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The Perfect Lies

The Perfect Lies

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Some children are simply born with tragedy in their blood. That was the case for Mia Anderson who one by one had lost her family and was later adopted by her uncle and aunt. She was soon starting her senior year after losing her only family- her elder brother a few months back. Wanting to start afresh and bury her past, she gets ready to settle down in a small town high school. As if the universe had listened to her prayers, she bumps into the new mysterious student Ryder Dean. Things started to escalate quickly between them but it wasn’t for the good- she barely knew anything about Ryder Dean but he was consuming her into his dark world. Will she be able to stay as dark secrets start surfacing or will everything change…including the way she used to look at him?

Chapter 1 Prologue

Mia Anderson looked at her reflection in the mirror- with a feeling of hatred, disbelief and…a person who was broken again. With quick heavy movements she walks over to the long dressing mirror dragging along a wooden chair against the floor- the annoying noise not seeming to affect her. She holds the chair in her hands with shaking hands and with whatever power was left in her she throws the chair against the damned mirror.

The mirror breaks into a thousand pieces- just reflecting the conflict within her heart. The rubber band around her hair loses falling over her face as she falls down on the ground- not caring that she was sitting on a thousand pieces of broken mirrors. He lied to her- every single thing was a lie. Those promises, those smiles, those laughters, those kisses- those green eyes filled with desire and love- it. was. all. a. damn. lie. And she trusted him blindly- like an idiot.

Love really does make you blind. She scoffs bitterly and curses herself- when did she become this version? Then she breaks down even more, crying loudly. Her chest seemed as if it was tightening every breath- it was getting hard to breathe- as black spots started to appear in her vision before the darkness engulfs her completely and she faints.

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