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My Hot Professor

My Hot Professor

img Romance
img 118 Chapters
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Author: Noorie
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Sandra Morgan, is a rich spoiled kid. She gets everything that she wishes for. There isn't a guy who can resist her charm. However, a bet that she lost to her friends made her kiss the third guy coming from the college entrance, not just a kiss but a kiss that will make him turn on and arise the desire to an instant that he will wish to make love right there. To everyone's surprise,e who thought that it would be a piece of cake for her, the man pushed her away let alone being turned on. As if it was not enough that they find out that this man was none other than a new professor of philosophy and is in charge of maintaining disciplines. What will happen next? How will Sarah survive the wrath of Professor? “ Weren't you scared doing all those dirty things? ” the officer asked, looking at her with dumbfounded eyes “ Sometimes you are too scared to be scared, ” she replied, PS: This story is not just about romance. It deals with all the issues that teenagers nowadays face like bullying, drugs, sex, homosexuality, rape, incest, etc. This story has mature content and is R18. Read only if you can take all..

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