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You Rejected A Silver Wolf

You Rejected A Silver Wolf

img Werewolf
img 136 Chapters
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Author: P.T.Chuks
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Blurb: After being hated and rejected her entire life, for a mistake she made in the past, Lady Rihanna, daughter of the Beta decided to leave Black Hills. Wandering off as a rogue, she heightened her powers and became the fearsome dread called Your Silver. Accompanied by her silver wolf, she was ready to unleash hell on all who rejected her but then she meets her second chance mate, Alpha of Black Rose, who she couldn’t refuse. An evil is rising that'd need the blood of the silver wolf to succeed. Would Rihanna forsake her pain and work with her mates, old and new? Or would she charge head-on to the evil risking her own life? Enjoy this enthralling read!!

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Latest Release: Chapter 136 Mates Quarrel   Yesterday 22:06