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Remarry My Perfect Husband

Remarry My Perfect Husband

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In her previous life, Kathryn mistakenly trusted in Caylee and Edmund. As a result of her foolish naivete, her family was destroyed and she was burned alive. Now that she was reborn, she vowed to tear down their facade and see them for who they truly were. She would avenge the tragic ending of her previous life and cherish her perfect husband Willard, who was the only one who was there for her in her previous life. After getting married, she wrapped her arms around his neck and said, “With you, my life is perfect.” "Really? What if you want to divorce me in the future?" “Never! In fact, let’s make a baby tonight. From now on, if you dare to look at another woman, I’ll break your legs.”

Chapter 1 I'm Pregnant With Boy-girl Twins

It was a sweltering hot summer day.

In a dim and dilapidated room in Olisburgh City, Kathryn Ramsey awoke from the pain.

Her whole body felt like it was burning. A thick, yellow liquid oozed out of the withering gauze, emitting a putrid stench.

Then the sound of high heels clicking briskly on the floor reached her ears.

She raised her head weakly to see Caylee Ramsay standing not too far away with clear triumph in her eyes.

"Kathryn. Edmund and I are getting married next month. I'm here today to let you know. After we're married, Edmund will be mine, and everything the Ramsey family has will rightfully belong to me!"

"Caylee Ramsey!"

Kathryn shouted her name in outrage. She clenched her teeth, her eyes filled with loathing. She wanted nothing more than to rush over and murder Caylee with her own hands right now!

Caylee was her cousin.

Caylee's father was an illegitimate offspring of the Ramsey family.

After his mother died, the Ramseys accepted him into their household regardless of his history with them.

Kathryn had always treated Caylee like her own sister ever since they were children.

She could have never predicted that Caylee would stab her in the back by hooking up with her husband, Edmund Lambert.

Three years ago, Caylee and Edmund plotted arson together and burnt the Ramsey family manor to the ground.

Kathryn, who had once been called the First Girl in Olisburgh, was marred by the fire, her face hideously branded by its flames. She had been in poor health since.

When she was at her lowest, Edmund was the one who saved her and gave her the courage and hope to live on.

Finally, at some point, the two of them decided to get married.

But it was all an elaborate trap!

Edmund had hooked up with Caylee from the beginning. The only reason he deceived and married Kathryn was to control the remaining shares she possessed!

In the end, the Ramsey Group was annexed, and her poor father died of a stroke.

They took everything!

But Caylee didn't kill Kathryn; she wanted to gloat about her victory. Instead, she imprisoned Kathryn in a decrepit hospital for three years!

"You must hate me, Kathryn. But I hate you more! You acted as if you were better than me for so many years and got everything you wanted. Well, I have some good news for you. I'm pregnant with boy-girl twins."

With a smug look on her face, Caylee added spitefully, "Was that not enough? Then here's another piece of news. After the fire three years ago, Edmund wasn't the one who donated blood to save you. It was Willard Ellsworth! You were in critical condition and urgently needed a blood transfusion. Only Willard's blood type matched yours. But he had a heart disease, didn't he? In order to give you his blood, he had to cancel his own surgery and missed the best opportunity to treat himself. He died from a heart failure! He's dead! Don't think he'll come to save you again!"

Willard's name suddenly sparked Kathryn's frayed nerves.

Her blood donor had actually been Willard.

Kathryn couldn't believe it.

"No... no way! You're lying! He can't... He can't be dead..."

Willard was Kathryn's first husband.

Due to premature birth, he was afflicted by heart disease. His personality was unsociable and domineering, and he could be moody at times. When she married him, they couldn't even get along with each other, let alone be happy.

Kathryn, who fell for Caylee's coaxing and manipulation, tried every way possible to divorce him.

In the end, she got what she wanted, and they went their separate ways. She didn't hear from him again after the divorce.

She treated him so heartlessly, yet he still risked his life to save her.

In the end, it was her fault he died.

If only she had seen through Caylee's facade earlier.

If she had learned to accept Willard earlier, her entire family wouldn't have been destroyed!

Her body ached. The burns from the fire flared up again in pain. But her heart hurt more. Regret, guilt, and extreme rage - all twisted together so fervently that all she could feel was despair.

She regretted everything so bitterly!

Seeing the desperation in Kathryn's eyes, Caylee sneered again.

"The reason why I've been keeping you here for so long is because I wanted you to see how happy Edmund and I are. Everything in the Ramsey family belongs to us now. There's no point in you anymore. I'll show you mercy now and send you to hell so you can finally reunite with Willard and your father!"

Caylee smirked, pulling an injection out of her pocket. The needle glinted menacingly, the poison she prepared brimming inside.

It would only take a few seconds for the poison to kill Kathryn!

Kathryn's eyes widened in horror. "No! I don't want to die..."

Caylee approached with a sneer, restraining the struggling Kathryn with one hand and holding the injection over her with another. Then, she stabbed the needle into Kathryn's neck!

"Ah-!" Kathryn let out a blood-curdling scream.

Caylee snarled in satisfaction.

"Go to hell, Kathryn!"

In her last moments, Kathryn stared at Caylee's face with wide eyes.

Then she felt the heat leave her body and her eyelids drooped closed.

I'm sorry, Willard. I owe you so much. I'm coming to pay you back!

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