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img img Romance img Kill Me Or Get Me PREGNANT
Kill Me Or Get Me PREGNANT

Kill Me Or Get Me PREGNANT

img Romance
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WARNING: EROTICA ONLY. This story contains a lot of mature content. It's all erotica and if you ain't interested in reading erotica don't bother opening any of the chapters. Emma Wilkinson is a 17-year-old girl who likes to party and get into trouble. Problem being, she doesn't care about school enough to go so she is homeschooled with a private tutor. His name is Professor Green. Finding him down right annoying and obnoxious at first, Emma soon finds herself wanting more than an anatomy lesson on paper. "I just met you, Mr. Green." "It's Green, not Mr. Green. Call me Green." "Whatever. I just met you like yesterday and I've sucked your d*"k and you ate me out and you're married." I said and he sighed. "Yes, I do f"k I know it's wrong. You're seventeen and I'm thirty." He said and looked at me meaningfully. Oh god, he's hot for a thirty-year-old. I need to focus. "Then leave it at that." I sparked and my face soar. I can't deny I didn't enjoy it because I did. But there was so much more I wanted him to show me. As I wanted him to choke me, spank me, tie me up, use handcuffs, a f****g whip for all I care. Because I wanted him to dominate me and f**k me... hard. But reality hits me. l just met him, he's thirty, and he's married. That's how it all started and Emma was flabbergasted by the crevice.

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