any emotion. What now? This day is just my second day, and now someone is bullying me; this is much worse than yesterday. This is Great, fucking really great.

I always wonder why they are always targeting me, maybe they are insecure, or they are really just a bitch. I did nothing nor pay attention to them.

"I heard you are a tough one, huh?" Oh? The hell I care.

I blinked once, brought my head back on my chair, and went to sleep again.

"Bitch! Listen to me, don't ignore me!" She shouted again.

What's wrong with her? I ignored her again, but suddenly, she grabbed my hair and pulled me up. Everyone in the room cheers for her. They look like high school bullies who have nothing to do in life, but for Pete's sake, they are college students. What do I expect? Spoiled brat rich kids, eh?

I looked at her, and I saw her grinning from ear to ear, but seriously, she looked like an idiot—a person who lacked attention.

My face tilted when she slapped me three times. I could even taste my own blood in my mouth, but I didn't say anything; instead, I wiped the blood on my lips.

I just looked at her, bored, and I could see she seemed to be happy with what was happening. I calm myself when I feel the urge to ruin her pretty plastic face.

"What now, touch girl?" She mocked me. I remained silent and watched her; the smile disappeared from her lips when she saw that I still had no reaction on my face.

She approached me and pulled me, then pushed me against the wall behind me and hit my head on a hard object, so there was a wound on my forehead, and blood started to stream down.

I didn't cry or even speak. I slowly got up from the floor, but before I could stand, someone kicked me hard again.

There was blood coming out of my mouth, but I couldn't feel anything because I was immune to any pain. I wish I could feel pain, but I can't.

"Vina was so wrong about you; she said you're tough and dangerous, but I didn't see it?" The bitch said to me.

I looked up at her. She was confident and proud as she said that. Really? This is amusing. I stood up as if nothing had happened. I wiped the blood from my mouth again and straightened my tattered clothes.

I looked at them, shocked, and their mouth were wide open as they looked at me. I smirked at them.

"You." I pointed out the "leader" of the group.

"What?" She asked proudly, then laughed. I joined in their laughter, but a laugh without a trace of fun. Their leader stopped laughing and approached me.

"Tell me now, Zaina Freak! Does it hurt?" She asked. I met her gaze.

"No." My sparing answer relieved the smirk on her lips. I started to approach her. She was stunned and backed away several times until she was on the board in front.

Do they want a show? Then I'll give them one. I put my head close to her ear and whispered.

"You made a big mistake of messing with me, doll face. You should go now, and don't wait for me to break your pretty plastic face." I warned her and stepped back to see her reaction. Her eyes widened, and she paled.

That's just a warning, and that's her reaction. I only gave a warning once if you don't take that seriously, well, good luck.

When she recovered, she smiled again and spoke.

"Do you think you can scare me with your lame threats? Well, you're damn wrong, big mistake. Girls!" She said and looked back.

Have 10 or 11 girls with her? Oh, 11 girls exactly. I think they are all members of the school's cheering squads. They all gave me devilish grins.

"Make her pay for what she did to me now and to Vina yesterday. POSITION!" She ordered.

In front of me, they made a pose; I was just poker-faced from what I saw. What the fuck is this? Cheerleading? Are they fucking kidding me?

I was not surprised when they rushed at me one by one. And that was the biggest mistake they ever made. I'm sorry, it's either I will be sent to the hospital today or they will. Well, well knowing myself, I won't be the one who will beaten today.

I grabbed the one hand of the first woman who rushed towards me; she was surprised by what I did, so I used that opportunity to turn her around and broke her arm, then kicked her in the butt. She cried out in pain and sat on the floor holding her broken arm.

I looked at the women in front of me, their eyes all widened, and I could see the fear in their eyes, but they continued attacking me.

I kicked the chest of the second one who attacked me; she groaned and shouted in pain. When I felt someone was going to punch me in the face, I immediately grabbed her hand and, using my one hand, punched her hard in the face. She bled, and I broke her nose.

Two women rushed at me at the same time; they were on the opposite side. Idiots. I bent down so they could punch each other. I stood up and kicked both of their knees, causing them to slide to the floor. When they knelt on the floor, I knelt their heads; one fainted while the other was no longer standing.

Someone rushed at me again; this time, there were four of them. Obviously, they wanted to trap me and hurt me. I punched the one closest to me in the face, and she backed away. There was a woman who was about to kick on my back; I kicked her foot and knocked her out.

The two women who remained rushed at me at the same time. I grabbed the neck of the one while the other was met with a blow to the eye. She backed away while the woman I was holding was holding her thigh that I kicked. She was looking at me and afraid of what I would do next.

I grinned and broke the bone in her thigh. She cried out in pain and backed away, crying too loud while holding her broken thigh.

Stupid brats

I looked to the front again; there were three more women left with Ms Bully. I walked closer to them.

"What the hell! You two! What are you waiting for? Hurt her!" Ms. Bully said while trembling.

She's shivering in fear and a bit angry now, huh?

Her two alibi followed what she had ordered; I kicked one of them hard, and the other, I punched her hard in the mouth. They cried in pain, so much pain.

I looked at Ms. again. Bully was now as pale as those who were watching us today. I stopped in front of her and pulled her hard; she complained and groaned in pain.

"You should follow what I've said earlier. Tsk, I told you not to mess with me. Every word I said is real." After I said that, I repeatedly punched her in the face until she vomited blood.

I tightened my grip on her hair and repeatedly knocked her against the wall. She's begging me to stop.

"S .. top ... ..... I’m ... Beg .. begging ... Y .. you." She begged.

I let go of her hair and stood up; I saw relief in her eyes, so I smirked and kicked her ribs hard. She yelled so loudly that the noise only made me more aggressive.

I kick her again and again until she loses her consciousness. Everyone gasped and looked at me with horror in their eyes. I stopped kicking her and looked at my blood-stained hand. There were small cuts there.

My face goes blank again, and I go back to my chair. I grabbed my bag and left the room.

Annoying people.

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