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Fate's Bet: My Unwanted Tycoon Husband

Fate's Bet: My Unwanted Tycoon Husband

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Katie was forced to marry Dillan, a notorious ruffian. Her younger sister mocked her, "You're just an adopted daughter. Count your blessings for marrying him!" The world anticipated Katie's tribulations, but her married life unfurled with unexpected serenity. She even snagged a lavish mansion in a raffle! Katie jumped into Dillan's arms, credited him as her lucky charm. "No, Katie, it's you who brings me all this luck," Dillan replied. Then, one fateful day, Dillan's childhood friend came to her. "You're not worthy of him. Take this 50 million and leave him!" Katie finally grasped Dillan's true stature—the wealthiest man on the planet. That night, trembling with trepidation, she broached the subject of divorce with Dillan. However, with a domineering embrace, he told her, "I'd give you everything I have. Divorce is off the table!"


Katie Holland, Dillan Gilbert, Katie Holland and Dillan Gilbert novel, Katie and Dillan novel

Chapter 1 Running Away From The Wedding

Katie Holland was set to marry a man, despite already having a boyfriend.

She chose to run away from her own wedding, hoping her boyfriend would take her away.

However, what she stumbled upon next would etch itself in her memory forever...

Looking through the slightly open bedroom door, she saw a naked woman, sitting atop a man, moving vigorously.

"Hmm... So, tell me, Josh, is it me or Katie you're in love with?"

Panting, Josh Sutton said, "Darling, how can you even compare yourself to her? I would have left her long ago if I wasn't so concerned about my reputation taking a hit."

The woman's smile grew wider. "No worries. Once she's married off to that loser tonight, nobody can stand in the way of us being together."

Their eyes locked in a tender gaze. Then they embraced, sharing kisses...

Katie's face turned pale. She was in disbelief over the scene before her.

Her boyfriend was in bed fucking her nominal sister!


The couple who were having sex in bed were startled.

Before Josh had a chance to understand what was happening, a vase struck his head.

Judie Holland let out a scream and lunged to confront Katie. "Have you lost your mind? Josh lost interest in you ages ago, and the only reason he didn't leave you was out of a sense of responsibility! How dare you hurt him!"

"It's not your place to speak, you mistress!" Katie responded with a cold push and turned to Josh. "I need to hear it from you, Josh. Have you been seeing Judie behind my back for long?"

Josh couldn't bring himself to meet her gaze. "I'm sorry, Katie."

It felt as though Katie's heart was being ripped apart, the pain so intense that she found it hard to catch her breath.

Her hands balled into fists, her nails digging into her palms. "Josh, how could you betray me like this? Don't you remember who stood by your side for three years? I was there for you when you were living in that basement!" she shouted out in the end.

Feeling guilty, Josh turned his gaze away, covered his head, and stayed silent.

Judie let out a mocking laugh. "You really think he'll crawl back to you after hearing that?"

Katie smiled calmly. "Why would I ever want him back? He's nothing but a loser who leeches off women. You are doing me a favor by having him with you."

This comment infuriated Judie.

Was Katie insinuating she was meant to be with a loser?

Fuming, Judie gritted her teeth. "You're going to regret this. My mother must have noticed that you were missing from the wedding."

Katie's expression changed.

She never wanted this marriage in the first place.

They had their sights set on Judie, the real daughter of the Holland family. Katie, on the other hand, was merely a foster child who had been taken in along with her mother.

That afternoon, Maddie Holland, Judie's mother, had invited her for tea. After one cup, Katie blacked out.

Upon awakening, she found herself in a wedding gown, seated in the bridal suite.

Maddie informed her through the door that she was to marry in Judie's place, fulfilling a long-standing engagement.

Of course, Katie refused.

The groom was rumored to be a man doing a lot of evil things. Judie herself had rejected him to the point of attempting suicide.

Katie couldn't agree to the marriage either.

Desperate, she made a daring escape through the window, not anticipating...

Overcome with anger and despair, she clutched the wedding dress tightly and clenched her teeth.

She hissed, "You won't have your way."

With that, she turned and ran away.

Julie didn't pursue her. Instead, she informed her parents of Katie's visit.

In Dailens, tracking someone down was a piece of cake for the Holland family.

Katie kept running and didn't stop.

It seemed like there were pursuers at every turn.

"Bang!" She tripped over a rock by the side of the road, tumbling down to the ground.

"Stop!" A group of strong men with electric batons were chasing after her.

Katie was determined not to be dragged back.

Biting down hard, she forced herself back on her feet and continued her escape.

An hour later, Katie found refuge in a warehouse, gasping for air.

She had made it to the suburb. Surely, her pursuers couldn't find her here, could they?

Climbing to the second floor, she used the last of her energy to barricade the door.

At last, she allowed herself a moment to catch her breath.

But her relief was short-lived when she heard noises in the dark.

Could it be a rat?

No, it was worse—the unmistakable sound of footsteps.


The echo of leather boots on the floor cut through the silence of the night.

Fear took over Katie.

Her mouth twitched uncontrollably, and her voice trembled as she spoke. "Do you... live here? I didn't mean to intrude. I'll just leave..."

But as she got up, a large hand grabbed her from behind.

A sharp blade touched her delicate neck.

Katie was so scared that she could barely bring herself to open her mouth and speak.

A cold, male voice questioned her from above.

"Who sent you here?"

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