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Remarry My Perfect Husband

Remarry My Perfect Husband

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Author: Ania Tepfer
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In her previous life, Kathryn mistakenly trusted in Caylee and Edmund. As a result of her foolish naivete, her family was destroyed and she was burned alive. Now that she was reborn, she vowed to tear down their facade and see them for who they truly were. She would avenge the tragic ending of her previous life and cherish her perfect husband Willard, who was the only one who was there for her in her previous life. After getting married, she wrapped her arms around his neck and said, “With you, my life is perfect.” "Really? What if you want to divorce me in the future?" “Never! In fact, let’s make a baby tonight. From now on, if you dare to look at another woman, I’ll break your legs.”

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