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img img Young Adult img Falling For My Stepbrother
Falling For My Stepbrother

Falling For My Stepbrother

img Young Adult
img 34 Chapters
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Author: Vic To Ria
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Falling for my stepbrother ( My heart is in a doom ) By Vic To Ria Synopsis Finally moving on after years of her husband's death, Heedah is really happy for her mom Gabby, her mom husband's really seems cool, and extremely rich, at least, no fear of him loving her mom just for her wealth And they seem really good together, Finally she can have a rest of mind, her mom's really happy But,,,,, It all changed when she set her eyes on her step brother, the handsome and cool attitude of his got her lost Gradually, she began falling,, What's gon' happen? How's she Gon' get past the temptation? Can she really love her stepbrother? And, she really cares about her mom's happiness! What's she Gon' do? Find out in these Enticing Novel!!

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