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img img Romance img Billionaire's Lost Lover
Billionaire's Lost Lover

Billionaire's Lost Lover

img Romance
img 74 Chapters
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Author: shy_soulful
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They fell in love silently without any acknowledgment of their relationship but one night changed everything when they finally consummated their relationship. And in the morning when Hudson woke up, Callie was gone and it turned his world upside down. After fourteen years Callie Clarke a beautiful, elegant and sexy architect, walked into the conference room with confidence and grace and had men turning towards her and admiring her. Hudson Ford thought that he would never meet the women standing in front of him ever in his life. Will Callie give away to her desire for Hudson once and for all? Or fall back into the abysses of deep danger? Hudson was ready to get back what he had lost no matter what it costs but when he tried to know why she had run away from him, he was caught in the whirlpool of the past, which would destroy their relationship.

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