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The Alpha's Curse: The Enemy Within.

The Alpha's Curse: The Enemy Within.

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Warning! Mature Contents! ***Excerpt*** "You belong to me, Sheila. I alone am capable of making you feel this way. Your moans and body belong to me. Your soul and your body are all mine!" *** Alpha Killian Reid, the most dreaded Alpha in all of the North, wealthy, powerful and widely feared in the supernatural world, was the envy of all other packs. He was thought to have it all... power, fame, wealth and favour from the moon goddess, little was it known to his rivals that he has been under a curse, which has been kept a secret for so many years, and only the one with the gift of the moon goddess can lift the curse. Sheila, the daughter of Alpha Lucius who was an arch enemy to Killian, had grown up with so much hatred, detest and maltreatment from her father. She was the fated mate to Alpha Killian. He refused to reject her, yet he loathed her and treated her poorly, because he was in love with another woman, Thea. But one of these two women was the cure to his curse, while the other was an enemy within. How would he find out? Let's find out in this heart racing piece, filled with suspense, steamy romance and betrayal.

Chapter 1 One

Sheila's point of view

The thunderous rumble of raised voices echoed through the ornately carved oak doors of the throne room.

My prying legs had to move faster than my hesitant mind could control. I couldn't help but hide behind the huge oak door to peep.

Like a thief in the night, I tiptoed down the cold stone corridor, the chill seeping through my simple woolen dress.

Just as I reached the massive oak door, a wave of the most intoxicating scent I’d ever encountered slammed into my nostrils so hard that it almost tampered with my reasoning, momentarily stealing my breath and muddling my thoughts. It was wide and utterly captivating.

What was that?

Ignoring the pounding in my chest, I inched closer, the scent growing stronger with each step.

Believe me when I say I never intended to barge in on my father having a meeting with the most ruthless alpha in all of the North.

As soon as I entered, the scent became even more intoxicating than ever as my eyes rested on the bearer of the scent. I gasped.

No. No. My whole world came crumbling as the words left my lips even before I could stop myself.

"Mate?" It was more of a question than an affirmation.

A cruel amusement flickered across my mate's features as he took slow, deliberate steps toward me. He couldn’t hide the scorn in his eyes.

"Is this some cruel joke from the Moon Goddess?" My mate scoffed at me, his deep amber eyes still holding coldness.

Just when I thought I’d finally escape the cold walls of my father’s cruel pack.

My eyes searched his desperately for any sign of warmth, “What… What do you mean?” I finally found my voice as tears welled up in my eyes.

With one final disgusted look, he turned around and went back to face my father.

I felt my heart rate increase rapidly when the cold, unfeeling eyes of my mate rested on me with a condescending look.

My father had an indifferent look on his face, but it was more of a look of relief. It seemed as if he was so happy sending me off with an enemy, Almost as if he'd just unloaded an unwanted burden.

Everyone else in the room looked at me with an unreadable expression... But I felt mocked. I felt worthless... Just as I've always felt all my life.


My shaken legs could no longer withstand the tension charged in the room. My entire life had changed the second the words "mate" left my lips.

I gripped onto the white pillar in the courtroom for support, the knife-edged tension within the court growing brutal by the second.

My father, Lucius, got in a heated conversation with Alpha Killian about me.

Our pack warriors were behind their Alpha, Lucius Callaso, no doubt prepared to attack, just in case a fight managed to break out with the warriors from the Crescent North Pack.

It was funny as hell how the confrontation a second ago about my father sending rogues to the Crescent North Pack soon changed into an intense conversation between my father, Alpha of the Silver Mist Pack, and Alpha Killian of the Crescent North Pack, my mate.

Every pack in the North Central was aware of the rooted hatred between both packs. They both had the largest packs in all of the North, and my father didn't like it one bit. He was a tyrant Alpha and a beast who preyed on packs, annihilating them and stealing their lands. That was the type of Alpha my father was. And Killian was rumored to be no different.

"As you wish, Alpha Lucius, I will take her away," Killian spoke with ease, but there was something about the way he counted those words that made me cringe. It was cold and threatening.

I was forced to shake off my thoughts when Alpha Lucius was up on his feet. He smiled darkly after one last gruesome stare at me. That smile of his has haunted my every awakening.

"She is yours after all. You may take her!" He glanced at me. He never treated me like his daughter.

My years growing up within the walls of the Packhouse have been the literal definition of the term "hell!'. In that hellish state, the only thing that kept me going was finding my mate. I always heard stories from the servants about the mate bond and its undying love. I always prayed for a mate, even though deep down I knew my chances were nil. Unlike most wolves that were blessed with their wolf counterpart at sixteen, mine never came. So, it was unbelievable that I would be given a mate. My legs finally gave up, collapsing against the pillar which could no doubt feel my plight.

It still feels like a dream to me how my entire life changed for the worse within a minute.

It was as if the universe hated me, and the moon goddess despised me.

Killian's demeanor was cold, dominating, and even intimidating. His eyes gauged me, regarding me. I felt uncomfortable under his cold stare. The cold mask he had worn did not allow me an inkling of his true thoughts.

"Tell her to be prepared. I'll send someone to take her before dusk." Killian's gruesome eyes fell on me. Even just by staring at me, one could see the cold glacial that were aimed at my throat. How could I possibly be mated to him?

I almost gasped. I was fudging right there, yet he was ignoring me.

"That won't be necessary, she can leave with you." My father was in fact excited to send me away with him. Just like that, like a terrible nightmare, what little belongings I owned in this place that never seemed like home were bundled by the servants.

My horse was saddled for me, and my little belongings were all packed up by the servants, and I was literally shoved out by my father.

We began the ride to the Crescent North Pack, my new home. Killian was beside me, on my left was his Delta, and the other warriors trailed behind.

We rode in absolute silence on our way to the Crescent North Pack. Even when I forced myself to say something, what greeted me was a brutal silence and a murderous glare from him. So, I decided it was best to keep mute instead.

The uncomfortable silence lingered for hours as we rode past the mountains, to the other side of the North, into the capital, which I heard was under his territory. After a while, we arrived at the notorious Crescent North Pack, known for everything it stood for. We rode a few more and we arrived at a castle. It was beautiful from the outside. Like nothing that I've seen before, it was truly beautiful.

When we approached the castle, some warriors sauntered to us, bowing in respect to Killian. They took the reins of the horses, while someone helped me with my belongings.

I helped myself down, feeling everyone's curious eyes on me. There was no way anyone would have expected Killian to be arriving with his mate, who happened to be his enemy's daughter.

"Alpha?" A woman approached us with the servants, but from the manner in which she spoke, I could tell she was someone with ranking. She bowed her head in respect to Killian. Her curious eyes fell on me. The questions were vividly written in her eyes, but for some reason, she didn't dare ask them.

"Brielle, please have a private chamber prepared for her. And you, " He turned to me, his eyes so intimidating and dominating that I had to shift my gaze from him. "You look at me when I speak to you." Involuntary, my eyes fell on him. His tone, on the other hand, kept getting harsher and deadlier with the passing second. I stared unblinkingly into his amber eyes.

The woman, Brielle, walked closer to me, her lips holding a plastered smile.

"Killian." His name left my lips for the first time. It seemed to have gained his attention. He came to a halt and swerved to face me.

"From today onwards, it'll be Alpha to you." He spoke to me like he was addressing a subject. I was his mate, for crying out loud. I was upset, but I played it cool, remaining calm. He was still my mate, after all, and it was just my first day here.

I ignored his words. "Why a private chamber? We are mates, we should share the same chamber."

His amber eyes became stony, and his soft lips, which were the color of cherries, curled up amusingly. Killian moved closer to me, so close that our noses could almost kissed. I felt his hot breath fan my face. My breathing became hitched, and my legs became too weak to stand. The attraction between us was too strong to ignore. Couldn't he feel it too?

My question was soon answered by his stern words. "You mean absolutely nothing to me, Sheila Callaso." There was a sharp stab in my chest. My eyes were round, full of questions and hurt. If he didn't want me, why was I here?

My lips parted to speak when a voice interrupted us. "Killian," The voice said, jerking my head in the direction of the voice. It came from a woman around my age. She was a stunning beauty with jet-black hair. She moved with a kind of elegance that suited her. Who was she?

She came to us, standing beside Killian. Her eyes were upon me. She looked really calm and gentle, but there was a fire of rage flashing through her eyes, which faded so quickly. Her effortless smile reappeared, moving to Killian.

"Killian. Who is she?" The way she called his name made my stomach churn.

It made my insides curl up. Killian's eyes trailed from the woman, finding mine.

That's exactly what I should be asking. Killian wrapped his hands around her waist.

"A little problem I encountered at Silver Mist Pack."

A little problem? Was that what he thought of me? A problem?

"Oh, I see," she said in a condescending tone. I judged her too quickly, she was anything but calm and gentle. There was something about her that was deceptive.

"I am Sheila Callaso, his mate. And who are you?" I asked, her eyes widened.

"Watch your words in my castle. Thea is your superior and my chosen mate. She is to be respected. "

His words hurt me. If he had someone else, why did he accept me? His words seem to gladden Thea. She leaned into his arms, placing a kiss on his lips, right before me, his rightful mate.

I couldn't take this insult. "Basically, you are saying this 'thing' is your whore…?" I said with disgust. My words didn't sit well with Thea, as she began crying.

Seeing her tears, Killian's eyes landed on me. His bright amber eyes became dark with rage and hate. I felt my heart prickle with fear.

"I clearly warned you to watch your words in my castle! Thea is your superior, therefore, she should be respected in my castle. Since you've proven quite stubborn, you'll be punished for your actions!

I was confused. I had no idea what he was saying.

Before I knew it, I was surrounded by the Pack warriors. "Take her to the dungeon!"

His murderous glare made my heart stop, I had no idea what was going on.

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