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🌷 MY MOTHER'S DEBTOR🌷 RATED🔞 ⚠️ Explicit s*x scene⚠️ ALEXIA WRITES 🥀 ✍️:. NOTE: ★★★★ This Is not a story...I repeat,it's not a story... Rather a life story that I Will like to share with you guys.... You will see many things in the story.....s*x scene is involved. You can back off,because it already written RATED🔞. Don't worry, it's a very very interesting write.... ****** ★ ★ ★ ★ 🌸. PROLOGUE. 🌸 Ooppss....sorry, this shouldn't have PROLOGUE but I will like to summarize it for you guys so that no one will be left behind. How does it feel to see your self as someone's collateral... How does it feel to be under someone tight gaze .... How does it feel to live with a stranger for a very very long time... That's the life of Nora Hyacinth.... The first daughter of her mom. Nora was used as a collateral, and when her mother couldn't pay back... The person have to come for his collateral.... Now the main problem is.... How will Nora's stay with the stranger be... How will the stranger treat her .... You don't wanna Miss the ride right.... It's grab yha popcorn 🍿 and join me...... Chapter 1 of the story... dropping soon.

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