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Author: Godumsy
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"You must marry him!" “Well, it’s not like you are in a relationship in someone else at the moment and even if you are in a relationship, you have no choice because this could be a tremendous breakthrough for our family" her tone soft but they only formulate mean words. "This could be our chance of becoming multibillionaires, child” father replied. “So you prefer to trade your child with money so you would become a multimillionaire, Dad. I used to think you were frugal but now I know you’re not only frugal but callous as well. I shouldn’t be surprised. You and mum have never liked me; you’ve always chased wealth and fame and you never even remembered that you have a child. I’m not going to sit back and watch you ruin my life. I might just escape” I said. “You wouldn’t dare. If you do just that then you cease to be my daughter" I knew he meant what he said. “You heard me correctly. If you choose not to get married to Sebastian then I’d have to repudiate you as my daughter. If you won’t help our family become a successful then you have no reason to remain under my roof” Dad announced. Sebastian Kings, he's wealthy and everything a woman would want. And my parents? I wished I never had one. Married me off to a man I loathes, an egoistic Asshole. But the heart wasn't made to be controlled. But just why would it choose Sebastian Kings??.

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