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The playboy alpha is my mate

The playboy alpha is my mate

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What would you do when your mate says you were just a mere one night stand sl*t!?. Althea was embarrassed, broken and betrayed by her Elijah, the soon to be alpha of the crescent moon pack, they had a one night stand and he didn't just call her a one night stand sl*t but he also uploaded her n*de pictures to the school website. She fled on her 16th birthday, 2 years later, she came back to Crescent moon high school to take revenge on Elijah. But she discovered something, Elijah was her mate!. But that wasn't going to stop her from having her revenge for whatever he had done to her, she was going to get her revenge on Elijah then she noticed that she had a vampire mate named devyn. What was she going to tell her newly appeared Vampire mate about her two years old daughter. Was war going to break out between the vampires and werewolves as a result of the fact that neither devyn nor Elijah was going to let go of her so easily...

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