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Love beyond blood

Love beyond blood

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Sacrifice for love and family Four girls decided to become sisters not by blood but by circumstances, even though they grow up in orphanage home they didn't let that define them. They vowed to become family and nothing will stop them. Would they stand the test of time or fall apart as they navigate their daily lives and choices.

Chapter 1 Uninvited Guest

Nelo buried her head under a pillow when the alarm from her phone went off, she wanted to sleep a little bit more but it was already too late. Her head banged.

She felt like her head became a railway and a train was running through it, throwing the pillow away out of frustration, squinted at the rays of sun emanating from the window, she grabbed her banging head with both hands."what is going on" Nelo thought to herself as she looked around realizing that she was in an unfamiliar room lying in an unfamiliar bed, scared as she unwrapped herself out of the bed, her mind wondering how she got there."have I been kidnapped, have I been raped" she hurriedly touched her body for any sign and felt relieved when it seemed everything was normal. in a bit to turn off the alarm, she reached for her phone placed on the dressing table besides her handbag, her head was flooded with every information she needed to clear her curiosity. It was as if her brain has been in a booting process ever since she opened her eyes.

Nelo's legs became weak as she struggled to stand. Now she understood why she woke up in an unfamiliar place instead of her room or a hotel room where she has been sleeping for five days since she left home. The last night event became clear, after driving around the town aimlessly as she had done for the past five days, instead of heading back to the hotel where she lodged and cried herself to sleep like she had always done she decided to take a different approach.

"You are awake, good morning" Nelo Snap out of her thought, she jerked her head towards the door "good morning" avoiding eye contact "I guess you will need this"he handed her a cup of coffee"it will help your hangover"

"Thank you"

"I'm Kelvin" he extended his hand for a handshake but withdrew it when she hesitated. "Take a shower and come for breakfast" Kevin left. Nelo stood rooted on the ground she wished she had a superpower to vanish into a thin air or the ground would open and swallow her whole. she turned red from the embarrassment, it became worst when she looked in the mirror on the dressing table she looked nothing of herself."dammit" she cussed under her breath.

Kelvin was already at the dining when Nelo walked in with her purse clutched on her hands. he could sense her embarrassment and decided he would not mention about last night.

"Please sit" Kelvin beckoned her

"Thank you for everything but I am not hungry"

All she wanted was to run away, to disappear, food was the last thing on her mind.

"But I have already made the meal for both of us and it's so irresponsible to waste food"Kelvin tried convincing her which got a better part of her, she sat down and focus only on her plate. Kelvin smiled at her cuteness.He remembered last night, how she caught his attention at Maple bar. He had finished an executive meeting and had decided to have one or two glasses of wine before he could retired home, he had noticed a lady drinking by herself, the light in the bar was not very bright but you could tell she was a damsel, her facial features was not a regular one,the way she was sitting made it hard for anyone to ascertain her body features but that was not important at the time, because Kelvin had observed two guys hovering around her like a hawk ready to prey on a chick.

"Thanks for the meal and I'm really sorry for all the inconveniences I have cost you"

"It's okay" Kelvin assured her. "Give me a sec, I will drop you off"he offered

"You don't have to worry I have ordered a ride" she picked her bag ready to go.

"Can I have your number"Kelvin demanded

"I'm sorry"she rushed at the door.

"Can I at least know your name"she stopped on her track"Chinelo, Nelo for short" she dashed out of the door.

Nelo had thought drowning herself in liquor would be the better approach to overcome or at least forgot her sorrow for a bit, but no she was wrong she had ended up in a stranger's bed, with a throbbing headache and upset stomach. It could have been worst. what if she had ended up with a bad guy, a kidnapper, a rapist or even an organ harvester. A lots of thought had run through her mind as she drove back to the hotel after she had picked her car from Maple bar parking lot. She had decided to pick herself up and face her problem head on even though her world was at the verge of collapsing if it had not collapsed already, she had a family and her job to protect.

Her family and her job were the only thing she had loved aside David. David had been in her life for solid five years. She had built her world around him. She had loved him. Aside being handsome, he was reliable confident and hardworking fellow who had treated her with love and respect who had never cared about her background.

Meeting with David had changed her life in So many ways especially her sex life. As a girl child who had grew up in an orphanage home at St. Joseph convent had lived a conservative lifestyle. Nelo never had contact with boys until she was twenty-three years old, she had left the orphanage for higher institution. Her first time was nothing but pain she had cried throughout the act but had accepted it since she heard the first time were meant to be painful, but nothing changed, she felt the same way to the end of the relationship. She had believed that sex was overrated she concluded that sex was only designed for men to enjoy so when she had her second relationship she had to endure through it and let the man satisfy himself.

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