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img img Romance img Her Sweet Revenge
Her Sweet Revenge

Her Sweet Revenge

img Romance
img 110 Chapters
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Author: Authorfavour
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Meet Asanel, a sweet beautiful girl aged 16 and has a close who is Jason, the governor's son. Despite the long lasting feud between both families, both kids fall in love and have a night stand and Asanel gets pregnant. However, her life changes drastically when her parents name gets dragged in the mud and is murdered in cold blood by the governor and his wife in an attempt to kill her child. On hearing the news of her parents death, she vows to avenge them and her baby. She leaves the country through the help of an influential business woman and everything changes. Seven years later. Asanel returns with a new face, new identity to destroy those who hurt her? But then she saw her first love again. What happens next? Find out in this intriguing book.

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Latest Release: Chapter 110 Grand finale - A beautiful end   02-01 11:39