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IN THREE LIVES,Sidora Rafaello


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Author: Sidora Rafaello
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Faint Frail Feeble. These are the perfect words to describe Stephanie Jordan, an escapee running away from her past. As 'Pearl Anderson', she craves for another life - A life void of heartaches and pain. Although unsure of the future, she just keeps on hanging to that little piece of thread. Sooner than she expects, history repeats itself and she breaks down over and over. Tired of hanging on, she tries to end her life a thousand times but is rescued again and again. And when love tags along in the person of Rush Millers, it is a whole different ball game. After living in denial of her feelings, she owns up to these feelings and both parties become a couple. And when her past rears its ugly head? It not only comes to take a bite of her sweet being, but to crush her completely. But she is not that weak girl anymore. She had learnt better than to be a weakling. As 'Riley Donovan', she faces her past head on. Blood is spilt and death happens. And when everything is finally over, she can't help but bask in the euphoria of a long awaited triumph.

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