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img img Romance img A Phone Call
A Phone Call

A Phone Call

img Romance
img 183 Chapters
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Author: Bruno Smith
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Laura Thomson was sold by her adoptive father to a middle-aged bald man in a hotel. Angry and helpless, she was so scared that she stabbed the man with a fruit knife from her hotel room. In an instant, the floor was red with blood. Laura was detained for attempted homicide. Three years later, a prison guard opened her door and called her out, saying there was a visitor. When Laura came out, she was astonished. The person who paid a visit was the most powerful old man in the whole city. The old man said, “marry my son, I can bail you out.” How can the old man know her? Marry her son? Is this a conspiracy? Though she had a lot of questions, Laura knew that she could do nothing but obey the old man.

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