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Oops! My Ex-wife Is A Trillionaire

Oops! My Ex-wife Is A Trillionaire

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Loraine was a dutiful wife to Marco since they got married three years ago. However, he treated her like trash. Nothing she did softened his heart. One day, Loraine got fed up with it all. She asked him for a divorce and left him to enjoy with his mistress. The elites looked at her like she was deranged. "Are you out of your mind? Why are you so willing to divorce him?" "It's because I need to return home to get a billion-dollar fortune. Besides, I don't love him anymore," Loraine replied with a smile. They all laughed at her. Some believed that the divorce affected her mentally. It wasn't until the next day that they realized she wasn't fibbing. A woman was suddenly declared the world's youngest female billionaire. It turned out to be Loraine! Marco was shocked to the bone. When he met his ex-wife again, she was a changed person. A group of handsome young men surrounded her. She was smiling at them all. The sight made Marco's heart ache severely. Putting his pride aside, he tried to win her back. "Hello, love. I see that you are a billionaire now. You shouldn't be with suckers who just want your money. How about you come back to me? I'm a billionaire too. Together, we can build a strong empire. What do you say?" Loraine squinted at her ex-husband with her lips curled in disgust.

Chapter 1 Let's Divorce

In the hospital, Loraine Bryant was asleep, but her beautiful eyebrows furrowed tightly. She seemed to be having a nightmare.

After a while, her heavy eyelids trembled slightly, and she opened her eyes in a daze.

"Finally, you're awake!"

Loraine turned her head to the side when she suddenly heard the shrill voice of a woman.

Loraine saw Keely Haywood's twisted beautiful face. She sat in a wheelchair, staring at Loraine viciously. It was as if she was looking at a dead person.

At this moment, Loraine was so scared that she sobered up.

Keely smiled complacently, and as if she was telling a fact, said, "Loraine, you're done. Everyone now knows it was you who hurt me. Marco won't let you go. And from now on, the title of Mrs. Bryant is mine."

Keely's words reminded Loraine of her previous nightmare.

Today was her and Marco Bryant's third wedding anniversary. But no one from the Bryant family, not even her husband, remembered it.

Worse was, Marco took Keely back to the country today.

Loraine was not feeling well, but she dragged her sick body to the kitchen and prepared a candlelit dinner. Unfortunately, it became Keely's welcome dinner.

Keely went to the kitchen, pretending to help Loraine. But the truth was, she wanted to force Loraine to divorce Marco. When Loraine disagreed, Keely stabbed herself with a knife like crazy.

Loraine tried to stop Keely, but she was also injured by the knife. She lost so much blood that she fainted to the floor.

Upon realizing that Keely was up to something no good, Loraine forced herself to sit up weakly.

"Keely, I won't let you succeed. I didn't do anything, and Marco will find out."

Keely raised her eyebrows and said arrogantly, "How can you be sure that Marco will investigate your so-called truth? I got injured when the two of us were together. So he thinks you were the culprit."

"He is my husband. And no matter what you do, it won't change the fact that you are just the other woman."

Loraine sneered. She knew Keely's thoughts better than anyone else.

These words pierced through Keely's heart. She was so furious that her face instantly turned ferocious.

"Loraine, know your place. You're just Marco's nominal wife. I'm the only one he loves. In terms of feelings, the one who is not loved is the other woman."

Loraine felt a sharp pain in her heart. But her self-esteem would never allow her to show timidity.

"As long as we're not divorced, I'm his legal wife, and you're the shameless mistress."

These words were even a harder blow to Keely. She became more furious.

Suddenly, approaching footsteps sounded from the outside.

Keely's expression immediately changed. She suddenly fell off the wheelchair and landed on the floor, clutching her abdomen.

Before Loraine could react, a roar sounded in her ears.

"Loraine, what did you do to Keely?" Marco rushed into the ward and picked up the weak Keely. Then he ordered his subordinates, "Call the doctor over!"

Loraine looked at him with eyes full of reliance.

"Marco, it was Keely who came to my ward. I didn't do anything."

Marco frowned slightly upon hearing this.

"Marco, it hurts..." Keely nestled in Marco's arms and spoke weakly to draw back his attention. "I just want to see Loraine because I'm worried about her. But I didn't expect she would push me as soon as she woke up. My stab wound seems to open. Will I die?"

"Stop talking. Don't worry. You will be fine," Marco comforted Keely in a soft voice. Then he handed her to the doctor, who rushed over.

Marina Bryant, Marco's younger sister, followed behind the doctor. She rushed to Loraine with anger in her eyes. It was as if she wanted to kill Loraine.

"Loraine, you're such a vicious woman. Why did you stab Keely and push her off the wheelchair? Did you want to kill her? If anything happens to Keely this time, Marco will never let you go."

"I didn't do anything!" Loraine explained to Marco as if grabbing her last straw of hope. "I didn't stab her. It was Keely who stabbed herself. She fell off her wheelchair on purpose just now. Marco, believe me."

Marina snorted. "Do you think Marco will believe your nonsense? Back then, Grandma was very eager to have a grandson. However, Keely went abroad for treatment, so Marco could only marry some random woman. Otherwise, a woman like you with no background and education could never have married into our family. You are nothing but trash. For three years, you can't even give birth to a child. You can't even compare to a maid in cooking and cleaning. No wonder you came up with such a vicious plan when you found Keely was back."

Loraine's face turned pale. She stared at Marco stubbornly and asked, "Marco, do you also think so?"

When Marco saw Loraine's heartbreaking expression, he frowned.

He was about to open his mouth to say something when a nurse rushed in.

"The patient's condition worsens, and she has kidney rupture. She is in grave danger. A kidney transplant is needed now. At this moment, only Loraine's kidney matches."

Marco's face darkened at once.

Marina, on the other hand, pointed at Loraine and shouted, "Let her compensate! She's the reason why Keely's kidney is injured. Now that they match, let her compensate Keely with her kidney."

Loraine stiffened. She knew that the Bryant family never liked her. But she didn't expect they would treat her like this.

Marina turned to Marco's bodyguards and shouted, "Get her and take her to the operating table."

The bodyguards immediately surrounded Loraine and pressed her hands and feet.

"Get off me! You have no right to do this to me." But no matter how Loraine cried and struggled, they didn't let her go. So she had to turn to Marco and plead, "Marco, please help me."

Loraine hoped Marco could do something. But much to her dismay, he just stood there, saying nothing. It was as if he had acquiesced to Marina's decision.

At this moment, Loraine felt desperate.

All the love she felt for Marco disappeared.

She had enough. This marriage was her one-woman show from beginning to end. Since she was nothing to him, how could he believe her?

Unprecedented tiredness swept over Loraine.

She decided she could no longer hold on to this miserable and ridiculous marriage.

She smiled bitterly and said, "Marco, let's divorce."

"What did you say?" Marco suddenly turned to Loraine with disbelief written all over his face.

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