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img img Romance img Monster's Heart Her Desire
Monster's Heart Her Desire

Monster's Heart Her Desire

img Romance
img 5 Chapters
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Author: Daisy RoseWinnie
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"... VOICES IN MY HEAD AND THEY WON'T STOP TALKING... " "... AND OURS IS A LOVE THAT HAPPENS ONCE IN A LIFETIME... " Young, handsome Daniel Winchester shows up in small and quiet Riverside. Rumors are flying about the new comer in town. Josie Geronimo is intrigued by the new teacher in her community high school. She desires to unravel the mystery behind the stormy cloud in his eyes, she must loose some innocence during this quest. Life is determined to play a fast one on her as she discovers Daniel's old identity. Daniel is captured by the innocent young girl giving him so much attention, he is scared not to hurt her. He is scared to love her. Still, this is a love that comes once in a lifetime, they must grab and harness it to the fullest. The road is rough, dark and scary yet Daniel and Josie must travel this path to reach each other.

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