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The Mysterious Billionaire and His Substitute Bride

The Mysterious Billionaire and His Substitute Bride

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Janet was adopted when she was a kid -- a dream come true for orphans. However, her life was anything but happy. Her adoptive mother taunted and bullied her all her life. Janet got the love and affection of a parent from the old maid who raised her. Unfortunately, the old woman fell ill, and Janet had to marry a worthless man in place of her parents' biological daughter to meet the maid's medical expenses. Could this be a Cinderella's tale? But the man was far from a prince, except for his handsome appearance. Ethan was the illegitimate son of a wealthy family who lived a reckless life and barely made ends meet. He got married to fulfill his mother's last wish. However, on his wedding night, he had an inkling that his wife was different from what he had heard about her. Fate had united the two people with deep secrets. Was Ethan truly the man we thought he was? Surprisingly, he bore an uncanny resemblance to the impenetrable wealthiest man in the city. Would he find out that Janet married him in place of her sister? Would their marriage be a romantic tale or an utter disaster? Read on to unravel Janet and Ethan's journey.

Chapter 1 To Marry As A Substitute

It was a hot summer day. The downpour seemed to make the climate more humid. The bus was teeming with people.

Janet Lind got out of the bus with her luggage. As she looked around, her gaze landed on Bernie Lind -- he was standing at the exit of the bus station. He looked much older now, and his hair had turned grey. "Dad," she called, biting her lip.

"Come on, let's go home. Your mom has cooked all your favorite food because you're coming back." Bernie smiled, the corner of his eyes creasing with wrinkles. He took the suitcase from her hand and put it into the trunk.

Janet's breathing faltered.

Bernie and Fiona Duncan weren't her biological parents. She was only adoptive. The couple had stopped caring about her like their own after giving birth to a daughter.

She knew Bernie was kind and enthusiastic to her today because he and Fiona were expecting her to marry in place of her sister.

The car drove through the bustling downtown and entered a luxurious villa community.

Seacisco had changed a lot in the past few years.

Bernie opened the door and entered the villa with Janet's suitcase.

Janet followed him in. As soon as she stepped on the carpet, she heard a maid screaming, "Oh, God! Step out! You're dirtying the carpet. I just changed it today. Look at your shoes! They're covered in mud. You've ruined everything."

Janet flinched back at the deafening voice.

She stepped out of the house and looked at her shoes. A frown lined her forehead when she realized they weren't dirty.

The maid was deliberately insulting her.

Just then, the sound of soft footsteps reverberated across the villa.

Jocelyn Lind descended the stairs, twirling a strand of hair around her finger as she happily looked at the door. The smile on her face froze the moment she saw Janet.

She hadn't seen her sister for several years -- her parents had left Janet in the countryside to be raised by other people. She felt a pang of jealousy because Janet had become more beautiful now. Jocelyn had always been jealous of Janet and despised her for being the prettier child. The gap between the two had grown bigger over the years.

Jocelyn quickly faked a smile and looked at the maid. "Why didn't you let my sister in?"

"Her shoes are covered in mud," the maid said with disgust.

"It doesn't matter. You will have to let my sister into the house even if she has turned into a homeless beggar. Otherwise, how can we discuss business?"

Jocelyn's words dripped with mockery. She turned around and sashayed into the living room, not bothering to look at Janet.

The maid quickly strutted to the shoe cabinet, pulled out a pair of shoe covers from the drawer, and threw it at Janet. "You think too much of yourself, don't you?" she snapped viciously. "Wear them before setting foot into the house!"

The maid's insults pierced through Janet's heart. She put on the plastic shoe covers and looked up, anger blazing in her eyes.

She couldn't argue with them before getting the money.

Janet had lost her appetite, so she couldn't stomach the food.

Fiona sat beside her, dazzling as ever, even in her fifties. "Since you have made up your mind, the wedding will be held tomorrow. Is that okay?"

Janet put down the knife and fork and looked at her. "I want to confirm something first. Will you give me the money right after I get married in place of Jocelyn tomorrow?"

She was going to trade her marriage for the money. It was a life-altering decision. Therefore, she wanted to be sure of everything before agreeing.

Bernie and Fiona didn't have children for several years after their marriage. Thinking they would never be able to conceive, the couple had adopted Janet. However, a few years later, Fiona got pregnant and gave birth to Jocelyn.

Fiona started despising Janet and became more partial toward her own daughter. She didn't feel the need to have an adoptive daughter since she had given birth to a beautiful girl. Therefore, she asked Bernie to leave Janet in the countryside where she could live with their old maid, Hannah.

Hannah had been the Lind family's faithful servant before retirement. She had raised Janet all by herself, and the two were like grandmother and granddaughter. Three months ago, Hannah was diagnosed with advanced liver cirrhosis. Now, she needed to have a liver transplantation. The procedure was expensive, and they needed a large sum of money to cure her. Time was limited. They couldn't delay the operation anymore.

"We are family. Why are you always talking about money? Don't worry. I will give you all the money you need. You only have to get married soon." There was a trace of impatience in Fiona's gentle tone.

She hated Janet. Back then, she had adopted Janet only because she was under great pressure. The Lind family taunted her, and Janet's presence was living proof of her infertility. The mere sight of Janet infuriated her.

Later, as time went by, Janet grew up to be a better woman than her daughter in every aspect that seemed to intensify her hatred for Janet even more.

If it weren't for the engagement between her own daughter and the illegitimate son of the Lester family, Fiona wouldn't have brought Janet back from the countryside. She believed such an outcast deserved to stay in the countryside.

"We say we'll give you the money, and you'll get the money, alright? Stupid beggar!" Jocelyn snorted.

"You pay me, and I do the job. Fair and square," Janet frowned.

Although she seldom showed her anger in front of the Lind family members, Janet wasn't a pushover.

She had also heard about the man she was going to marry tomorrow. His name was Ethan Lester, the illegitimate son of the Lester family. He had been engaged to Jocelyn ever since they were children.

Jocelyn was a conceited woman. She would never marry an illegitimate son. Moreover, it was said the Lester family had driven him out several years ago. He didn't even have a decent job and had been struggling to make ends meet.

Although Janet looked calm, the thought of marrying such a man frightened her. However, she had to do this to save Hannah's life. "Don't worry. I will marry him tomorrow."

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