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Love's Second Design

Love's Second Design

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After three years as a dedicated housewife, Jessica's efforts to save her marriage ended in relentless heartbreak. Resolute, she divorced Aaron. Rising from the ashes, Jessica transformed into a renowned designer and business tycoon, building her empire without relying on her family's wealth. Her success and independence attracted many admirers. With pride, Jessica declared, "I'll never regret my divorce." However, Aaron returned, filled with remorse. "I deeply regret it. Please, my dear ex-wife, let's try again. Let's mend our relationship and remarry." Would Jessica, now empowered and at a crossroads, choose to rekindle love?


Jessica Curtis, Aaron Morley, Jessica Curtis and Aaron Morley novel, Jessica and Aaron novel

Chapter 1 The Divorce

"I didn't push Hallie."

For the nth time, Jessica Curtis reiterated to Aaron Morley that she wasn't the one who pushed Hallie Gordon down the stairs.

But Aaron was clearly unconvinced.

"So, what're you saying? That she fell down the stairs on purpose? Jessica, just look at how high this flight of stairs is! Hallie even broke her leg! Do you really think she'd do that on purpose?!"

The more Aaron said, the colder his tone became. "This is your fault. You have to own up to your mistake and apologize to her."

"Apologize?" Jessica echoed in disbelief. Smiling bitterly, she couldn't help but ask, "Is Hallie really that good?"

Jessica and Aaron had been married for three years now.

Three years ago, she had given up on her career to stay at home to take care of Aaron. She got up early to prepare breakfast for him, and she wouldn't go to bed until she had finished cleaning the entire villa. Despite being a housewife, she was busy all day. By the time she'd finally get to lay in bed, sometimes Aaron would come home drunk, and she'd have to get up to whip up some warm soup for him.

Her mother-in-law looked down upon her, and her sister-in-law never took her seriously. The two vicious women tried every means to make things difficult for her, rendering her daily life tortuous.

Still, she endured it all—for Aaron's sake.

She devoted herself to him for three whole years.

Despite her efforts, Aaron never trusted her.

Jessica would never forget just how smug Hallie's voice was when the latter called her a few days ago.

"So what if you've been his wife for three years? He'd kick you out of your house if I asked him to. He loves me, not you. If I got the tiniest scratch, he'd feel terrible. If I fell down the stairs and told him that you pushed me, who do you think he'll believe? You or me? Jessica, you're just an ugly bitch. You're nothing compared to me! I can't wait to see him throw you to the curb like a piece of trash!"

It turned out that Hallie was right.

In Aaron's eyes, Jessica was just a piece of trash that could be discarded any time.

"Aaron, I want a divorce," Jessica said decisively.

What was the point of staying married to this cold-hearted man? Aaron didn't like her; he only agreed to marry her in the first place because of Samuel Morley, his grandfather. Three years had passed, but he refused to even give her a proper wedding. He was probably elated that she finally asked for a divorce.

"What did you just say to me?"

Aaron was shell-shocked. He couldn't believe the words that left Jessica's lips.

"Don't you dare threaten me with a divorce! Just apologize to Hallie and be done with it!"



After years of endless patience and endurance, Jessica finally snapped, "Aaron, I would never apologize for something I didn't do, and this is no exception."

"You are so stubborn!" Aaron looked pissed. "So, you want a divorce? Fine!"

After spitting those words, he turned around without bothering to spare her another glance, let alone asking her to stay.

Soon, the divorce became official.

Jessica felt like it was all a bad dream.

Aaron sneered, "You're the one who wanted to divorce. Don't even think about crawling back to me!"

Jessica raised her head, only to see that he was already walking away from her. Without looking back, he got in his car and drove off angrily, leaving her in the dust.

All of a sudden, she felt as though a weight had been lifted from her chest.

She finally understood.

She couldn't keep a man who didn't love her. After three years of suffering, it was time to give up and move on.

With a relieved smile, Jessica turned around and got in a car.

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