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Kill Me Or Get Me PREGNANT

Kill Me Or Get Me PREGNANT

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WARNING: EROTICA ONLY. This story contains a lot of mature content. It's all erotica and if you ain't interested in reading erotica don't bother opening any of the chapters. Emma Wilkinson is a 17-year-old girl who likes to party and get into trouble. Problem being, she doesn't care about school enough to go so she is homeschooled with a private tutor. His name is Professor Green. Finding him down right annoying and obnoxious at first, Emma soon finds herself wanting more than an anatomy lesson on paper. "I just met you, Mr. Green." "It's Green, not Mr. Green. Call me Green." "Whatever. I just met you like yesterday and I've sucked your d*"k and you ate me out and you're married." I said and he sighed. "Yes, I do f"k I know it's wrong. You're seventeen and I'm thirty." He said and looked at me meaningfully. Oh god, he's hot for a thirty-year-old. I need to focus. "Then leave it at that." I sparked and my face soar. I can't deny I didn't enjoy it because I did. But there was so much more I wanted him to show me. As I wanted him to choke me, spank me, tie me up, use handcuffs, a f****g whip for all I care. Because I wanted him to dominate me and f**k me... hard. But reality hits me. l just met him, he's thirty, and he's married. That's how it all started and Emma was flabbergasted by the crevice.

Chapter 1 The Beginning.

Emma's pov;

Emma wander through the woods as I climbed my favorite tree. Sitting at the very top I looked out into the world. Birds flying as I heard chatted Below. I was at a family picnic but I never really enjoyed them

"Emma get down here now!!" I heard my mom yell as I looked down. I glared at her before climbing my way down.

"You shouldn't be climbing trees, you're seventeen now." She said

"Yes, mum, but am safe. I'm only having fun." I said as I groaned.

"Stop complaining and go help your dad set up. We are having a special guest tonight." She said as I grumbled in disappointment. I help my father set up the picnic as I saw a black sleek car roll in. I just watched as the car parked.

Horribly, a man took his time getting out of the car. My God what a site. His hair was longish, a very expensive looking suit, and the perfect green eyes.

I felt my face go red once we made eye contact. He only smirked walking over. My mom greeted him along with my father.

"Hello, you must be Williams Bella." Mum asked as he never broke eye contact with me.

"Yes but please, call me Will." He said his eyes never leaving mine.

"You must be Emma right?" He ask and I nodded.

"What a lovely name." He said.

"I will be tutoring you from now on." He said as I gasped. I look at my parents as they nodded their heads. Are they joking? Didn't even tell me to get help, just force me on it.

"Oh" That was all I said as he was just staring at me. God, he looked perfect, a bit too old. He licked his lips as I imagined what they'd feel like if he kissed me. I need to stop like now.

Sooner than later, We got home with his image well tattooed in my brain. I honestly can't wait until I see him. Though, I'm not ready to actually learn how to study. But It's my last year.

I got up with a knock on my bedroom door. I got up as I open it, mum.

"Honey little Princess. He's here, can you please get ready?" She said as I nodded. I closed my door as I debated on going down with what I had on or trying to look decent. I shrugged and I decided that my dingy white t-shirt and old sheer shorts were good enough.

Sooner than I expected, He was led up to my room as he looked at me. Up then down, sorry I don't have designer suits, dude. We sat down as he helped me get out all my stuff. I man spread my legs and he just looked at me like I was uncultured swine. Get a clue bro.

"Alright, so I am here to help you get your grades up and I hear you have a text coming up in a week." He said as I nodded just to shut him up against my thigh. He is hot but dude needs to chill.

Sure, he was talking but I wasn't paying attention. I just watched his lips move. So full. I will admit, he is really hot for a man in his thirties.

"Are you alright Emma?" He ask as I nodded my head.

He went back to explaining but I wasn't listening. He was just so annoying and I couldn't articulate.

"I'm going to use the restroom. I will be right back." He said getting up.

I was left alone with my thoughts. I could just imagine his lips exploring my body. I need to chill and relax.

He does have but d**k energy though. I will admit to that. I mean come on, he got large hands and feet and a beautiful face. He's bound to have a big dick.

"Sorry for that." He said and sat back down, his hands still kind of damp and I huffed.

"Emma, do you even care?" He ask as he finally realized.

"No" I retorted abruptly but I was been honest.

"Fine then, what do you like to do?" He asked and glanced at me

'Literally nothing but party.' I thought in my head.

"Party," I said and he sighed. This guy is already done with me.

"Fine then, Leo has a log base 10 amount of drinks plus a log base 6 amount of drinks" fucking cleaver on his part. I wrote the answer and he smiled.

"It's quite depressing that I had to bring in your free time mishaps but you got the answer regardless. Now do that for 3 more." He said.

I hate to admit that, that actually helped me a lot. Alright Green, you got me on this one.

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