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Her Sweet Revenge

Her Sweet Revenge

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Meet Asanel, a sweet beautiful girl aged 16 and has a close who is Jason, the governor's son. Despite the long lasting feud between both families, both kids fall in love and have a night stand and Asanel gets pregnant. However, her life changes drastically when her parents name gets dragged in the mud and is murdered in cold blood by the governor and his wife in an attempt to kill her child. On hearing the news of her parents death, she vows to avenge them and her baby. She leaves the country through the help of an influential business woman and everything changes. Seven years later. Asanel returns with a new face, new identity to destroy those who hurt her? But then she saw her first love again. What happens next? Find out in this intriguing book.

Chapter 1 Asanel Anderson

Sixteen year old Asanel ran hurriedly, her hair swaying side to side as she did.

She checked her wristwatch and she groaned. But then she heaved a sigh of relief when she finally got there.

She met guards hovering around and she sighed.

"Not again.." She groaned.

She walked towards them with a smile.

"Hi uncles.." She greeted and bowed her head lightly.

"Oh, you're here again.." One of them said with a smile.

"Come on in.." He said and then opened the gates for her.

Asanel smiled and walked in. Her eyes scanned the beautiful penthouse and she walked in. Into the living room. Then she saw him seated on the sofa, his eyes glued on a book.

"Jason.." She called and the handsome young guy looked up and then he smiled when he saw her.

"Pretty, you are here.." He said and Asanel rolled her eyes. She walked towards him and dragged his ear. Jason groaned immediately.

"Couldn't you have waited for me before proceeding here?" Asanel asked.

"I'm sorry.." He pouted his lips cutely and Asanel freed his ear. Jason laughed again.

"Hmn, did you know how I had to run over here? And I must be home before six. Mum must never know I'm with you.." She sighed and Jason smiled.

"Even my parents must know that I'm with you, especially my step mum.." Jason said.

"We have just have to be patient. One day, this feud will stop.." Jason smiled and then caressed her hands.

Asanel smiled.

"In class, you are really cold but here, you are just something else.." Asanel smiled and Jason let out a scoff and faced her. Well, Jason was a very cold type, he snobs everyone most of the time. It even took time before Asanel and him became friends. They never got along at the first instance but they later became close friends in a couple of months.

"I told you, only you can see my soft side.." He whispered sending tingles down her spine.

Their hearts raced in unison as they both slowly stared into each other's eyes and he cupped her cheeks.

He brought his face closer to hers and then he smashed his lips on hers. Immediately he did, both eyes closed, their affections poured out with the kisses.

He wasn't gentle at all, he immediately parted her lips with his tongue and she opened up, holding him tightly and pulling him more closer to her.


Hours later.

Asanel groaned and opened her eyes, she looked around and discovered that she was in the bedroom, unclad with just the duvet covering her.

Her eyes widened when she remembered what happened hours earlier. Jason and her kissed, things got out of hand and they got intimate! She turned over to her side but Jason wasn't there anymore. He just left her there. Maybe he used her.

"No, no.." She gasped,tears running down her cheeks.

"What did I just do? I'm just sixteen for crying out loud. We are both just sixteen, so young and we did this. Gosh! I must be stupid!" She cried and tried getting out of bed but the pains down there stopped her.

Well of course, she's still a virgin and she foolishly gave herself out to him.

She took her clothes which were lying not far beside her and she wore them crying. As soon as she stood up, Jason walked in with a tray of food.

He dropped the food on a table nearby and then walked towards her.

"Where are you going?" He asked, trying to touch her but she moved backwards.

'Home.." She answered coldly and tried to walk away but he grabbed her wrist.

"Wait. Why.."

"Why are you stopping me? Do you want to remind me how cheap I was giving myself to you. How this is a fling?!" She yelled but she was surprised when he pulled her into a hug, a tight embrace.

"Just calm down.." He said and Asanel broke down in his arms crying.

He broke the hug and wiped off her tears.

"Why are you crying, huh?" He asked softly.

"And for your information, you are not a fling. You are not one of those girls that gives themselves cheaply to me. You are different.." He whispered and caressed her cheeks.

"I never thought I could fall in love. I didn't believe in love but you just blew me off; that I'm so crazy about you. I love you. I love you.." He muttered and placed his forehead on hers as their breath mashed together but then Asanel pushed him off and then ran off.

"Gosh!' He groaned and fell on the bed.


Asanel got down from the cab and she hugged herself slightly. Then she opened the gate of her house, then she walked in.

"Will mum be at home?" She asked herself as she walked in. When she got into the living room, the lights were switched off

Asanel smiled and then was about to tiptoe to her room when the lights suddenly turned on.

Asanel gasped.

"Where are you doing from? Asanel Anderson?" Her mum's voice was heard behind her.

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