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"I just want to sleep with him" Anastasia Beverly never knew that the deal she was going into was going to end up being a forced marriage by the ruthless and monstrous son of the Winston family. "That wasn't our deal!" Vincenzo Winston looked at her with a smirk," I make the deal, I make the rules. You won't escape from me again!" Anastasia, who didn't understand what he meant, vowed to escape the forced marriage. And with the help of Vincenzo's ex-girlfriend, she made an escape! Unfortunately, it wasn't as she envisioned! What would happen when secrets start to come out? What would Anastasia do when she found out that the ruthless billionaire she signed a deal with was the long lost boy who promised to marry her? Would she accept her fate or would she try all she could to end the already bad deal? Will Vincenzo let her go when he found out she doesn't even remember him? Find out how the contract lovers tried to make their long lost promise come true amidst various trials!

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