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Set me free, Alpha

Set me free, Alpha

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"Master, please reject me as your mate" Aurora falls victim to life's unfairness when she suffers for the sin of her father who killed the parents of the Alpha of the red moon pack. Aurora is taken as a slave for the Alpha and the Alpha takes out the pain and anger that he felt over the death of his parents on her. Aurora who has grown with immense hate for Alpha Zane and was tired of his maltreatment tries to opt for a painful way out of her miserable life but she is saved and given a wolfsbane that would change the story of Alpha Zane and the whole pack. What would happen when Alpha Zane finds out that the mate he has been looking for all his life is Aurora, the daughter of his parents murderer and what would happen when a vengeful Aurora posseses the Alpha's weakness? Would love or hate prevail? You can follow on Facebook @ Booksby K Thurah for more updates on my books~

Chapter 1 My life

Chapter One

Aurora's P.O.V

Staring out of my window and watching the moon go back into hiding, all I could do was hope he does not come back. I knew that wasn't going to happen but it was enough to ease my pains. He was the Alpha of the pack, Alpha Zane and an Alpha can't leave for that long. Today makes it the third day he went for one of the business trips and I have a feeling he was going to get back today.

I shrieked from the cold air that gushed through my skin, I quickly turned around water dripping from my hair and my clothes. The head servant was standing before me, glaring hard at me while clutching the bowl tightly by her side. She drenched me in water.

"You lazy brat! How dare you still lazing around by this time" She said in a bellow of rage. I could not blame her. The door at the entrance was so weak that thousands of people could come without it making a sound. Who cater for maids anyway?

Before I knew it, she tried to hurl the bowl at me but luckily for me, I was able to dodge it before it hit me. In a fit of rage, she grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled it hard till it felt like all my veins were about to pop out.

I struggled to remove her grip from my hair but the more I struggled, the more her grip tightened around my hair.

"Owww" I yelped as tears welled up in my eyes. "How dare you!What gives you the right to think that you can avoid anything that I hurl at you! You twopenny-halfpenny slave" She said.

A knock on the door startled her and slowly, she released her grip on my hair. Apparently, one of the servants demanded her presence because she needed her help with something and I was more than grateful for this perfect timing. Even though all the slaves hated me, at least i was saved from this excruciating pain.

"Go, I would come meet you now" Head servant Mia said before glancing at me. "You better get a grip of yourself and come out now before I finally unleash all my anger on you, daughter of a betrayal."

'Daughter of a betrayal' That was the name Head Servant Mia always addressed me with, it's a name that I have gotten accustomed to even though it hurts to be labelled as that.

The slammed door caused me to flinch on the spot. I pulled my drenched cloth over my head as I searched my eyes for my thick sweater that was gifted to me by my late father. I missed him so much that every remembrance of him always caused tears to fall from my eyes.

My wolf growled as I tried to fight back the tears that threatened to fall.

"I wish I wasn't so weak, I would have fought everyone that caused you this immense pain" My inner wolf, Aya, howled.

"Aya, I wish I wasn't so helpless but what can I do, what can we do?" I sighed, tying my wet hair in a messy bun.

I hated my life, I hated how life was unfair to me in general. I was a slave but I was still the lowest of all slaves, everyone looked down on me because of a sin that I didn't commit. They all took out their aggression on me for something I knew nothing off.

I sauntered towards the kitchen with many thoughts running through my mind. The servants were busy with the different chores assigned to them, some were busy chopping the veggies while some were busy with washing the dishes.

Head servant Mia's eyes caught mine and I froze instantly on the spot. She gestured something with her eyes while I followed the direction of her eyes till my face landed on the bag of chillies on the floor.

I exhaled sharply as I stared at the bag of chillies, this was my punishment for waking up late. Peeling this chillies was my punishment.

"Make sure you peel everything up in an hour! The Alpha would be returning today and he has held a dinner party for all the pack members" She glared as I sat on the stool.

"Yes" I nodded, trying to hide my fears. He's finally coming back today. I should be ready for another round of torture.

Alpha Zane was coming back home after months of traveling around the world to carry out pack duties and some other business deals.

All the times that he was absent at home, I was happy that he wasn't home, he made my life a living hell and sometimes, I find myself wishing that he could just slump and die.

I let out a sigh, slipping the gloves through my finger as I peeled the chillies, the only companion and friend that I had was my inner wolf, Aya.

After I was done with peeling the chillies, I proceeded to cleaning the kitchen on the head servants instructions.

My stomach growled as I cleaned the kitchen's counter, I was hungry but I didn't have the nerves to voice out about my plight because all the servants had a fixed time about when they could eat breakfast.

As I was cleaning the kitchen's counter, one of the servants rushed into the kitchen and said, "Alpha Zane is back."

My heart skipped a beat for a second, it wasn't because I was filled with joy or happy about his return but it was because he was back, the man who waged terror against my soul was back, the man who I abhorred extreme hate for was here to torment my soul. The ruthless Alpha was back!

Memories about how he tormented me flooded my head as I began to stagger backwards while placing my hand on my head.

“Hello, daughter of a rogue” I heard that cold, mysterious voice that has always made me pee on my pant and chills to my body. He walked towards me and I could feel my soul leaving my body. Not like he would let me die. He would make sure I get treated by the best pack doctor after due torture.

“Did you miss me?” he whispered into my ears, holding me neck tightly and choking me. I shock my head in fear before nodding quickly. I didn't know what to do. The tiniest act gets him angry and the last thing I want to do right now was annoy him.

“You were hoping I die shamelessly like your father died after killing my father?” he said in annoyance and I knew that was the end for me. I was touched by the terrible thing he said about my father but I was busy fighting for my life, no time to be sober.

My vision went fuzzy and black for a few seconds and the only thing that I could hear were smirks and evil laughter that came back as echoes in my ear.

Darkness consumed me as I dropped straight down to the floor, my eyelids fluttered as my vision got more blurred, the only thing I remember seeing was the black Italian shoes right in front of me and an evil Alpha trying to strangle me.

I flicked my eyelids open as I scanned my eyes around the room that I was in, it didn’t look like the room that I have spent almost all my life in. It looked like the room whose walls have gotten used to my screams of terror and agony.

Slowly and slowly, the scent of his room hit me in the nose, It smelt like a mixture of fresh lavender and fresh roses.

All of a sudden, it dawned on me that I was in my tormentor’s room.

I was lying on Alpha Zane’s bed!

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