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Married By Mistake: The Billionaire’s Obsession

Married By Mistake: The Billionaire’s Obsession

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Sharon's mother had died in giving birth to her, and soon her father remarried again and had her half-sister Kaitlyn Palmer, which thence led to Sharon live a misery life like Cinderella. Luckily, Aunt Stephanie, the maid and butler of her mother, brought her up.However, luckless person are often preferred by misfortunes. Aunt Stephanie fell ill seriously and for her treatment fees, Sharon had to marry a poor man as Kaitlyn's understudy, and kept it a secret forever. Arlando Campbell was an underappreciated bastard in his family. For completion of the task the family imposed, he was forced to marry a slut. Yet on the wedding night, he discovered his wife's secret! Will they find out each other's hidden secrets during the marriage? Would it be a perfect marriage for their combination? And will it a story of Cinderella and Prince Charming?

Chapter 1 My Boyfriend Slept With My Sister

"Ah ... um ... fuck ..."

"Herbert, am I good to you, or is that bitch Sharon good to you?"

In the room, Kaitlyn cocked her sexy hips and asked in an exuberant tone, while Herbert was thrusting hard behind her.

"Of course you are, I have been dating her for a year, but she refused to sleep with me and said that she would leave her virginity to be offered to me on her wedding night." Herbert held Kaitlyn's arse and slammed it hard, giving vent to the desire in his heart.

"Haha, how ridiculous!" Kaitlyn laughed as if she had heard a ridiculous joke. As her breasts swayed, she said in a sharp and sarcastic tone, "That bitch had already slept with three men when she was in high school!"

"Bitch! Fuck!" Hearing this, his face was filled with anger. His movements were getting stronger and stronger. At this moment, he wanted to vent all of his anger towards Sharon on Kaitlyn.

"Ah, Herbert ... fuck me hard ..." Kaitlyn moaned lewdly. The two were releasing their passion in the room.

Just then, Sharon, who was standing outside the door, could no longer suppress the anger in her heart! Sharon never thought that while she was worried about the medical expenses of her maid Aunt Stephanie, her boyfriend Herbert was sleeping with her sister Kaitlyn!

Herbert Rogan is a rich man, the first heir of the Rogan Family, and a dazzling figure in the university. He pursued Sharon for a whole year in college and touched her by spreading flowers all over the road leading to school. He had promised her loudly in the presence of many classmates that he would love her and be faithful to her forever. In retrospect, how ridiculous and ironic it all was!


Sharon couldn't hold back any longer and slammed the door open, sneering, "So the one who spread rumors about me is actually my sister!"

"Sharon?" Kaitlyn got off of Herbert and took the quilt to cover her body, but still showed most of her white chest.

Herbert picked up the bath towel and surrounded himself, and there was a little panic in his eyes.

Kaitlyn hid behind Herbert, looked at Sharon who was in angry and explained, "I'm not spreading rumors about you."

"So, did my ears deceive me?!" Sharon sneered and would not believe such a sophistry.

Before Kaitlyn could react, Sharon grabbed her hair and scolded, "I'm your sister, you have to show me more respect! You shouldn't have seduced my boyfriend to sleep with you!"

Slap! After saying that, Sharon slapped Kaitlyn fiercely.

Kaitlyn's face immediately swelled up and cried out in aggravation, "I was wrong. Please forgive me. I shouldn't have let it slip that you had sex with your boyfriend on the rooftop when you were in high school. Also I shouldn't have agreed to have sex with Herbert to make up for the mistake you made when he was angry. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have said those things and ruined your relationship..."

"How dare you continue to lie?!" Sharon was furious, she didn't expect Kaitlyn to be so shameless and still keep slandering her innocence while pretending herself as an innocent victim.

"I'll hit you, you lying bitch!" Sharon raised her hand indignantly.

Herbert grabbed her wrist angrily, "Stop it!" He seemed to believe Kaitlyn's lie completely and shouted at Sharon, "Bitch!"

"What did you call me? Bitch?" Humiliated by Herbert with such a dirty word, Sharon froze for a moment and looked at him in despair and anger.

"Yes, you're a bitch! A dirty and shameless slut!" Herbert pointed at Sharon and cursed hysterically, "I imagined you to be as holy and inviolable as my moon goddess, but in the end, I found out that it was just a lie that you had carefully woven!"

"What did you say?"

Herbert had always been an elegant gentleman, but now he was like an uneducated gangster. The huge contrast made Sharon completely collapse, and she asked again incredulously.

Herbert continued to roar, "You, Sharon Palmer, are nothing but a lying and dirty bitch!"


Sharon slapped him hard and said in despair and anger, "Herbert Rogan, you're a bastard! From now on, you are dumped by me!"

Then she looked at Kaitlyn in disgust and said, "You like the trash that I don't want. As you wish, this trash is yours now! Garbage should stay in the garbage bin! You two are perfect for each other!" After saying that, she angrily turned around and left.

However, Herbert grabbed her wrist to prevent her from leaving.

Sharon asked angrily, "what do you want to do?"

"Before you go, I want to fuck you once and then dump you like trash, this is your compensation for me!" Herbert said lewdly and yanked Sharon hard, attempting to rape her.

"Bastard, let go of me, you won't get your way ......" Sharon was so disgusted with him that she struggled hard.

"What are you all doing!" At this moment, a sharp voice interrupted them. It turned out to be Alina Hobbs and Brendan Palmer coming up, and the shrill growling voice was from the stepmother Alina.

As soon as Alina entered, she saw her daughter Kaitlyn lying on the bed in a lace erotic nightgown, while Herbert was standing by the bed with a bath towel around him.

Alina stunned, then picked up an overcoat and threw it onto Kaitlyn, asking angrily, "Kaitlyn, are you crazy?!"

Brendan also hurriedly turned his head and questioned, "Kaitlyn, you are too nonsense, you are about to marry Arlando Campbell, how can you..." He was so furious that he couldn't speak out.

Kaitlyn Palmer had been betrothed to Arlando Campbell since she was a child, but now she was sleeping with Herbert Rogan. Arlando was Herbert's uncle, if this matter got out, then the reputation of Rogan and Palmer Families would be humiliated.

Kaitlyn got out of bed, snuggled into Herbert's arms, and said without fear, "Dad, Mom, Arlando is an incompetent secret son. I don't want to marry him!"

Indeed, although Arlando is Herbert's uncle, he is only an illegitimate child of the Rogan Family. Unnoticed, unloved, and no prospects. What's more, he was impotent! How could the proud Kaitlyn like him?

"Nonsense! You have to marry Arlando. That’s not up to you." Brendan stomped his foot in anger with his pipe.

"Come on, Brendan. Kaitlyn has never suffered since she was a child. Besides, our family does not have only one daughter. Sharon also can marry Arlando." Alina felt sorry for Kaitlyn, so she suggested.

Sharon was enraged by Alina, "I'm not your daughter's substitute, why should I marry Arlando instead of her?"

Alina said indifferently, "Oh, maybe you want to leave Stephanie for dead? She is in desperate need of treatment!"

Aunt Stephanie was her deceased mother's maid, who had taken care of Sharon since she was a child. Although Sharon and Stephanie were not related by blood, their relationship was the same as mother and daughter. Stephanie is now seriously ill in the hospital, waiting for the treatment of life-saving.

Sharon was stunned, Alina caught her weakness.

Kaitlyn was so pride, she thought the bitch Sharon should marry the useless and incompetent Arlando!

Brendan also said solemnly, "Sharon, you will have to marry someone eventually, isn't it the same to marry Arlando? Kaitlyn is your sister. Shouldn't you be responsible for her?"

"Dad?" Sharon looked at Brendan in a daze and couldn't feel any care from her father. She said in disappointment, "Unless you pay the treatment for Aunt Stephanie and return the 'Ali Carr' brand that my mother left for me before she died. Then I'll marry Arlando, or no deal!"

Alina thought that 'Ali Carr' has been half-dead, it's no pity to give her! "Okay! But we have to sign a contract! If you dare to tell the truth about the marriage, I will take back A&Carr, and stop Stephanie’s treatment as well."

With anger in her eyes, Sharon clenched her fists tightly and said solemnly, "Okay! I'll sign it!"


After signing the contract, Sharon couldn't hold back her tears. Why should she have to marry a sexually impotent man after Kaitlyn stole her boyfriend?

She intended to take revenge!

She's trying to break up the marriage!

She decided to go for a booty call before the wedding. If she was no longer a virgin, the Rogan Family would know that the Palmer family had cheated on them!

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