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Omega Emperor And His S*x Slave

Omega Emperor And His S*x Slave

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An omega that was rejected by his own father and people, only because of his rank. That heartless omega will turn against them and rule the entire empire. But will he fall in love with one of his true blood slaves?

Chapter 1 The Omega Prince

+16th Century, 1551. The Vredrivia Kingdom.

Loud cries of a newborn erupted inside the massive royal chamber which made everyone standing outside of the chamber that was waiting for their crown prince’s birth smile and cry in happiness and joy.

"It’s an Omega!" One of the midwives said with worry and fear in her eyes while passing the newborn baby to the queen of the Vredrivia Kingdom who was more drained than how exhausted a regular woman should feel after giving birth.

The reason behind this is that she was not capable of getting pregnant in the first place but she did her best and took a lot of medications and herbs just so that she can carry the crown prince or princess for her kingdom.

Her pregnancy was so rough and painful. Most of the doctors asked her to just stop trying because that could have been dangerous to her life and dangerous to the life of the baby in her womb, but she didn’t give up at all and kept trying until she succeeded in getting pregnant with the crown prince finally after years of trying but the only problem here…

The baby turned out to be an omega.

There were around twelve midwives present in that room taking care of their queen and helping her to push the baby out.

The queen Chantal Cyprian. The omega queen of the Vredrivia Kingdom. She was once the princess of the Ceva kingdom before she got mated and married to the alpha king of the Vredrivia Kingdom twenty years ago when she was twenty-two years old.

They both fell in love with each other when the king visited her kingdom. So they decided to get mated and married, but the king slowly started falling out of her love when she could not get pregnant after five years of trying and he didn’t tell her about this at all and continued trying just like she desires.

The king is now outside waiting with the rest of the royal palace members for any of the midwives to come outside and announce the news about their long-awaited crown prince.

"It’s an Omega prince" One of the midwives murmured to another midwife, disappointment, and fear could be easily detected in her low voice.

The queen was still fighting to catch her breath after long minutes of pushing the baby out and the hours that she spent in labor.

Her hair was messy and scattered all over her pillow. She was dripping sweat.

The moment one of the midwives passed her son to her, all her exhaustion vanished in the thin air when she held her newborn baby in her arms.

The queen was giggling happily while showering her baby’s face with kisses and holding him tighter every now and then as if she was trying to believe the fact that she was finally holding the baby whom she has been fighting to have for long years.

The twelve midwives in the queen chamber were all silently cleaning the mess while mumbling about their shock at the fact that the newborn turned out to be an omega.

None of the midwives had the courage to go outside to announce the birth, health, rank, and gender of the crown prince because they all know that nobody in this kingdom will accept this omega as a crown prince, especially the king who is known for his desire to have an alpha son or daughter to take the throne after him.

"My baby. You are finally here." Uttered the queen as she struggled to keep her tears inside her eyes and not let them fall down on her cheeks while she was watching her son’s face in disbelief because she still can’t believe that her baby is in her arms right now.

The midwives stood there inside the queen’s chamber eyeing her silently. They were happy seeing her content, but they were scared and worried about what the king will do and say to her because of the rank of their son. Also, they were worried about their people’s reaction when they will announce this news.

However, the biggest problem is that the queen can never get pregnant ever again. Her pregnancy was already a miracle. And nobody is lucky enough to get two miracles in their lifetime.

"Your majesty, what will you name our little prince?" Said one of the midwives who noticed how the rest of the midwives were staring at the queen as if she has done a mistake which made her feel bad and tried to ask the queen this question so that she can cheer her up before she will have to face the rejection from everyone after announcing the news.

Meanwhile, the queen was over the moon because of how delighted she was with holding her precious little newborn in her arms.

She knows that the prince is an omega and she is definitely aware of how the king and the people’s reaction will be after announcing the rank of the prince, but that was the least of her worries.

All she could focus on right now was the feeling of finally holding her baby prince which she fought everything to have.

She went through pain and took a massive amount of medication and herbs. She even went to a lot of different warlocks, witches, and doctors all over the world just to look for some solution to her problem.

When she got to know that she was pregnant nine months ago, she couldn’t believe it. Everyone was happy but she was the happiest.

She made sure to do anything to keep her baby healthy.

The queen glanced at the midwife who asked her what she will name the prince before she widely grinned and gently caressed her sleepy son’s tiny head while making sure to wrap the warm blanket around his body so that she can protect him from the cold.

"Octavius Cyprian Antias. This is going to be the name of my baby. The name of the first and the crown prince of the Vredrivia Kingdom."

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