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Don's Blackmail

Don's Blackmail

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Katelyn is a sweet 19 year old girl whose life exists only inside the luxury of her mansion. This arrangement was done by her father to keep her safe from his foes in the Mafia. Her life takes a major turn when Don Quisito, her father's trusted friend, blackmails her to sleep with him. He threatens to expose a secret of hers that only he knew. Afraid and desperate to save her dignity, the girl fights him back in every way possible. Her attempts to get back at him always lands her in trouble; But guess who appears as her knight in shining armor all the time? Despite her hatred, she finds herself attracted to the way he cares for her when they are together. She is affected by the possessiveness of his touch and the warmth in his deep blue eyes when he looks at her. But she is not sure whether he would follow through the promises offered by his kisses. There was a good chance that she might end up being heart broken and alone, just like in the beginning. The ruthless Don is a mysterious person who has eyes only for her. He gives her a taste of freedom that she craved for over a long time. But the man came to her life with a purpose. Even his blackmail was a means to an end. Once his duty is fulfilled, would he have to leave her or would he get a chance to make her his? There are buried secrets from the past that awaits Katelyn but the real question is, when everything is revealed, will it be too late for her to salvage the love of her life?

Chapter 1 Prologue

He got on the bed and pulled her to its middle, roughly enough to make her bounce on it. When he hovered his huge frame on top of her, tears welled up in her beady little eyes and they glittered in the moonlight.

“Is my princess crying?...” He cooed and she immediately turned her face to the side because she didn't want to show him her vulnerability. But he forcefully grabbed her jaw and turned it to face him making her lips to pucker out. He gave her plump lips a tantalizing swipe of his tongue before taking them in a brutal kiss as she helplessly squirmed under him. She moaned as he deepened the kiss, biting and licking as if he couldn't get enough.

Letting go of her lips with a suckling sound, he kneed her legs open and got in between them. Bracing his hands on the either side of her head, he started pepper kissing her jaw, as if he was trying sooth the harsh grip of his fingers.

Using one hand he peeled down her top to reveal her naked bosoms because she wasn’t wearing a bra. His breath staggered with lust when he saw her soft swells and the dark pink nipples.

Kate tried her best to keep her mouth closed as he trailed his wet lips down her neck, kissed her collarbone and dipped further down.

It was all too much for her and she couldn't take it anymore; So, she decided to do something she thought that she would never have to do in her life – Beg for her dignity.

“Please...Quisito p-please stop...d-don’t do this” Kate sobbed, when she felt him kiss the valley between her breasts.

He sighed in frustration and looked up to meet her tear-stained face and quivering lips that murmured silent pleas.

“Why don't you just relax and enjoy what I'm giving you like a good girl....” He purred, as he placed a gentle kiss on her exposed throat.

"B-but I...don't want this”

“And what makes you think that you have a choice....hmm?” he husked, while nibbling on the spot where her neck met her shoulder. She was so tensed that he could feel her heartbeat against his lips.

Kate was defenseless, but vengeful. Now she had no choice other than to submit herself to satiate his hunger but she vowed in her heart that she would get back at him and bring him to his knees for every thing he was going to do to her.

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