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Soul Searcher

Soul Searcher

img Fantasy
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Author: eGlobalPublishing
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"In a world where human beings have visible Souls attached to their bodies-underneath the skin, just below the sternum-it’s common for a person to be killed before their “Soul Light” expires. This happens when a person prematurely dies before their time is supposed to be done on the earth. When a person’s body gets too old, their Soul Light fades into oblivion and it’s time for their Soul to move on to the next level. Solomon “Sol” Rizer, a former bounty hunter for the royal family, took on a new profession when his wife and daughter were killed. He became famously known as the “Soul Searcher”, and investigator and finder of lost Souls. No case is too hard for him, except the next one, which will be the most challenging one. Soul Searcher is created by Jordan Petrarca, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author."

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