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Billionaire's Prank Proposal

Billionaire's Prank Proposal

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Eva Clay, 26 yrs old President of X-Pression. Co, the biggest Clothing Factory in Texas, found it strange that her father handed over the company to her, at his death bed 5 years ago, after solemnly warning her to keep her grandfather away from the company’s affairs. Neither did she understand the secrets behind the disownment of her father from the prominent McCauley family. All of a sudden, her fiancé to be takes over X-Pression. Co by force, right after she found him cheating on her, and her grandfather threatens to snatch all her shares, ruining all her father labored for. With the company slipping away from her control and her emotions in shambles, Eva is in a deep dilemma until she meets latest Tech Billionaire, Henry McCauley- her cousin who disappeared 13 years ago after stealing her first kiss. He offers to solve her problems in exchange for accepting to be his fake fiancé. All her suppressed feelings for Henry suddenly returning with full force, will Eva accept a fake marriage proposal with the man that turned the McCauley family against her Dad? Or would she rather vow to go down, holding unto her father’s legacy?

Chapter 1 Eva Clay

Eva McCauley hurried up the stairs of Del Rico Hotels, pausing to catch her breath from time to time, though her heart raced mainly from anticipation, excitement and nervousness.

The lifts were temporarily unusable and being an athletic 5 ft lady, she chose to use the stairs to give her boyfriend a surprise visit.

3rd floor, Room 109.

Eva took in a rushed breath as he arrived, her hands paused midway of knocking when some strange sounds emanated from within.

A woman suddenly shrieked in pleasure.


Eva’s breath caught in her throat.

Goodness, let it not be what she was thinking.

She was supposed to be on the plane right now to Ireland but their business partners called to postpone the meeting.

When the moans died down, Eva mustered her trembling hands to knock.

“Who’s there?” A lady giggled from within.

Eva’s heart started racing. “Room service.”

“Huh? Did you order anything?” Eva heard the woman ask faintly.

The next second the door was open and she found herself face to face with a tall woman, her boobs were threatening to spill from the bra.

“Where’s the service?” She asked with raised brows, moving her messy brown hair out of her sweaty face.

Eva could swear that the woman was just done with an intense activity.

“I. . I’m sorry to bother you, but-” The words got stuck in her mouth when Jason’s handsome face appeared.

His eyes was set on the woman’s ass, he spanked it and pressed a kiss to her neck. “Tina. Who’s it?”

“I. . .I-” Tina giggled.

“Jason?” Eva choked in disbelief.

Jason snapped his head up, meeting her dazed eyes at once.

He pulled back, shock on his face. “E. . .Eva. What’re you doing here?”

“You know each other?” Tina asked, turning to face Jason. “Who’s she?”

Jason scratched his head, uncertainty in his eyes.

Eva watched him cast a wary glance at her before answering. “Eva’s actually a colleague. Not important.” He flashed a spiteful smile at her.

All the blood rushed to Eva’s head immediately, she held unto the door for support, her heart pounding so loud in her ears.

That was all she was to him?

Not important?

Tears burned at the back of her eyes, threatening to spill.

Her two years of being with him, the sacrifices she made for him, money time and resources she spent were all not important?

“Jason. I’m not important?” Eva looked into his grey eyes.

Eva actually raced down here to announce the good news to him that she’d gotten a perfect investor for his company and schedule a meeting.

But, Jason was here, messing around with this…

“Eva. It’s wrong for you to barge into someone’s privacy that way.” Tina eyed her.

He didn’t reply her but looked away.

Eva understood.

“You should ask Jason what he’s doing here during work hours,” She wiped her face, refusing to appear weak in front of them.

“What the hell are you-?”

“I’m his Boss!” Eva snapped, running her eyes over the woman.


She could see why Jason chose Tina, she was his type of woman. He’d told her this when he was drunk once, that he loved ladies with full breasts and a small brain.

“Expect your sack letter tomorrow.” She glared coldly at him, turning to walk away as if it meant nothing.

But the look on Jason’s face would be forever etched in her mind- hate, anger and malice that morphed on his face just before she twirled.

She held a small glint of hope in her heart that Jason would run after her and tell her that she was the one he loved.

It didn’t happen.

Eva only heard the slam of the door and the sound of Tina’s loud giggles.

Her whole world came crashing down.

She’d been the one to ask Jason out, she couldn’t resist him when he first resumed as an intern. He’d shown equal interest in her after their first night together.

Eva was already madly in love with him that she promoted him to the Assistant Financial Director in a few months.

Just this morning before dropping her off at the airport, Jason made her promise to secure an investor for him in Ireland.

Eva held her hand to her chest, it hurts so much.

She also promised to loan him some money to begin his own company. And she was already guessing names for their babies, their future together planned out in her head after they get married in 2 months.

Tears slipped down without restraints as she hurried along the hall to the lift.

Luckily, it came open as soon as she pressed the button.

Two men were in, they gazed at her in surprise but Eva hid her face. One of them chuckled and she could heard faint whispers and giggled behind her.

“What the hell?” She snapped.

“Huh?” The man behind her asked.

“What’s so funny about seeing a woman in tears?”

“We weren’t talking about you, lady!”

They continued to whisper. She knew they were talking about her.

Eva’s face burned in embarrassment, and she hurried out as soon as the lift opened, praying the tears stay put until she got behind her wheels.

She never believed she could cry over a man.


Eva blinked slowly, staying still as she fully came awake, the sun was streaming through the window, casting a golden glow on the curtain and her bed.

“Argh.” She groaned.

Pain shot up her head when she sat to check the time.



The board meeting was to begin by 7.50, and she was just waking up.

This is not a good character of a CEO.

Eva berated herself, throwing the covers off and getting down hastily, she winced as the pain hit her again.

She’d spent the whole of last night drinking.

It felt like a monster was trying to force the bones in her skull apart, Eva staggered and held the bed for support.

Tears were soon rushing out of her eyes.

Why did she have to drink so much?

Cause of a man that didn’t value her?

She slumped to the floor, reaching into her cabinet for her medication, she threw the pills into her mouth. Her migraine was getting worse every time she got herself drunk.

Eva sobbed softly, as the pain reduced to a dull prick in her head.


“Oh my goodness!”

She dashed into the bathroom.

Being the President of her late father’s company was tough work and most of the shareholders were not happy with the fact that a woman was the head, they’d rather her arrogant cousin, Zane take over.

The only reason they kept shut was because she provided the company with satisfactory results in clinching deals and improving productivity.

Recently that she’d been slacking off due to distractions from Jason, Eva knew some underground schemes of getting the CEO position away from her were going on, one of the secret motives behind this meeting.

Well, too bad.

She was going to allow anyone of them to succeed.

Tears stung her eyes when she pulled out a black dress.

It was the dress she wore the first day she met Jason, it exaggerated her moderate ass and petite boobs, that his eyes stuck to her.

But, turned out she wasn’t sexy enough.

She pushed her feelings to the archive of her mind and quickly applied some makeup, styled her hair, got into her heels and hurried down the stairs.

She’d promised herself to let go of Jason last night and not sack him, though it won’t be easy getting reminded everyday whenever she sees him at the company.

Eva didn’t care.

She got behind the wheels and drove straight to X-Pression.

The company she swore to protect from her grandfather by her father’s dying bed.

“Eva, promise me you would not let my father anywhere near my company. Neither he nor any of his legitimate sons.”

Dad had said with his last breath and she still didn’t understand the reason behind that statement.

Eva got out of the car.


Those shareholders were sure to jump down her throat this time.

The staff bowed slightly as she got into the lift, exchanging looks between themselves, they snickered behind her back.

Eva couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Is there anything wrong?” She turned to ask them.

“No ma’am,” a woman replied.

Eva eyed them and stepped out as soon as the doors opened.

Is that what she pays them for?

Immediately she pulled the door open, everyone in the board room turned to look at her. About 12 directors and shareholders were seated round a long table.

“Good day, everyone. I’m sorry I’m late.” She apologized.

Eva quirked up her brows when there was no murmur or indirect jab at her incompetence. Mr Sanders, who was always first to register his displeasure only glanced at her casually.

The atmosphere seemed quite odd.

She pushed it off and made her way to the head of the table, only to discover that her seat was occupied.


His handsome face conjured several memories and Eva felt another pang in her heart but she had to focus.

What the hell was he doing in a board of directors meeting?

And on her seat?

Jason smirked at her. “Miss Clay, you're 5 minutes late and your apology isn’t accepted.”

“What?” She scoffed in disbelief.

“You heard me right. Get back to the door and offer a proper apology!”

Eva’s jaw dropped.

“Are you kidding?”

She twirled to glance at the shareholders, “What the hell is an ordinary employee doing here? And on my seat?”

“For your information, Miss Clay,” Mr Sanders stood up to walk around the table, “this ordinary employee is now the CEO of X-Pression Co!”

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