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Riches After Betrayal

Riches After Betrayal

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Tristan's girlfriend stabbed him in the back on his twentieth birthday. Heartbroken and embarrassed, he cried his eyes out until he vomited blood and fainted. A droplet of his blood stained the ring he never took off his finger. Like magic, the bloodline detector that had been inactive for twenty years was finally activated. The system showed Tristan a lot of jaw-dropping things about his origin. In the blink of an eye, he went from being a poor student to a big shot who owned several investments and businesses. He soon went on to become the richest young man in the world. All those who humiliated him in the past, including his backstabbing ex, came crawling to his feet. Should he pay them back in their own coin?

Chapter 1 System Activated

On the sports field of Singve University

"Tristan, I'm breaking up with you." Ellie Harrison crossed her arms over her chest and looked at Tristan Stanfield coldly.

"What?! Why? Ellie, what did I do wrong? Why are you doing this to me?" Tristan ran his fingers through his disheveled hair in distress.

They had been together since high school. After graduating, they were both accepted into Singve University. In the eyes of their classmates and teachers, they were the perfect couple.

Tristan had thought that this was just the beginning of the rest of their happy lives together, but unexpectedly, Ellie broke up with him—on his birthday!

"Tristan, I don't have feelings for you anymore. Just leave. I don't want to see you again!" Nose wrinkled in disgust, Ellie fanned her face as though she was trying to drive away a pesky fly.

"Ellie, tell me the truth. Are you seeing Kevin Vance? Is that what this is about?" Tristan's eyes turned bloodshot, anger surging in them.

Three days ago, he saw Ellie get in Kevin's car. At the time, he thought his eyes were deceiving him and comforted himself that a pure girl like Ellie wouldn't betray him. However, reality slapped him hard in the face.

"So what? Tristan, man up and quit pestering me. Kevin will be here soon. I don't want him to think that we're still together." As Ellie spoke, she retreated a few steps back, as though she was afraid of being associated with Tristan.

"Kevin's nothing but a playboy! He won't value you the way I do. He just wants to play with you! I'm the only one who truly loves you! Ellie, please don't break up with me. We can work this out!" While Tristan spoke, he reached out and tried to hold Ellie's hand.

But Ellie withdrew her hand and looked at Tristan with unmasked disgust. "Don't touch me! Tristan, I never wanted to be with you. I feel like I wasted my time. You don't have a house or a car. You can only work for others and struggle for life after graduation. I don't want to suffer anymore. Just look at the necklace Kevin gave me—it's worth a hundred and twenty thousand dollars! It would take you a few years of hard work to be able to afford this necklace! He can give me the life I want. Can you? You can't, because you're just a penniless loser!"

"Money, money, money! Is money really so important to you?" Tristan flew into a fit of rage.

"You're the idiot if you can't see that money is everything!" a voice sounded from behind them.

Clad in his designer suit and wearing a luxury wristwatch, Kevin walked over with a mocking smile.

"Kevin, didn't I tell you to wait for me in the car? I said I'd come to you once I break things off with this loser." Ellie wrapped her arms around Kevin's neck and batted her eyelashes at him flirtatiously.

Kevin slipped his arm around Ellie's waist, making sure to stroke her ass while he was at it.

Ellie didn't shy away from his touch. Instead, she moaned with pleasure, encouraging him to touch her some more.

Seeing this, Tristan felt as though his heart had been ripped into pieces. In a rage, he balled his hand into a fist and was about to throw a punch at Kevin.

Reacting fast, Kevin lifted his foot and kicked Tristan in the chest, sending him flying into the air before landing on the ground. Before Tristan could prop himself up, Kevin slapped him across the face and stomped on his chest.

"Tristan Stanfield, listen up. Ellie's mine now. I'm going to take her to Breezy Hotel for lunch, then we'll get a room at night. You loser, I really want you to see how she moans like a slut under me."

Hearing Kevin's words, Tristan wriggled his body fiercely to break free, but to no avail.

Kevin looked condescendingly down at Tristan as though he was an ant. Then, Kevin pulled Ellie into his arms and smiled at her obscenely. "Babe, I bought you some sexy panties for later. We're going to have a lot of fun tonight! This loser could never satisfy you, but I can!"

After saying that, Kevin licked his lips hungrily. Without warning, he shoved his hand into Ellie's collar and rubbed her breasts wantonly.

Ellie's breathing quickened. Her cheeks turned as red as a tomato and her eyes turned dull with lust.

Still struggling on the ground, Tristan felt a surge of mixed emotions—anger, heartbreak, and disgust. The feeling was so overwhelming that he felt dizzy.

He had been with Ellie for three years, but he never even held her hand.

In his eyes, Ellie was as pure and holy as a goddess.

Unexpectedly, she turned out to be such a slut.

Anger was the emotion that triumphed over all. Tristan clenched his fists and pounded on the ground as he watched the two walk away. He roared, "Money, money, money! If I become rich one day, I'll make you pay the price!"

The metallic taste of blood filled his mouth, choking him. He couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood. The next second, his vision went black, and he passed out on the sports field.

The blood stained the ring on his finger. In an instant, the ring seemed to absorb the blood.

The ring used to belong to Tristan's parents, and he had worn it since childhood.

Twenty years had passed, but this was the first time the bronze ring emitted a strange light.

After some time, Tristan gradually came to.

He slowly opened his eyes, only to find himself lying on a bed in the school infirmary.

Just as he was struggling to get up, his finger accidentally touched the bronze ring.

A tinny sound suddenly rang in his brain.

"Ding! You've activated the Magnate System...

First novice task activated: consume one million dollars! Once the mission is accomplished, hidden achievements will be activated and you will be rewarded by the system.

Task time: 24 hours.

The system's payment is in progress..."

Hearing the strange, robotic voice in his brain, Tristan was dumbfounded. He looked around blankly, wondering if someone was playing some sort of trick on him.

Just then, Tristan's phone vibrated. When he glanced at the screen, he saw that it was a notification from the bank.

"Your account received a transfer of $1, 000, 000. Your current balance is $1, 000, 078."

Stunned beyond belief, Tristan's hand went numb and the phone dropped onto the bed. "Am I dreaming? I've become a millionaire?!"

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