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The Pitiful Son-in-law's Secrets

The Pitiful Son-in-law's Secrets

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For love, Nolan swallowed his pride as a man and lived with his wife's family for three years. He did everything to please them even though everyone looked down on him. Nolan had high hopes that he would be happy with his wife one day, but it all ended in tears after she betrayed him. It wasn't until later that everyone discovered his true identity. Nolan was actually the heir to a big empire and a billionaire tycoon. Realizing her stupidity, his mother-in-law who always maltreated him desperately pleaded for mercy. "Let bygones be bygones, Nolan. Love is all about forgiving, right? You should make up with my daughter. She's the perfect woman for you." Nolan saw through this greedy woman. What choice would he make?


Nolan Valdez, Naomi Watkins, Nolan Valdez novel

Chapter 1 I Want A Divorce

To mark Sally Watkins' seventieth birthday milestone, the esteemed Watkins family from Florisa orchestrated an extravagant celebration. They booked the most luxurious five-star hotel in Floria, decorated it beautifully, and invited lots of guests to join the celebration.

Sally's grandchildren all presented her with expensive gifts.

"Grandma, this jade is for you. It's worth five hundred thousand dollars..."

"Grandma, I bought this ginseng for eight hundred thousand dollars as a birthday gift for you."

After giving their gifts to Sally, they bowed and said respectfully, "Happy birthday, Grandma!"

"Get up, kids." Sally laughed heartily. The atmosphere in the hall was getting more and more harmonious.

Right then, the door of the banquet hall was suddenly pushed open. Everyone subconsciously looked over.

Holding a simple cake, Nolan Valdez, the family's son-in-law, raised his head and shouted, "Whose birthday is it today?"

However, as soon as he saw the scene in front of him, he immediately shut his mouth.

Everyone recognized Nolan, and the cheery atmosphere instantly turned extremely awkward as the room fell silent.

Nolan stood frozen in a delivery guy's uniform, a stark contrast to the elegant suits and gowns and the luxurious setting of the five-star hotel!

"Useless! Today is my seventieth birthday. Are you trying to ruin it?"

Sally, who had been smiling moments ago, suddenly frowned in anger when she saw Nolan. She pointed at him with her cane and roared at him.

Just then, a stunning woman with a figure like a model stepped in.

It was Naomi Watkins, the most beautiful woman in Florisa, as well as Nolan's wife.

Naomi's face fell. She walked up to Nolan and wanted to bring him away. "Grandma invited so many guests, all of whom brought precious gifts. How could you bring a cheap cake? Come with me!"

Three years ago, for some reason, old Mr. Watkins insisted on marrying his granddaughter, Naomi, to Nolan, who was poor and incapable.

Not long after their marriage, old Mr. Watkins passed away due to illness. Since then, the Watkins family had been treating Nolan as a servant.

Nolan's position within the Watkins family was undoubtedly lower than that of a doorman!

"Naomi, I..." Nolan opened his mouth, trying to defend himself.

He knew it was Sally's birthday today, but he didn't know where the party would be held. He worked today solely to earn extra money. He sent a cake there because he received a very generous order.

A customer with the username of Mr. Bates gave him a hundred dollars and requested him to deliver the cake to the hotel.

Clearly, someone had tricked him on purpose.

"Mr. Harvey Bates, the President of Funmaker Media, is here!"

The banquet hall door swung open again before a tall, handsome man entered, carrying a gift box.

When Harvey Bates walked in, the Watkins family, who had been mocking Nolan, instantly smiled. Sally, too, showed a warm smile.

Even though Harvey owned only an agency company, his sister was a department manager at Honory Group.

Honory Group was a prominent enterprise in Florisa; even the Watkins family had to admire and seek favor with them.

"Mrs. Watkins, I brought you a gift! Happy birthday!" Harvey opened the gift box in front of everyone, pulled out a check, and raised it high for all to see.

"1, 880, 000!" someone exclaimed.

In Florisa, such an amount was usually for marriage proposals.

"Mrs. Watkins, I'm here to propose marriage today. I hope you'll consider it. Let Naomi divorce that loser and marry me!" Harvey said loudly with a smile.

He left the cash check and smiled at Naomi, who was standing in the crowd. Then he turned around and walked away.

As he brushed past Nolan, he cast a sidelong glance at the latter and sneered disdainfully, his eyes filled with sarcasm.

"It's him! He's Mr. Bates, the man who purposely brought me here! He not only embarrassed me in front of everyone but also wants to take my wife away!"

Nolan was shocked, having figured everything out.

Hearing the proposal, everyone was stunned. As soon as Harvey left, they started wagging their tongues about it.

"Mr. Bates' sister is the investment manager of Honory Group. I heard Mr. Bates doesn't need to do much; with his sister's connections, he can easily make a lot of money."

"The Watkins family is so lucky! Many people are eager to establish a connection with Honory Group through Mr. Bates. If Mrs. Watkins agrees to marry Naomi off to him, the Watkins family will multiple their wealth!"

Sally's face lit up. Obviously, she was tempted by Harvey's proposal.

Tightening her grip on her cane, she called, "Guards!"

Right then, a group of burly security guards walked in.

Tossing a stack of money to the guards, she pointed at Nolan and ordered, "Throw him out now!"

The leader accepted the money and gestured to his subordinates, who forcefully dragged Nolan out and threw him down the steps.

Nolan felt pain all over. When he finally landed at the bottom of the stairs, his body was covered in bruises, and he couldn't stand up at all.

But the pain was nothing compared to the anger inside of him.

"Sally Watkins, I've worked like a slave for you for the past three years, and yet you humiliated me like this!" he roared in anger. "I will make you all regret it!"

Right then, his phone rang.

Turning around, Nolan fumbled to retrieve his outdated phone. The screen displayed an unknown number.

As soon as he picked it up, a voice came through.

"Congratulations, sir! The test is completed; you will receive the reward for the first stage trial—the Honory Group!"

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