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Second Marriage: He's Blind Yet Love Isn't

Second Marriage: He's Blind Yet Love Isn't

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"Sir, she's not dead yet. Do you want me to run her over again?" "Do it.” The battered and bloodied Rebecca overheard her husband's order and gritted her teeth. The couple had never consummated their marriage, and consequently, they never had a child. However, their childless marriage drove her mother-in-law to accuse Rebecca of being infertile. Now, not only did her husband cheat on her, but he also wanted her dead! He could've just divorced her, but here he was, trying to kill her... Rebecca, who narrowly escaped death, immediately divorced her heartless husband and married again soon after. Her second husband was the most prominent man in the city. She vowed to use his power to her advantage and take revenge on those who had hurt her! Their marriage was supposed to be just a deal beneficial for both of them. Unexpectedly, when the dust settled, her second husband took her hand and pleaded, "Why not stay with me forever?"


rebecca dixon,martin stevenson

Chapter 1 Attempted Murder

"How about you divorce her on the grounds of her infertility?"

Standing outside the door, Rebecca Dixon felt cold all over. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would ever hear her mother-in-law utter such words. She thought his mother liked her.

She was infertile?

She and Yosef Swain got married for commercial benefits. A month before their wedding, Yosef met a car accident and sustained a leg injury so serious that it almost required an amputation. Everyone warned Rebecca not to marry him, but she thought that she had to keep her promise and married him regardless of all objections.

They had been married for more than a year, and Yosef had been receiving physical therapy. The two of them had never had sex, but Yosef was now going to divorce her on the grounds of her infertility.

"Dixon Group is in big trouble. They have a deficit of more than one billion dollars. Timothy Dixon died in an accident when he went to deal with the matter. I'm afraid Rebecca will have to inherit all the company's problems. If you don't divorce her quickly, it will definitely affect our family. The reason why we let you marry Rebecca is because we wanted the Dixon family and the Swain family to support each other and go further, not us to be dragged down by them. What do you think, Yosef?"

Rebecca clenched her teeth and trembled all over. Yosef would refuse, wouldn't he? She had done her best to take care of him and help him with his recovery. She had been a good wife to him.

"There's no hurry."

While Rebecca was thinking, she heard Yosef refuse. Before she could breathe a sigh of relief, he continued, "Although the Dixon family is in trouble, Timothy still left a lot of things to Rebecca. I'll try my best to persuade her to give everything to me. I'll divorce her after I get them."

"Yosef! How cruel you and your mother are!" she said under her breath.

Rebecca's brain went blank, and she took a step back in a daze, forgetting that there were steps behind her. She missed a step and fell to the floor.

"Who's there?"

Rebecca stood up in a hurry and ran away.

"It's Rebecca. She overheard our conversation. We can't let her run away."

The night was dark, and the rain was getting heavier and heavier.

There was usually heavy traffic on the streets, but on this rainy night, the streets were empty. There was no vehicle in sight at all.

The rain obscured Rebecca's vision, but she kept running, even as her legs and lungs began to burn.

Suddenly, lights flashed in front of her, making her stop dead in her tracks. She raised her hand to block the blinding lights.

Then, the lights started accelerating toward Rebecca. It was only then that she realized that they were a car's headlights.

Rebecca had no time to react. With a bang, the car hit her and sent her flying backwards. She felt like she had just been smashed to pieces, and the pain was so overwhelming that she didn't have enough energy left to scream.

The car stopped, and someone got out of it. That person walked up to her to check on her.

"She's still alive, Mr. Swain. Do you want to hit her again?"

Then came Yosef's cold voice. "Yes."

Yosef approached Rebecca step by step.

Rebecca's eyes widened. She didn't know that Yosef was able to walk again.

"I didn't mean to kill you, but you heard everything. I was planning to divorce you, but now I think it'd be better for me to become a widower instead. That way, I will have everything that's in your name. I can liquidate the Dixon Group and let it go bankrupt. I won't be responsible for the company's deficits, and I will make a ton of money."

Yosef smiled. "By the way, now that you're about to die anyway, I'll tell you a little secret. After the Dixon family ran into great trouble, I found someone to replace you. It's your best friend, Paige. She seduced me before we got married. She's been coming to our home recently to comfort you, and she's also been comforting me, if you know what I mean. Now she's already pregnant. I will marry her after I bury you."

Yosef bent down and looked at Rebecca's face. He couldn't help licking his lips and saying, "You're so beautiful, Rebecca. It's just so unfortunate that your family went in shambles at the wrong time. I don't even get the chance to sleep with you once."

As Yosef spoke, he felt aroused. He stretched out his hand and pinched Rebecca's chin. "How about I take your virginity away before you croak? Otherwise, you will die a virgin and won't know how it feels to sleep with a man."

What a bastard!

Rebecca's eyes turned red as her heart filled with pain and hatred.

Yosef proceeded to touch her in intimate places. Despite the incredible physical pain, Rebecca resisted. The next moment, she saw another car coming.

She attempted to give Yosef a head-butt, but he was able to dodge.

Rebecca took the opportunity to get up and rush to the coming car.

The car screeched to a halt. Rebecca dashed over, yanked the door open, and got in.

"Please help me! Take me away from here! They want me dead! They tried to run me over!"

No one replied. Only then did Rebecca turn around.

The partition between the back seat and the front seat was rolled up. She noticed the man sitting next to her.

The man lowered his head. It was dark inside the car, but there was enough light from outside to illuminate some of the man's features. Rebecca couldn't see his face completely, but she could see that there were veins bulging on his forehead and his hands resting on his knees. It seemed like he was enduring some pain.

"Sir? What's wrong with you? Are you ill?"

Then, the man spoke in a voice that suggested he was enduring extreme agony. "I didn't want to hurt anyone. But you got in the car."

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