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Addicted To My Two-faced Wife

Addicted To My Two-faced Wife

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Julien thought he was getting married to a fragile woman who would need his protection for as long as they were together. Much to his surprise, Kelsey turned out to be the direct opposite of what he thought she was. Kelsey became as tough as a tiger. Time and time again, it was reported that she got into fights. "Sir, your wife beat up your friend's brother." "Get her some medicine to reduce the swelling on her hands," Julien ordered helplessly. "Sir, your wife beat up your cousin." "If he's still alive, send him to the hospital." "Sir..." Unable to take it anymore, Julien asked, "What? Who did she beat up this time?" "Sir, she didn't beat anyone. Actually... she ran away with your child." Julien pounded the table and ordered, "Bring her back right now. I don't care whatever it takes!" Although Julien was tired of all the fights, he didn't know why he couldn't let her go. Like a drug, he was addicted. Would this addiction do him any good?

Chapter 1 I've Seen Every Part Of You

"Meet me at the Grandeur Club. I need you to pick me up."

Upon reading this message, Kelsey Lawson, who had been on the verge of sleep, sat upright in her bed with a start.

She hurriedly changed into fresh clothes and made her way to the location specified in the message.

Upon her arrival at the club, she found Julien Stanley, visibly inebriated.

As Kelsey entered the private room, the people inside paused and looked at her with mild surprise.

Then, as if deciding to ignore her presence, the people in the room carried on with their activities.

The air in the private room felt stuffy. Overwhelmed by the pungent smoke, Kelsey instinctively frowned, unable to adjust to the smell.

Waving her hand to clear the smoke, she walked further into the room.

Under the dim overhead light, she spotted Julien in a corner, leaning against the wall. His handsome features, delicate skin, and unusually long eyelashes caught her eye, along with the captivating black mole near his left eye.

Quickening her steps, Kelsey approached him.

She reached down, gently tapping Julien's cheek. "Julien, wake up," she whispered, her voice a soft caress.

Stirred by the familiar gentle tone, Julien's eyes fluttered open.

His gaze, heavy with a drowsy charm, met hers. Kelsey couldn't tell if he truly recognized her. He offered a faint smirk and murmured, "You're here."

"Yes," Kelsey replied in a hushed tone. She then stooped to place Julien's arm over her shoulder.

Julien stood up in cooperation.

Supporting a man over six feet tall was challenging for Kelsey, who was only five feet five inches herself.

But Julien, not entirely incapacitated by his inebriation, managed to stand with her help.


As Kelsey escorted Julien out of the private room, snippets of conversation reached her ears.

"Is she Julien's new girlfriend? The one he's been with for over three months?"

"Yes, that's her."

"She resembles that woman quite a bit."

"Well, that must be why she's lasted more than three months with Julien. But no matter the resemblance, she's just a substitute. Julien's heart belongs to someone else. Didn't you notice? He started drinking heavily right after that woman announced her marriage."

Their voices dwindled as Kelsey moved further away.

She navigated Julien through the long corridor, finally reaching the elevator.

Together, they stepped into the elevator.

Once inside, Julien, troubled by the alcohol, embraced her, resting his head against her neck.

Kelsey cradled the back of his head, asking softly, "Which floor is your car on?"

"Basement level," Julien replied, his voice rough.

"Okay, got it." Kelsey acknowledged, leaning against the elevator wall as Julien clung to her like a large dog.

She had a faint scent of milk about her. Perhaps her daily habit of drinking milk was the reason she still carried a milk-like fragrance, even though she was well into her twenties.

Julien found her scent quite appealing.

He leaned in, inhaling the scent of her neck, then gently kissed the corner of her mouth. "Baby, you smell so good."

They had company in the elevator.

Embarrassed by his actions and his sweet words, Kelsey quickly pinched his waist and whispered, "We're in an elevator. Please, don't."

Realizing they were not alone, Julien raised his eyebrows in mild annoyance but ceased his flirtatious behavior.


Once they reached the basement level, Kelsey spent about five minutes locating Julien's Bugatti Veyron.

She opened the passenger door and helped Julien inside.

After securing his seatbelt, Kelsey moved to the driver's side and settled into the car.

Sitting composedly in the driver's seat, she buckled up, started the engine with skill, and smoothly maneuvered the car out of its parking spot.

Executing a drift, she drove the sports car out of the club's underground parking lot.

The roar of the engine echoed in the quiet parking lot.


The car eventually pulled up in front of Julien's villa.

Once parked, Kelsey assisted Julien out of the car and into the villa, finally guiding him to the bedroom on the third floor.

Kelsey had just thrown him onto the expansive bed and was about to leave the room.

However, Julien caught her hand, pleading, "Don't go."

She paused, glancing back at him over her shoulder.

Under the shimmering light of the crystal chandelier, Julien's gaze, slightly hazy from inebriation, met hers. The black mole near his left eye seemed particularly striking in that moment.

"Don't go," he repeated.

His grip tightened subtly, and suddenly, Kelsey found herself tumbling onto him.

Before she could gather her thoughts, Julien's hand cradled the back of her head, drawing her down into a kiss that was heavy with the scent of alcohol.

He had been drinking whiskey, a particularly strong variety of alcohol.

It was just a kiss, and yet, Kelsey felt a wave of dizziness, as if she had imbibed the liquor herself.

Lost in the moment, she reveled in the kiss, unsure if it was the heady aroma of alcohol on Julien's breath or his skillful embrace that intoxicated her.

Unknowingly, she shifted her position.

Initially, Kelsey lay atop Julien, but now he had maneuvered her beneath him, his kisses growing more fervent.

His hand roamed over her, slowly removing her clothes, piece by piece.

The room's temperature seemed to rise.

Outside, the moon, as if privy to a secret, coyly veiled itself behind clouds.


In the aftermath, Julien's voice, tinged with sadness, whispered into her ear, "Am I not as good as him?"

Kelsey, her cheeks flushed, lay on the bed, breathing gently but steadily.

She was exhausted, yet sleep eluded her.

Moments later, she turned, nestling into Julien's embrace.

Her face buried against his chest, she spoke in a voice filled with loneliness and sorrow. "Julien..."


The shrill ring of Kelsey's phone shattered the morning stillness.

Julien, deep in slumber until then, stirred awake.

His face, so alluring that it drew many, now bore a trace of wild fierceness.

With a frown, he slowly opened his eyes, heavy with sleep.

He felt a slight movement in his arms and looked down.

Kelsey, nestled in his arms, lay there peacefully asleep. Gradually, her eyelashes fluttered like delicate fans, and her brows knit together slightly. Slowly, her eyes opened.

Meeting his gaze, she blinked and offered him a sweet smile. "Good morning," she said.

Julien's eyes lingered on a hickey on her bare shoulder, prompting him to swallow hard before responding with a deep, pleasant voice. "Good morning."

The phone continued its insistent ringing.

Kelsey intended to rise and answer the phone, yet her nakedness hindered her from doing so.

Biting her lip, she turned to Julien. "Could you close your eyes for a moment?"

Julien, not immediately grasping her request, asked bluntly, "Why should I close my eyes?"

"I need to answer the phone, but I'm naked," she confessed, her voice tinged with shyness.

As she spoke, her face and ears flushed a deep red.

Julien couldn't suppress a chuckle at her embarrassment.

With a teasing smile, he whispered in her ear, "Why feel shy now?"

He playfully added, "After all, I have seen every part of you."

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