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img img Billionaires img So, I married the Mafia Boss
So, I married the Mafia Boss

So, I married the Mafia Boss

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Author: marcieline
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Astra Celeny is a 26 years old well-known part-time worker in the QJ City and Village who manages to handle multiple jobs for her full-time job as a secret agent. She was allowed to accept her new mission with a salary of $3,000. Her mission was to investigate Zhen Tuazon, their agency's number one suspect of being a Mafia Boss or a member of a mafia which results in having many bankrupted companies except for Zhen Tuazon's perfume company which was silent at peace. Despite her mission being risky that it can even end her career and life, she still accepted the mission for her grandmother's sake who needs money for her monthly treatment and operation. What Astra didn't know is that to spy on Mr. Zhen safely and easier is to pretend as Mr. Zhen's fiancé and accept the contract marriage to her.

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